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Metro Last Light
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Author(s): Paul Williams
Editor(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 31-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:29 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 23-10-2019 / 16:32 GMT

Metro Last Light Guide

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Chapter 09: Bolshoi

Diary Pages 2
Instruments 4
Morality Points 5
Achievements/Trophies 1

Follow your friend through the set path here until you reach two soldiers in front of a gate. Leaning against the bench to the right in front of them is a Guitar [Instrument 1/4] we can interact with. Approach the guards for a short conversation.

When they let you through, look on one of the sets of shelves immediately behind them for a Diary Note [Note 1/2] you can grab. Note that during this mission, similar to the Sparta mission earlier on, there are several conversations (4-5) going on as you proceed through the area. Stopping and listening to them will often reward you with a Morality Point (4-5 in total) as well as backfilling some of the story and letting you know what is going on elsewhere in the Metro. There are also homeless people around that you can give bullets to for a Morality Point .

After being let through, look on the shelf to the left for a Diary Page (left). Keep an eye yout for the homeless guy in the area (right) and give him a bullet for a Morality Point.

Follow the path until you reach a bar area. Continue to the left and look for a Guitar [Instrument 2/4] propped up against a chair. Keep going until you reach the market area.

There is both an ammunition store and a gun store here so use both of them if you need to get some ammo or purchase a new or make a modification to your weapons.

Gun Shop wares:

Weapon Price
Bastard 55 MGR
Duplet 50 MGR
Tikhar 85 MGR
Revolver 45 MGR
Before continuing to the next area, look on the last market stall to the left to find a **Guitar [Instrument 3/4]** on the counter. Continue through the open door to a waiting room outside the theatre itself. Look on the benches to the left to find a **Diary Note [Note 2/2]** resting on the one closest to the market entrance. Hang out for a few moments and your friend will show up to take you through to the theatre proper.

Grab the Diary page from the bench outside the theater (left). Watch the entire show once inside for an achievement/trophy and a morality point.

As you follow your friend through the theatre, a show will start to play on stage. If you want to earn an easy achievement/trophy at this time, simply stop and watch the entire show. It is around 10-15 minutes long. Watching it through will also earn you another Morality Point .

Note: For watching the entire stage show, you will earn the Achievement/trophy ‘Patron of the Arts’.


When you are ready, regroup with your friend at the door to the right of the stage. Follow him through the dressing room and the back street area until you come across another bar. He’ll tell you to take a seat. Before you do this, look for the sink to the right. Propped up against a pillar next to this is a Guitar [Instrument 4/4] . Use this.

Return to the table and sit down for a scene to end the mission.

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