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Author(s): Paul Williams
Editor(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 31-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:29 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-10-2019 / 22:27 GMT

Metro Last Light Guide

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Chapter 25: Depot

Diary Pages 1
Instruments 0
Morality Points 2
Achievements/Trophies 0

Section 01: Train Depot

From the beginning, move forward along the train tracks until you exit the tunnel. Enter the building to the left as you exit to find a lockbox with +45 Military Grade Rounds, ammo, Filters and a Medkit . Exit the building and follow the train tracks all the way until you arrive at a sheltered area adjacent to a large building. Follow the building’s wall to the right until you find an open door. Look in the dumpster to the right of this for a Custom Weapon . Return and enter the open door, go through the next few rooms and interact with the door for a scene.

Work your way through the depot until you come across the crew inside (right).

Afterwards continue until you go up and into a train car via a short wooden ramp. Inside the train car you will find two traders who will sell you weapons/upgrades and ammo. Use this opportunity to stock up or alter your weapons.

Gun Shop Wares:

Weapon Price
Tikhar 85 MGR
Preved 230 MGR
Lolife 40 MGR
Exit via the other door and climb the stairs to the catwalks at the top of the room. Follow the set path around to the left and through the train here. You will exit and find yourself on top of another train. Below you will see a large group of enemy soldiers enter the area.

Drop down into the small stair area below and to the right and enter the train car. Move to the left as you enter and find the next door here. Look out to the main part of the room through the door and wait for a pair of guards to walk past to the left. Drop down behind them and wait until they move either side of a concrete pillar. As they do, quickly sneak up and knock out the guy on the left, then the guy on the right.

Note the train to the right. Move around the front of this and stand behind the pillar here. There is a pair of rooms (one to the left and one to the right) along the wall in front and there is a guard patrolling between them. Stay behind the pillar until you see him walk by and sneak over to punch him out. Check out the room to the left for a lockbox with a Filter and Medkits . Now make your way through the room opposite and exit the other side.

Soon after entering the depot, a large group of enemies will enter as well. Drop down into the large depot room and take them out quietly.

Stand behind the stack of crates here and peek out into the main room. You should be able to make out a guard standing near a set of barrels. Wait for the guy by the barrels to look away and sneak over and knock him out. Look on the opposite side of the barrels from where the guy was standing and you’ll see a hole in the ground. Drop down in here. You will earn a Morality Point for entering this tunnel.

Work your way through the tunnel, taking a right at the first gate and a left when you reach the second. As you approach the stairs at the end of the tunnel, keep your eyes on the wall above the exit. If you see a flashlight beam up there, do not exit. When the flashlight beam disappears, walk up the stairs backwards so you can see the enemy positions. There is a guy patrolling along the wall to the left and another over to the right. There is another up the stairs just to the right of the exit.

When it is clear, sneak over and take out the guy patrolling along the left wall. Next climb the stairs just to the right of the tunnel exit and knock out the guy at the top. Use the walkway here to sneak over to another raised platform and knock out the guard up here too. Now drop down and punch out the final patroller below.

Look between the two sets of stairs to find another tunnel entrance. Go in here and open the lockbox at the end for ammo . Return to the main floor and go through the open door next to the light powered by the generator. Follow this room to the end and just before the stairs look on the concrete block to the right for Filters . Interact with the door at the top of the stairs.

As you enter put on your mask. Climb the stairs to the top. As you arrive, your friend will appear behind the metal bars in front of you and hand you a Filter . Grab it and then interact with the door to the right when you are ready to continue.

Section 02: Train Depot - Area 1

As soon as you enter the room, you will see all the enemies in the area glowing red. Quickly duck into the room on your left. Look in the back left corner from where you enter to find a small passageway leading to a maintenance area. On the floor in here you will find Diary Note [Note 1/1] .

The Diary Note (left) can be seen before entering the next enemy encounter area. Duck in and grab it before clearing the bad guys.

Return to the small passage back to the previous room, but don’t go back through yet. Instead peek through and you will see a soldier come to investigate. Once he turns around, sneak through and knock him out. Turn around and knock out the other guy in the corner behind you. Go out the main door to this room and sneak up and take out the guard straight ahead. Look in the lockbox in the locker in the right corner for +10 Military Grade Rounds . Return to the side room and locate the hole in the wall opposite from the maintenance area entrance. Sneak through here and punch out the guard in the next room with his back to you.

Proceed through the next doorway and all the way through the kitchen area. Exit into the hallway on the far side and sneak up and knock out the guy at the end of the hallway. Look in the locker to his left that he was investigating to find a corpse with a Custom Weapon .

From the corner here look back towards the kitchen. You will notice an opening on the left back to the main room. Through here you can see two enemies patrolling back and forth from left to right, one on the far side of the area and one close to you. Wait until the guy on the far side enters the door to the next area and sneak out and knock out the close enemy when he patrols into the shadows. Sneak over and knock out the other when you get the chance.

Enter the door at the end and follow the stairs down to the very bottom.

Section 03: Train Depot - Area 2

Look behind the stairs to find a lockbox hidden behind a crate for +20 Military Grade Rounds . Find the opening opposite and drop down into the tunnel. Continue forward and when you spot the bars on the left, turn in here and look for a smaller tunnel leading back in the direction you came. Loot the lockbox at the end for some Throwing Knives and +5 Military Grade Rounds . Return to the main tunnel and continue until you reach the stairs at the end, grabbing the Filter in the middle of the tunnel as you go.

Climb the stairs at the end and sneak up and punch out the guy directly in front of you. Keep going ahead and knock out the next guy further along to the left. Backtrack to where you neutralised the first guy and look over to where the guards are conversing.

Fortunately, our friend will highlight enemies for us intermittently as we move through the depot.

Wait for one enemy to drop down the hole and another to start patrolling towards the back wall. At this time, use the shadows to sneak over and knock out the guy looking down into the hole that the other guard jumped into. Now quickly follow the guard that patrolled off, wait until he turns right and walks along the wall a short distance and punch him out. Continue along the right hand wall here and as you approach the guard ahead, he will back up into the shadows. Wait for him to do so and take him out.

From his position look to the left to find a short set of stairs leading into a room. There is a patrolling soldier in here, so before entering, look on the walls to see a flashlight beam indicating his location. When he turns around, enter the room and knock him out. Loot the lockbox on the table for Grenades, Medkits, Filters and ammo . Exit the door on the other side of the room and turn right. Knock out the guard on the walkway here.

Whilst you took out the previous enemy, a guard in the area just ahead will have opened a door and gone through. Enter the door, sneak up behind him and knock him out. Enter the door on the right. Work your way through the room here and interact with the door at the far end.

Section 04: Train Depot - Area 3

As you enter, look in the hole to the right for a corpse holding a Custom Weapon . Return to the main floor and with your back to the door we entered the area from, follow the right hand wall all the way to the far end of the room. Be sure to keep an eye out for flashlights as you go and only continue along when you are not going to be spotted.

Once you are last the second train turn to your left and climb the short set of steps here. Peek in the door and find the guard inside. When it is safe to do so, enter the train and knock him out. Proceed to the far end of the train and drop down to the floor. Note that there are 4-5 other enemies behind you as you drop down, but they are focused on the other end of the room and will not notice you unless you draw attention to yourself. We’ll ignore them for now.

From here, look over to the left to see a patrolling guard against the left hand wall. To the right of him is another guard standing behind a pillar on the right side of the room and a third patrolling up and down the set of stairs here. Sneak over, using the shadows as cover and knock out the guy on the left when he faces the wall. Return to where we dropped down from the train car and work your way along the right hand wall until you can see both remaining guards. Wait for the patroller to return up the stairs. When he does, sneak over and knock out the guard by the pillar and then move up after the patroller and punch him out too.

Sneak through the final area and climb the stairs at the back (right).

Climb to the top of the stairs. Grab the Filter from the table in the second room and then go and interact with the door nearby. A scene will play.

Important: Afterwards you can make a decision, this decision will have implications towards your Morality Points and which ending you receive at the end of the game – Kill (Bad, lose Morality Points ), Knock out (Good, gain Morality Point ).

Make your choice.

Afterwards, go to the back of the room, drop down to the area below and follow the train tracks to head through the open door and return outside. As you exit, look to the right to find a small building, inside is a lockbox with +5 Military Grade Rounds inside.

Exit and follow the train tracks to the end. Keep going a little further and the screen will fade out indicating the chapter’s end.

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