There is a much easier way to acquire the S-Rank for this mission if you are not too worried about the bonus objective of extracting the prisoners alive (this takes a long time!). Whilst keeping them alive will provide a handy score point bonus, it is possible to complete the mission within 4 minutes and earn a very nice score (and an S-Rank in the process) by killing both of them. This requires us to locate and use a sniper rifle to kill them both in quick succession.

The video at the end of the walkthrough shows an S-Rank run through the mission.

Mission Scoring:

The following bonuses will be added to your score at the end of the level if you are able to meet the requirements as you move through the mission.

  • 0 Combat Alerts = +7,500
  • 0 Kills = +2,500
  • 0 Retries = +3,750
  • No Reflex = +7,500
  • Prisoners Rescued = +7,000 (2 at +3,500 each)
  • Both Targets recovered = +7,500

S-Rank Walkthrough

Part 1: Acquire a Sniper Rifle

From the start, work your way along the cliff top path. Neutralise the guard on the outcrop above and make your way over to the nearby guard post facing the entrance to the prison area. Get into a prone position here and wait for a vehicle to arrive at the gate to the prison, if you have time, try to also tranquilise the guard patrolling from the prison gate to the cliff nearby and back before it arrives (but it’s probably not worth the risk). When the vehicle stops, two guards will emerge from it. Take all of them down.

The truck at the east end of the bridge has a sniper rifle in the back.

Part 2: Assassinate the Targets & Escape

Now follow the dirt path that the jeep came from past the guard hut in front of the prison until you reach the major road. As you approach, keep an eye out ahead and to the right as a guard will be walking towards you down the slope next to the bridge. Additionally there is a guard walking into the northern camp to your left. Tranquilise them both.

Continue up the hill next to the bridge and approach the truck at the top. There is a sniper rifle in the back of it that we will need. If you are quick, there will be two guards standing in front of the truck. They will get into the truck shortly, so either tranquilise them both quickly, or hop in the back of the truck if they are already inside. Grab the rifle and hop back out of the tray.

Run back down the hill and climb up to the watchtower overlooking the northern camp. From here we can see both targets. The first guy (the bald one) will be walking behind the warehouse buildings to the northern point of the execution ground directly to your west. The second target is currently located in the large guard tower overlooking the heliport.

This guard tower provides a vantage point with sightlines on both targets.

Before you shoot, call in a helicopter to the beach area (where we extracted Chico).

Now take the shot at the bald guy. As you do, immediately hold the crouch button so you go prone. This will prevent you from getting spotted. Afterwards, move back into a crouch and shoot the guy in the guard tower.

Now that they are both dead, hop out of the tower and sprint back to the helicopter to complete the mission.


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