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God of War (2018)


Ben Chard

These Labors are all related to the world of Midgard and it’s surrounding realms. These are usually reserved for exploration based tasks that you will undertake.

More Than Myth

Objectives Rewards
Find all Jötnar shrines [11] On Completion: 6000 XP, Per Shrine: 100 XP

Simply discover the 11 shrines hidden all over Midgard, you’ll have to wait to progress the Journey to access some of the later shrines so this will be a Labor that will last you the entire adventure. These are found in more detail in the Jötnar Shrines page of the guide.

Light of the World

Objectives Rewards
Brazier’s Lit [8] 10000 XP

Once you have both the Muspelheim and Niflheim Language Ciphers, Atreus will be able to read the runes written on the braziers of all the Realm Towers that circle the Lake of Nine. The only tower that should pose a problem is the Jötunheim Tower that you’ll need to wait until the end of the adventure.

The Eyes of Odin

Objectives Rewards
Bronze: Kill 15 Ravens 2500 XP
Silver: Kill 30 Ravens 5000 XP
Gold: Kill 51 Ravens 15000 XP

This is another Labor that will span the entire game, there’s 51 total Ravens to find and some are very well hidden indeed. Not only will you receive a Trophy for killing all of them but the XP reward is tremendous along with the 100 XP you get for each kill. You can find the locations of these winged spies in [The Eyes of Odin] page.

Mountain High

You’ll receive this Labor when you reach Muspelheim for the first time. Simply climb the volcano by beating the 10 trials and the Labor will complete when you reach the Valkyrie at the top.

Hidden Chambers

Objectives Rewards
Hidden Chambers Found/Opened: [7] 1880 XP

There are a total of 7 Hidden Chambers to locate and then open across the Norse realms. You won’t gain the item to access these until later in the game but you can still locate them and add them to your map for future reference. You’ll find more details on where you can find these in the Hidden Chambers section of the guide.

Free Dragons

Objective Rewards
Dragon’s Freed [3] 1075 XP

For this Labor you’ll need to complete all three Favors associated with freeing the Dragons across Midgard. This is a Labor that will last throughout the majority of the game.

– The first dragon, Otr, is found in Veithurgard.
– The second dragon, Fafnir, is found in the area to the right of the Council of Valkyries.
– The final dragon, Reginn, can be found in Konùnsgard as part of the Hail to the King Dwarven Favor.

Close Realm Tears

Objective Rewards
Bronze: Close 5 Realm Tears 2500 XP
Silver: Close 10 Realm Tears 5000 XP
Gold: Close 18 Realm Tears 15000 XP

Across the Norse realms are distortions known as Realm Tears, searching inside of these will reward you with resources to upgrade Talismans however usually you’ll have to defeat a group of high Level enemies first. Head to the [Close Realm Tears] page for more information.


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