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Metro Last Light
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Paul Williams
Editor(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 31-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 14-07-2020 / 12:48 GMT

Diary Pages 1
Instruments 3
Morality Points 3
Achievements/Trophies 1

Section 01: Infiltrate

After beginning the mission, make your way down the debris-filled corridor in front and enter the tunnel to the right. Climb the ladder in the room at the end. When the scene in the room below is finished, turn to the right and crawl until you reach the next vent. Again, watch the scene before turning right and continuing. As you approach the next opening, Artyom will automatically drop down to the floor below.

As you land, move over to the doorway on the left and you will spot two soldiers out in the hall. Wait just inside the door in the shadows to the right and wait for one of the guards to patrol in here. Knock him out and then sneak up on the other in the hallway and deal with him too, alternatively, you can quickly get out the door and knock out both to save the prisoner for a Morality Point . Look on the table behind where the guards were standing for some ammo and a Custom Weapon . Enter the door to the right of the table.

If you can get down and save the final prisoner, you will earn a morality point.

At the end of the hallway you will exit into a train tunnel. Follow the tracks all the way to the right to find a corpse you can loot for some ammo . Head back the other way on the tracks, past the entrance and towards the platform in the distance. Hug the shadows on the left hand wall and climb the stairs that you come across. At the top of the stairs, hang out behind the crate in front of you for a few moments. A guard will patrol over to the top of the stairs, so take him out as he walks past. Turn off the light in front of the crate and work your way through the shadows to the blue light on the left, note the soldier seated at the far end of the hallway and the other carrying boxes from the hallway just ahead. When neither of them can see you, turn it off; grab the ammo from the crate next to it.

Wait for the guard carrying the boxes to patrol back into the area. Let him drop the crate off at the train car and then sneak after and take him down quietly in the tunnel opposite. Move into the storage room. As you enter, immediately turn to the left and hug the wall until you reach the corner. There is an enemy in the side-room to the left and another near the opposite wall. Sneak up and punch out the guard opposite and then head into the side-room to deal with the guy inspecting the gas masks. Turn off the blue light here. Loot the lockers on the right for some Filters and ammo .

Approach and stealthily eliminate the guards in the first area.

Now that this room is clear, climb the ladder on the right and crouch through the opening at the top. Once you are in the next room, there is a crate to the right with a Custom Weapon and some ammo . The room below you is well lit and there is a guard on a similar upper platform on the opposite side from your location. If you want to be stealthy, it is probably best not to disturb him just yet! Return through the gap to the previous room and down the ladder.

Go through the open door opposite the entrance to enter a tunnel with glowing, green mushrooms everywhere. Follow the tunnel to the right, and keep an eye out for a tripwire between the wooden supports sticking up on the left and a barrel opposite. In the water against the back wall is a lockbox we can open for a Morality Point . Continue to the far end of the hall and peek in the door here to see some bad guys in the hallway behind it.

Wait for the guy crouched in front to inspect the bookshelf close to the door and sneak out and punch him out. Turn off the light on the floor next to the safe here and grab some ammo and a Throwing Knife from the table nearby. Wait for the guard to enter the hallway from the door on the right. Let him patrol back out again and continue to the far end of the corridor. Grab the filters from the crate on the left and interact with the door.

Section 02: The Purge

As you enter the area, put on your gas mask . Turn left and enter the door nearby just next to the window ahead. Follow the walkway through here to the very end and you will find a Guitar [Instrument 1/3] in a cabinet here, there are also some Filters on the shelf next to it. Return to the entry door from the previous area.

Walk into the niche opposite and climb the ladder. Knock out the guy inspecting the corpse in front of you at the top. Enter the small room to his left and grab +10 Military Grade Rounds from the bed. Look back to the floor below, drop down and knock out the guard who has entered the area.

Climb back up the ladder and enter the open door at the end of the hallway. Look on the bench to the right for a Custom Weapon and the bench with the bodies to the left for some ammo . Go down the stairs at the back of the room and hide in the shadows to the left at the base. Wait for the conversation between the two guards in here to end for a Morality Point . Knock out the guard as he walks away. Look in the open door opposite the base of the stairs for some Filters .

Climb back up the stairs and exit back onto the upper walkway. Enter the open vent at the end. You will emerge on an upper walkway of a large square room with a number of enemies below. As you enter, turn to the right and inspect the crate near the wall here for +20 Military Grade Rounds and a lockbox with Filters, Throwing Knives and ammo . Turn around and observe the room below. Most of the enemies will have walked off by now, if not wait for them to leave so that only two guards remain. Drop down the hole to the left of the crate and turn off the light here. Work your way through the room, past the fire to the far end. Look through the doorway into the main room.

Wait for the guard to patrol close to you and sneak out to take him out. Now sneak up and punch out the guard on the far side of the room. Now check out the counter in the centre of the room, go inside and look beneath it for a Guitar [Instrument 2/3] . To the right of this is another set of +10 Military Grade Rounds hidden in a box.

Enter the hallway just to the right of the sign with the liquor on it. Check out the crate to the left for some ammo and Filters . Note the doorway to the train car and the blue light in front. If the guards are still trying to break it down, let them do so. We want to get into the train car first. However, there is a guard standing stationary behind a gate to the right so if you try to turn the light off and take too long, he will spot you. As such, crouch and walk straight past it and into the open train car without stopping. Knock out the guy to the right and then turn to the left. Wait for him to turn around and walk away from you and sneak up and take him down too. Grab the Filters off the bed to the right.

Look back out the door and switch off the light out of view of the guard behind the gate. Return to the previous room and climb the ladder. Turn right and go through the open vent here. Knock out the guard patrolling around and enter the train cars. When you see two bunks on the left, loot the ammo here and as you reach the room at the end, grab the Diary Note [Note 1/1] from the desk against the back wall and +20 Military Grade Rounds from the shelf to its right.

Grab the Diary Note from the upstairs traincar (left) and then continue through the inferno.

Exit the door here and turn left. Just in front of the light at the end of the short walkway is a Guitar [Instrument 3/3] . Enter the next railcar through the left hand door. Grab the filters from the desk on the left and open the safe for some ammo . Exit the door and look over the edge in front to see a guard below. Drop down and punch him out. Look to the right and knock out the other guy standing guard at the gate.

Behind where you dropped down is an open door. Look in here for a corpse you can loot for Filters and a Custom Weapon . Return to where you dropped down and continue to the end of the hallway doing your best to avoid the fire as you go. At the far end grab the Incendiary Grenades if you need some and proceed through the door. Drop down the hole and follow the underground passage all the way to the end.

Section 03: Rescue

You will exit into a herb garden of sorts. Look up to the left before you venture in too far and wait for the guard to walk back to his left. Take this opportunity to walk to the far end of the area and climb the stairs here. Turn the light off and hide behind the wall to the right. Peek out and wait for the guard at the end of the walkway to go and stand at the desk on the left. Sneak up to him and punch him out. Turn off the light.

Return to the stairs and climb up to the next level. Walk up the stairs backwards slowly and look out for the guard patrolling along the catwalk your right. Wait until he is standing stationary in the small room directly opposite the top of the stairs (if you walk up backwards you should be able to spot him much easier this way). Sneak up and take him out. Turn off the light on the crate behind him. Head into the left-hand door and knock out the enemy within. Loot the lockbox on the table to the right for some ammo and Filters .

Move out the next door slightly and you will see the platform collapse a little. Watch the guards below for a moment and wait for them to separate. Return back through the previous area and back down the stairs. Walk up to the door to the room in front. Stay in the shadows to the right and peek inside.

When the guard closest to you patrols over to the left just inside the door, go on in and knock him out. Work your way past the large fire in the centre of the room and hide in the shadows along the left hand wall. There are two enemies here. Once will patrol between the big fire and the left hand corner of the room while the other will periodically patrol out of the room to the next area and back again. Wait for the guard to leave the room and sneak over to punch out the guy in the corner. Grab the Filters from the crate here. Now stalk the patroller and knock him out too when you deem the time appropriate. Go to the end of the next hall and look through the open door to the right.

Wait for the guards to separate. When they do duck inside and knock out the guy inspecting the wall to the left. Climb the stairs and knock out the guard at the top too. Loot the backpack for some ammo . Return down the stairs and enter the flaming hole in the wall on the far side of the room.

Continue through the firey hole in the wall. Interact with the door at the far end for a scene.

As you enter, the way behind will collapse. Look in the room to the right for some Filters and a lockbox with some Grenades . Work your way up the main corridor and punch out the guy leaning on the doorframe in front (despite the fire, you can crouch walk straight up to him and he won’t notice even though he is looking at you). Continue past and punch out the other guard in the corner to the left.

Interact with the door beside him for a scene.

Important: There are two options during the scene and whichever option you take will affect your Morality Points (and subsequently the ending you earn). You can shoot (Bad, loss of Morality Points ), or you can take off your mask (Good, receive Morality Point ). Note that taking off the mask will also earn you an achievement/trophy ‘Saviour’.

Note: If you choose the good option during this story sequence and remove your mask, you'll get the Achievement/trophy ‘Saviour’.

Trophy icon


Remove your mask when demanded to do so.


Following the scene, the chapter will end.

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