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Metro Last Light
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Author(s): Paul Williams
Editor(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 31-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:29 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-10-2019 / 22:22 GMT

Metro Last Light Guide

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Chapter 11: Revolution

Diary Pages 4
Instruments 3
Morality Points 4
Achievements/Trophies 1

Section 01: Infiltrate

As you start the mission, open the lockbox on the desk for some ammo and look on the floor below the vent we entered from for an incendiary grenade . On the shelf nearby you can also change your mask if you need a new one. Exit the door opposite the table when you are ready to continue.

Turn to the left, you will see a metal detector in the distance and a guard patrol through it. In the room beyond the metal detector are another two guards. Walk up to the metal detector and sit on the small ramp to its right. Wait for the three guards to separate. One will head off down some stairs to the left, one stays at the desk working away and the final guard will patrol down the dark hallway we came from. Once he is through the metal detector, sneak up and take him out.

Now use the ramp to the right of the metal detector to drop down into the room at the end without being detected. Sneak up and pop the guy working at the table. Make your way down the stairs and wait for the guard at the bottom to enter the side room here. Follow him inside, sneak up and listen to him chat with voice on the other end of the intercom for a Morality Point . When the conversation ends, punch him out.

Look on the desk in this room for a Diary Note [Note 1/4] . You will also find a Guitar [Instrument 1/3] on the chair in here. Open the door to enter the next area.

Go through the metal detector and take out the guards, then go down the stairs, punch out a final guard (right). Loot the desk to his left for a Diary Note and instrument.

Section 02: Train Room

As you enter, you will find yourself in a small side-room with a glass window looking out at the main area. You will see that there is a train here being worked on. Crouch over to the switch on the right side of your room and hit it to turn off some of the lights outside. Exit from the opening on the left side of your room and hang out in the shadows here. Wait for one of the guards to patrol over to the crates near your location and take him out. Go to the far side of the tracks and punch out the other guard leaning on the wall here smoking.

In the train room, work your way along the right hand wall and make your way up into the vents.

Return to the small room we came from and use the shadows against exterior wall to sneak along the track here. Sit behind the first stack of crates to the right and wait for the guard patrolling along the track to walk past. Knock him out. Further along the wall ahead, you will see a wooden ramp leading up to a vent. Wait for the guard near it to walk off to the left and then climb up here and hop in. Follow the vent to the end and drop down into the room at the end.

Tail the two guards as they patrol towards the far side of the area. Sit in the shadows to the right when they stop. At this point, you should also be able to make out a third enemy sitting in a chair along the left hand wall nearby. Once the patrolling guards separate, punch out the guy that walks back by you and then sneak up and take out the guy in the chair. Finally pop the final guard and take out any lights shining on bodies.

Interact with the handle on the door to enter a small dark corridor. Stay in the shadows here and look behind the iron fence to the right. There are two enemies in here. Sneak up and knock them both out whilst their backs are turned. Turn off the light on the crate next to them. There is a Custom Pistol on the shelf nearby.

Return to the dark corridor and follow it to the end. As you arrive in the next room you will see a guard doing chin ups on the left and a guard watching him. Wait for the watcher to patrol to the right and quickly sneak up and punch him out. Then turn around and knock out the guy exercising when he stops. Look on the desk nearby for a lockbox containing ammo and a Medkit and Diary Note [Note 2/4] . There is also a Throwing Knife in the paper target to the right of the exercise equipment.

After exiting the small vent, clear out the first room (left), then follow the halway on the right and look out for a Diary Note on the desk (right) in the next main room.

Duck into the open door to the left of where the guard was exercising and take out the guy on the stool in here. Extinguish the light and use the Piano [Instrument 2/3] . Go through the next open door nearby. As you enter, quickly sneak up behind the guy crouched in front of the fire to the left and take him out. Destroy the light above the door with a throwing knife and then use the lever to open the bulkhead door leading back to the main room.

As you go through the bulkhead door, hit the switch on the pillar in front of you to disable some of the lights and then sneak over and knock out the guy sitting on the crate to the left. Go back to the switch for the lights and head over to the right hand wall. Work your way along the wall here in the shadows for a short distance.

When you can go no further along the wall, you will need to peek out to the left. Note the guy in the crane and the two guards near him. Wait for the crane operator to exit the machine. After a few moments, the lights in that area will go off. When this happens, sneak around the section of wall sticking out and follow it around to the right. Knock out the guys inspecting the wall in the corner here.

From here, turn around and follow the train tracks past the crane and keep your eye out for a seated guard along the wall to the right. Take him out. Interact with the handle on the illuminated door nearby to enter the next area.

Section 03: Turbine Room

As you enter, grab the Filter from the cabinet on the wall in front and proceed down the hallway to the left. Go through the open door. Note that this room features quite a few enemies and if you are spotted or alert guards at any time, they will activate a poison gas defence system which will require that you use your mask and filters. Having said that, if you follow the guide below, you should be able to get through without anyone knowing you were there!

There are three soldiers standing around in the open to the right. Ignore them for now and sneak up and take out the guy in the small windowed room against the left wall. Return to the entry door and follow the wall all the way to the left to find a switch. Use this to turn off a few lights. Grab the Filter off the table to the left of the switch and climb the ladder next to this to access a raised catwalk area. Grab the Filter and Throwing Knife from the open box at the top.

Proceed across to the far end of the walkway. When you reach the wall turn right and move towards the ladder at the end of the platform. Peek over the edge. There is a guard standing at the base of the ladder here. There is also a hole in the ground near the base of the ladder. Wait for the guard to patrol off and then quickly climb down the ladder and drop into the hole to access a lower tunnel area.

When you reach the crossroads, take the right path first to find a crate with a Medkit, ammo and +15 Military Grade Rounds . Return to the crossroad and continue along the passage directly away from where you dropped down from. At the end of this tunnel you will find a ladder back up to the main room.

At the top of the ladder is a guard inspecting the machinery located to your left. He won’t move though, so climb the ladder, stay crouched and move forward from the top of the ladder whilst sticking hard to the right hand wall. When you reach the end of the wall, immediately duck into the small passage to the right.

Again hug the right hand wall here and proceed forward through the shadows. Take out the guy standing stationary ahead. Continue to follow the wall until you reach the far wall. There is a hole in the ground here. You can drop down here and look in the side-tunnel for a crate containing a Custom Weapon . Follow the lower tunnel to the far end and use the crates here to jump up and out of the tunnel and back to the main room. Climb the ladder to the left. Move along the catwalk here, past the turbine on the right and into the room at the end. Turn right and knock out the guard in here. Inspect the desk on the left side of the room for Diary Note [Note 3/4] . Pull the lever next to the desk.

Exit the room and return to the turbine which has now stopped. Find the hole in the wire fence and enter this for a short scene. You will also end up in a new area.

Grab the Diary Note (left) from the desk near the turbine control and then enter the turbine when the blade stops to go to the next area.

Section 04: Storage Room

From your start point you will be on a catwalk looking over the area below. There are two guards chatting at a desk to the right. Wait for them to separate (hearing the entire conversation will have given you a Morality Point ) and then climb down the ladder at the end of the walkway to the right.

Knock out the guy that stays at the desk and grab the Diary Note [Note 4/4] from the desk as well. Proceed along the wall to the far end of the room from where we dropped down. When you reach the wall, turn left and follow it until you arrive at a ladder. Climb this.

Once the two guards finish their conversation (left) sneak over and grab the Diary page from the desk. Continue into the area to the left.

From the top of the ladder, crouch and walk across the planks leading to the walkway on your left. Turn off the light there and proceed to the far end. There is also a lockbox here containing +6 Military Grade Rounds and some ammo . Grab this and drop down into the room below.

Note the shadows along the left hand wall. Once at ground level, follow this wall until you see the lantern in the corner. Note that sometimes a guard will patrol close to the wall whilst you make your way along it, so keep an eye out and take him out if he gets in the way. To the right of the lantern is an open door. Sneak over to this and enter it when no one is looking.

Check out the ACCORIDAN [Instrument 3/3] in the open locker here and then interact with the door at the end of the short hallway to enter the next area.

Section 05: Tunnels

As you enter, turn right. Follow the left hand wall staying in the shadows as to not alert the guy on the turret or the guard speaking to him. Listen to their conversation for a Morality Point . Note the fire in the corner ahead. To the right of this in a small hole in a pipe is a box containing +20 Military Grade Rounds .

Follow the train tracks away from where we entered and approach the large door. As you get close it will open, so hide behind some of the crates/barrels lining the tracks nearby. Wait for the guards to patrol past you and then enter the tunnel behind the now open door.

Wait for the patrol to walk past and then enter the now opened tunnel (left). Continue through the vent until you encounter a scene to end the level.

Again, hang out on the left hand wall to avoid the light of the fire on the right. When you reach the brick pillar and wooden supports, sneak over and knock out the guy on the tracks here. With him out of the way simply follow the passageway all the way to the end and look out for an open door on the right. There is a Custom Weapon on the floor in here if you are interested.

Continue into the vent at the back of the room when you are ready to continue. Grab the Incendiary Grenade as you go along. After the first drop, turn around and follow the passage to the dead end to find +5 Military Grade Rounds . Return back to the drop off point and follow the tunnel until it drops down again.

At this point, you will earn a Morality Point and an achievement/trophy for completing the mission without killing anyone or being detected.

Note: For completing the mission without killing anyone or being detected, you’ll unlock the Achievement/trophy ‘Invisible Soldier’.


As you approach the end of the vent, a scene will play to end the mission.

Note: At this point you will earn the achievement/trophy 'Within a Hair of Death'.


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