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God of War (2018)


Ben Chard

Kill Labors

These Labors are exactly as you may expect, simple tasks asking you to kill varying amounts of all the enemies in the game. Where possible, always try to fight every battle without running away. When you gain the ability to backtrack later on, enemies will repopulate the previous areas. The Muspelheim Trials later on in the game also features most of the enemies found in the game and will also add to your kill total.

Travel’s End

Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 4 Travellers 250 XP
Silver: Kill 8 Travellers 750 XP
Gold: Kill 15 Travellers 3500 XP

Travellers are among the most nastiest enemies in all of the realms. They have a lot of health, can pack a punch with each attack and have the ability to create a magical shockwave. Take your time with these enemies, don’t try to rush in and wait for openings, trying to isolate them if possible. Later in the adventure you’ll encounter Travellers with a shield strapped to their back, you’ll need to attack these from the front to deal any damage.

Wolf’s Bane

Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 15 Wolves 250 XP
Silver: Kill 30 Wolves 750 XP
Gold: Kill 45 Wolves 3500 XP

Wolves usually hunt in packs and can catch you off guard if you’re not careful. Keep distance between yourself and the Wolves to take them down with ease. You’ll encounter more deadly, elemental variations as you delve deeper in Midgard but the same general rule applies.

Wail of the Wulver

Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 5 Wulvers 250 XP
Silver: Kill 10 Wulvers 750 XP
Gold: Kill 20 Wulvers 3500 XP

Wulvers are some of the most fearsome enemies in the game, especially when encountered as a group. They appear to be weak to Shock Arrows so make use of them and try to build their Stun Gauges up. This will allow you to initiate a Stun Grab and get some heavy attacks or perform the brutal finisher.

Viken Brawler

Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 5 Vikens 250 XP
Silver: Kill 10 Vikens 750 XP
Gold: Kill 20 Vikens 3500 XP

Viken’s wield huge mauls that they can use to a series of consecutive ground pounds, being caught in this usually results in death. They are, however, open to attack after they pound the ground, use this opportunity to get behind and deal some damage. You’ll first encounter a Viken at the Cliffs of the Raven when the water level drops in the Lake of Nine for the first time.

Draugr’s Demise

Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 100 Draugr 250 XP
Silver: Kill 200 Draugr 750 XP
Gold: Kill 400 Draugr 3500 XP

These undead flame-soldiers are the most common enemies in the game and you’ll encounter your first one during the deer hunt with Atreus. You should have no trouble encountering these and the objective should naturally complete during the course of your journey.


Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 15 Tatzelwurms 250 XP
Silver: Kill 30 Tatzelwurms 750 XP
Gold: Kill 45 Tatzelwurms 3500 XP

Tatzelwurms are first encountered on the Stone Falls island in the Lake of Nine. These creatures burrow under ground when you get too close to attack, use Atreus’ arrows to stun them and then close in for the kill. Beware that many types of Tatzelwurms can poison you via their spit or their tails.

Reaver’s Doom

Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 75 Reavers 250 XP
Silver: Kill 150 Reavers 750 XP
Gold: Kill 250 Reavers 3500 XP

Reavers, like Draugrs, are fairly common enemies, especially in the later stages of the game. These are characterised by their icy blue skin indicating that the Leviathan Axe will be ineffective. Use arrows (Shock Arrows once available) to easily present yourself with a Stun Grab killing them in one hit.

Troll’s Toll

Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 3 Trolls 250 XP
Silver: Kill 6 Trolls 750 XP
Gold: Kill 10 Trolls 3500 XP

As you may expect from the low numbers required to complete this Labor, you won’t find many of these in the game. A lot of them are fought as sub bosses and you’ll find more in the later parts of the game and the Muspelheim Trials. As for killing them, once you’ve fought one Troll, the general rule doesn’t change much. Use Atreus to distract them while you score combos in between. Later Trolls will add elemental blasts to the pillar when they slam it down so be on the lookout to dodge them.

Nightmare’s Wake

Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 50 Nightmares 250 XP
Silver: Kill 100 Nightmares 750 XP
Gold: Kill 150 Nightmares 3500 XP

Your first encounter with a Nightmare is after you leave the Witch’s House for the first time. These small, flying creatures hurl elemental magic at you from a distance, depending on their current affinity. They don’t have much health but can cause a problem when part of a larger enemy pack making them a top priority. Atreus’ arrows can take them out quickly providing you’ve been keeping with the upgrades of his bow.

Shadow Warrior

Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 25 Shadows 250 XP
Silver: Kill 50 Shadows 750 XP
Gold: Kill 100 Shadows 3500 XP

Shadows are Reaver’s who have learnt deadly magic, projectile based enemies that attack from afar. They don’t have much health so usually a couple of arrows from Atreus or a toss of the Leviathan Axe is enough to put them down. You encounter these for the first time after killing the pack of hungry Reavers in the River Pass.

Ogre’s Undoing

Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 5 Ogres 250 XP
Silver: Kill 10 Ogres 750 XP
Gold: Kill 20 Ogres 3500 XP

You’ll first meet an Ogre in the Foothills before you enter the foot of the Mountain. Ogre’s may seem daunting but they do Stun easily, focus on filling the gauge and then Stun Grabbing them to mount and use them as a weapon against any other enemies. You’ll encounter these more frequently as the game progresses.

Dark Elves’ Downfall

Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 25 Dark Elves 250 XP
Silver: Kill 50 Dark Elves 750 XP
Gold: Kill 100 Dark Elves 3500 XP

You’ll encounter Dark Elves for the first time in Alfheim although they will appear in the rest of the realms from that point on. These winged creatures are mobile and can be hard to hit, utilize Shock Arrows to pin them down and follow up with attacks from the Leviathan Axe.

Revenant’s Ruin

Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 5 Revenants 250 XP
Silver: Kill 10 Revenants 750 XP
Gold: Kill 20 Revenants 3500 XP

You’ll encounter your first Revenant in the River Pass, just after you leave the Marketplace. These enemies are tough to hit with the Leviathan Axe up close so take them out with Atreus’ arrows while performing Heavy Axe throws to take them down. They will come infused with different elements as the game progresses with the poison variant the most common. Be sure to avoid the spray of elemental damage if you’re up close or the fissures they cause by using their staff at range.

Wages of War

Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 250 Enemies 2500 XP
Silver: Kill 500 Enemies 5000 XP
Gold: Kill 1,000 Enemies 10000 XP

This is probably the most simple Labor to complete in the game, this is all about killing anything and everything. As long as you fight every battle that you come to, you’ll have no issues clearing out this Labor and reaping the huge XP benefits it offers.

Last of the Ancients

Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 2 Ancients 250 XP
Silver: Kill 4 Ancients 750 XP
Gold: Kill 6 Ancients 3500 XP

You’ll unlock this Labor upon defeating the Stone Ancient in Alfheim. All Ancients require the same strategy to defeat them, let them expose their core and toss the axe into it to deal damage. Throwing clusters dropped from them will do even more damage should you need it. You’ll encounter these throughout the adventure but should you need to find more late on, head to the Muspelheim Trials.


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