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God of War (2018)

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Ben Chard

These are Labors associated with tracking down rare resources to craft some of the most unique equipment in the game along with upgrading the Leviathan Axe.

Leviathan Awakens

Objectives Rewards
Frozen Flame Collected [5] / Leviathan Upgraded [5]: 3500 XP

This Labor is all about upgrading the Leviathan Axe to its final state. Seeing as this unlocks new skills for you, you’ll be completing this naturally over the course of the game with the exception of the final level. You upgrade the axe with the Frozen Flame Resources found around the world, their locations can be found in the table below.

Resource Location
Frozen Flame #1 Upon meeting Brok for the first time at The River Pass
Fronze Flame #2 Upon defeating the Ogre on the way to the Mountain for the first time
Frozen Flame #3 Upon defeating Járn Fótr in the Heart of the Mountain
Frozen Flame #4 Upon defeating Magni and Modi at Thamur’s Corpse
Frozen Flame #5 Purchased with Chilling Mists from Brok’s Shop

Chaos and Conflagration

Objectives Rewards
Chaos Flames Collected [4] / Blades of Chaos Upgraded [4] 3500 XP

Like the Leviathan Axe, this Labor is all about upgrading the Blades of Chaos you obtain late in the journey. There’s only four Chaos Flames to collect and you can’t purchase the last upgrade until you finish the Journey. You’ll find the locations of the Chaos Flames in the table below.

Resource Location
Chaos Flame #1 Upon defeating the Bridge Keeper in Helheim
Chaos Flame #2 Upon defeating the Grendel Trolls in Týr’s Vault
Chaos Flame #3 Upon defeating the Hel-Traveller during your escape from Helheim
Chaos Flame #4 Purchased with Raging Inferno from Brok’s Shop

Justice and War

Objectives Reward
Bring Týr’s Offering to Brok and Sindri 350 XP

You’ll need to complete the Hammer Fall quest as part of the Wayward Spirits Favor to receive Týr’s Offering. Once obtained, bring this back to Brok or Sindri to complete the Labor.

Hearts of Stone

Objective Rewards
Bring the Ancient’s Heart to Brok or Sindri Ancient Armor Set Recipe, 350 XP

When you travel to Alfheim for the first time, you’ll encounter your first Stone Ancient. Upon it’s death you’ll receive an Ancient’s Heart, bring this back to Brok or Sindri to complete the Labor and unlock the Ancient set in the Shop.

The Road Less Travelled

Objective Rewards
Visit Brok or Sindri Traveller Armor Set Recipe, 350 XP
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