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There are nine X.O.F. patches hidden throughout Camp Omega and they appear as small, cloth sew-on badges featuring the Kojima Productions logo. They are usually located on the ground or on some low-lying environmental objects and can be approached and picked up by interacting with them. Collecting all nine patches within a single game will unlock a bonus mission, which will differ depending on your platform of choice (Déjà vu for PS3/PS4 or Jamais Vu for Xbox360/XOne). Collecting all of the XOF patches will earn you the achievement/trophy ‘Insignia’.

The XOF patches can be found in the following locations:

  • The first patch is actually located on Snake himself. To acquire it, you must go into a prone position and roll from side to side around 8-10 times. Once it has been done enough a short cut-scene will show and the patch will come loose. Pick it up.
  • Behind you along the edge of the cliff at the very start of the Ground zeroes mission.
  • In the prison area, once you make your way inside, you’ll find this XOF Patch just inside the gate on the ground to the right.

The second patch is located behind Snake at the start of the mission. The third is inside the prison gate near Chico.

  • On the roof of the small guard hut directly visible from the exit/entrance to the prison area.
  • On a mound of rubbish just next to the prisoner who is about to be executed in the small fenced off area near the start of the mission.

The fourth patch is ontop of the guard hut near the prison, the fifth is by the prisoner to be executed.

  • If you stay glued to the western side of the base as you make your way from the execution area to the helipad area you will come across a set of transformers inside a wire fence. The patch is located on top of the westernmost transformer.
  • In the centre of the four helipads. This is located by a blood stain on the ground just to the south of the large orange and white striped flag.

The sixth XOF patch is ontop of one of the transformers just south of the heliport. The seventh patch is in the centre of the four helipads.

  • On the northern side of the helipad area, you’ll find this in a drainage ditch to the east of the main gate into the admin area.
  • Go through the orange door to the right of the main gate into the admin area. Climb up on the first transformer in the centre of the area. From here, jump to the roof nearby. Pull yourself up and examine the air vent here. You’ll find the XOF Patch attached to it.

The eighth patch is in the drainage tunnel at the north end of the heliport, the ninth patch is on the roof of the eastern part of the admin building.

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