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Cassette Tape Locations

There are a total of 12 cassette tapes hidden throughout Camp Omega and they can be acquired by picking them up when found in the environment, completing specific mission requirements and completing levels on various difficulties. They can be listened to at any time by opening up your iDroid device and selecting them through the Cassette menu.

Unlike the XOF Patches, the cassette tapes not only in the Ground Zeroes main mission, but also in the majority of the optional Extra/Side-ops as well.

Below you’ll find a list of the tapes present in the game and how to acquire them, listed by level. Note that collecting all of the Cassette Tapes will earn you the achievement/trophy ‘Information’.

Ground Zeroes

  • Chico’s Tape 5 – This is a tricky one to find as you’ll need to go against instructions to grab it before meeting Chico in the prison area. If you don’t it will disappear. It is located in the admin building area, on top of a dumpster in an alley behind and to the left of the stairs leading down to the boiler room (Where Paz is located).
  • Chico’s Tape 2 - It is located in the large guard tower accessible via the admin building area.
  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – In the prison area, if you look in the cell directly behind Chico’s you’ll see it on the ground.
  • Chico’s Tape 3 – You will receive this during a cut-scene after rescuing Chico.
  • Chico’s Tape 4 – Find, rescue and extract the prisoner who is intended to be executed from the execution ground. If you do that, you’ll earn this one upon completion of the mission.

There are tapes in the main guard tower and in the dumpster in the alley near Paz (before resuing Chico) on the Ground Zeroes mission.

Side-Ops: Eliminate the Renegade Threat

  • Chico’s Tape 6 – This is found behind a shelf in the armoury located by the watchtower to the east of the execution ground. This is close to where the first target, Palitz can be found.

Side-Ops: Intel Operative Rescue

  • Chico’s Tape 1 - You’ll earn this one upon completion of the mission.

Side-Ops: Classified Intel Acquisition

  • Agent’s Recording – This cassette is the side-ops mission objective and as such you’ll need to pick it up to complete the mission. It is located in the large guard tower accessible via the admin building area.
  • Classified Intel Data - Retrieve the Agents Recording tape from the large guard tower. Afterwards we need to go and re-interrogate our contact. He’ll point us in the direction of another soldier (he stands out because he is bald and is not wearing a hat) who we can interrogate to receive the tape. Note, you can ignore the main objective and, if you have remained undetected, you can sneak down into the boiler room of the admin building to find him. If there is an alert, you’ll have to track him down in the field and interrogate him until he gives up the tape (this can take several interrogation attempts).

The tape in the southern armory in the ‘Eliminate the Renegade Threat’ and from the agent holding the special tape in ‘Enemy intel Acquisition’.

Side-Ops: Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements

  • Chico’s Tape 7 – During the mission enter the admin building, find and extract the prisoner located where Paz is found during the Ground Zeroes mission. If you can manage to rescue him, you’ll earn this tape upon completion of the mission.

Extra-Ops: Déjà vu / Jamais Vu

  • Déjà Vu Deja / Jamais Vu Tape – You’ll find this tape close to the mission start location. It can be found on the rock closest to the small sheltered cave by the extraction point where we extracted Chico in the Ground Zeroes mission. Putting on your night vision will help you locate it easier.


  • Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Tape– You will receive this tape as a reward upon completing all missions on the Hard difficulty.
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