Part 1: Neutralize All Guards

Optional: Cassette Tape

To begin the mission, we’ll be just outside the prison area. Note that there is a Cassette Tape [Jamais Vu Casette] down on the beach area nearby where we extracted Chico during the Ground Zeroes mission. It is located on the rock closest to the small sheltered cave. Note that the path to this is littered with proximity mines (collecting all five of these is actually one of the trials available once you complete the mission for the first time). Go grab the tape if you like and then return to the guard hut in front of the prison gate.

$$$item 4020

Follow the dirt path until you reach the main road. Mark the enemy in the guard tower to your left and then climb up and grab him [1/12] . If you interrogate him, he’ll mark an enemy for you in the camp below. Alternatively you can knock him out and spot the enemy in the camp below yourself. From the tower, mark the guard on the spotlight in the other tower in the distance. Note the green glow on both of these enemies – they are snatchers and you’ll have to kill them.

Drop down to ground level and enter the camp, sneak up and kill the snatcher here [2/12] . As you reach the far end of the camp, look into the gate ahead just in front of the guard tower with the snatcher in it. There will be another guard patrolling here. He’s a snatcher too. From the fence of the camp you are in, pull out your assault rifle and pop them both [3-4/12] .

Run up to the heliport area. Over by the large gate you’ll see another guard. He is a regular guard, so we’ll need to neutralise him and hide his body [5/12] . Doing this will trigger a jeep and a couple of additional guards to appear, this will now begin cutting large laps around the helipads in the area. Tag them and you will note that one of them is a snatcher and the other a regular guard. Either tranquilise the guard driving or shoot the snatcher in the head to stop the car [6/12] . Now all we need to do is simply deal with the other guard [7/12] .

The jeep carries a snatcher and a regular guard.

Run over to the western side of the helipad area and enter the orange door. Once inside, unlock the wire gate and enter the transformer area. From here tag the enemies ahead. There should be two immediately visible in front of you (one is a snatcher, one is a regular guard).

Go and turn off the power by interacting with the green panel and then hide behind one of the transformers. Wait for a guard to come and inspect it and either kill or tranquilise them depending on which type of guard approaches [8/12] . Exit the far gate and neutralise the other guard [9/12] . Now move down towards where the large gate to the helipad is and take out another snatcher here [10/12] .

Unlock and enter the orange door to the armoury next to the transformer area and pick up the rocket launcher from the back right hand corner. We’ll be using that later, so make sure you switch back to your assault rifle/tranquiliser.

Make your way down the stairs with the yellow flashing light and hop over the fence into the boiler room. Go through to the next room at the back and keep your eyes peeled on the left hand door. A guard always seems to appear here as you move through the area. He is a snatcher, so kill him when you see him [11/12]. Now explore the other boiler room and work your way along the right hand wall using the machinery as cover. There is a snatcher located just outside the cage area at the back of the room. Kill him [12/12] and return to the helipad area.

Head over to the helicopter when it appears to complete the first part of the mission.

The final snatcher can be found in the boiler room.

Part 2: Helicopter Defence

Unfortunately, as soon as the helicopter comes in to pick you up, reinforcements will appear. Note that the large gate between the admin building and the helipad zone will open at this point. Quite a few enemies will be coming out of there shortly. Note that there is an achievement/trophy ‘Hidden’ which can be obtained by having no enemies enter combat status during the mission. This also provides a healthy points bonus if you can manage it which will be needed if you want to earn an S ranking.

To do this next part without entering combat, you will want to run up and take cover facing the gate behind the crates just north of the helipad the helicopter came to pick you up from (there should be a large Kojima Productions logo on the ground behind you). We’ll now need to fight off enemies as they attempt to shoot down the chopper. All of the following enemies are snatchers so feel free to use your lethal weapons to take them out.

From cover, look up into the large guard tower that is accessible from the admin area. There will be an RPG guy showing up here shortly. Kill him quickly and then turn your attention to the main gate. Several enemies (usually 3 -4) will emerge from here and some more (normally 2-3) will come from the orange door just to the left of the gate. As long as you stay in cover, you should not attract too much attention. Simply use the auto lock with your assault rifle to target enemies quickly from a distance. Continue to kill them until they stop coming.

At this point, the helicopter will ask you to target enemies on the southern side of the airfield. There are three in total here, but one of them has an RPG so be sure to prioritise taking him out. Fortuitously, the helicopter will put its searchlight on the targets to make them easier to spot. Again, as long as you maintain a distance and use the auto lock, you should be able to eliminate the snatchers from far enough away that they will not spot you.

Once you have killed the third enemy, immediately pull out your rocket launcher and start running back to the north side of the area. A hostile helicopter will appear and a single shot from the RPG will send it packing.

After the helicopter goes away, your pilot will say something along the lines of “He’s going for the AA gun”. At this point, look through the main gate to the admin area and you’ll see a group of around six or so snatchers running towards you. Use the rocket launcher to put as many down as possible and then your assault rifle to knock over any survivors. A second wave of snatchers will appear from the same location afterwards, so again use the rockets to continue eliminating them en masse. Keep in mind that you should hold onto at least two rockets for later, so if you start getting low, switch to the assault rifle and keep killing.

Once all of the ground-based forces have been eliminated, the enemy helicopter will show up again. Shoot it with two rockets to bring it down. Afterwards, board your helicopter to complete the mission.

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