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God of War (2018)

Jötnar Shrines

Ben Chard

More Than Myth

Throughout your time in the Norse wilds you will come across what looks like a wooden door. Opening these unveil a story of sorts about a myth that Atreus will try to piece together. These 11 shrines are part of the More Than Myth labor and finding them all will also unlock a Trophy.

Shrine Location
Sköll & Hati Wildwoods Temple

Find this shrine at the top of the Temple.

When you open the main gate of the Temple in the Wildwoods, take a left at the fork to access the higher area. You’ll find some more steps here leading to a barricade you can smash with the Leviathan Axe, the Shrine awaits at the back.

Shrine Location
Hrungnir The River Pass ruins

This shrine awaits in the area above where you meet a Revenant for the first time in The River Pass.

As you pass through the River Pass ruins and defeat the first Revenant, climb the wall and jump the gap to a fork. Take a left at this fork and defeat the enemies in the room, the Shrine will be waiting at the back.

Shrine Location
Skaði Veithurgard Castle

Youll find this as soon as you pass through the entrance.

Head to Veithurgard and proceed through the area until you reach the castle itself. Once you pass through the large doors, the Jötnar Shrine will be straight in front of you.

Shrine Location
Jörmungandr The Foothills

Once you enter the Vanaheim Tower, look to the left.

When you head to the Foothills via the bridge from Týr’s Temple you’ll enter a Tower. After defeating the enemies in the first room, turn to your left to find the Shrine sitting there.

Shrine Location
Gróa Alfheim

Head to the right of the main entrance to the temple, next to Sindri.

Once you meet Sindri at the temple in Alfheim, look to the right of him to find this Shrine sitting there. It’s almost impossible to miss this one.

Shrine Location
Ymir The Mountain

Destroy the first sap obstacle near the bridge to reach this Shrine.

After you’ve defeated the Dragon and reached the bridge covered with sap next to a Nornir Chest you’ll see a side room blocked with sap. Grab a Shatter Crystal and destroy this sap obstacle to find the Shrine inside.

Shrine Location
Thrym Island to the west of the Lookout Tower

Check behind the leg of the Thor statue to find the Shrine.

Once you lower the water level for the second time at the Lake of Nine, return to the Lookout Tower. You can now access a new beach and use the Spinner on the left to remove the spikes as you scale the walls all the way to the top. Once there, you’ll spot a zipline that will take you down to another island sitting behind the remains of Thor’s statue. Defeat the Nightmares and then check the Shrine to learn more about Thrym.

Shrine Location
Thamur Thamur’s Corpse, Hidden Chamber of Odin

Enter the Hidden Chamber to find this Shrine.

Once you acquire the Magic Chisel from Thamur’s Corpse, return to the dock and open the seal to enter the Hidden Chamber of Odin. Inside, to the left, the Shrine will be waiting.

Shrine Location
Starkaðr Konùnsgard

Youll find this in the Stronghold.

During the Dwarven Favor, Hail to the King, you’ll explore Konùnsgard. Eventually you’ll gain entry to the Stronghold, search the room to the right of the entrance to find this Shrine.

Shrine Location
Bergelmir Týr’s Temple

Look behind you as you step off the lift.

When you explore Týr’s mysterious chamber as part of the Path to Jötunheim Journey step, you’ll activate a lift by reading the runes on a statue. Once you reach the bottom, turn around to spot this Shrine out in the open.

Shrine Location
Surtr Muspelheim

Head over to Broks shop to find this shrine.

Once you’ve gained access to the optional realm, Muspelheim, travel there and cross the large bridge into the area. You’ll find Brok has a shop set up here and next to him, another Shrine.


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