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Author(s): Paul Williams
Editor(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 31-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:29 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-08-2019 / 20:54 GMT

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Chapter 18: Undercity

Diary Pages 0
Instruments 1
Morality Points 4
Achievements/Trophies 1

Section 01: The Church

As soon as the introductory scene ends and you are back in control, look to the left. You will find a Guitar [Instrument 1/1] sitting up against a locker here. Loot the lockers to the right if you need some ammo and then follow your friend out the door. As you exit, look on the desk to the right near the lamp for +5 Military Grade Rounds .

Head over to where your friend is standing. There is a gun shop and an ammo shop here. Grab any ammo you require and upgrade/purchase any new guns you need.

Gun Shop Wares:

Weapon Price
Saiga 110 MGR
Revolver 45 MGR
Kalash 2012 115 MGR
When you are ready to continue, follow the set path around until you meet your friend again. After a short conversation a scene will play.

Follow your friend through the church unil a scene plays, then make your way down the stairs to the left.

Following the scene, go through the open gate on the left. Follow the path down until you reach a large room with some couches and a fire on the left. In one of the lockers on the right side of the room is a Custom Weapon . Continue through the hole at the back of this room and down the slope. At the base is a corpse holding another Custom Weapon here. Enter the door behind it.

Follow the tunnel forward and your torch/night vision goggles will malfunction. Fortunately you are still able to use your lighter, so pull that out for a little illumination. Continue through the linear path through the tunnels here. When you see the vision, wait until it disappears for a Morality Point . Keep moving until you find yourself on a platform in front of an elevator. There is a corpse just inside the door that can be looted for +5 Military Grade Rounds, ammo and an Incendiary Grenade . Look on the shelf to the right here for a Throwing Knife . To progress, interact with the elevator.

The elevator will start to descend. At this point a Morality Point will be awarded. After a few quiet moments a good number of nosalises will appear and start jumping onto the elevator. You will need to shoot them off as soon as possible to reduce the chance of damage and to prevent them from bringing down the lift. After fighting off 5-6 of them, a button prompt will appear on screen. Press it as necessary for a scene.

Proceed through the tunnel until you reach the lift. Ride it down and keep the watchment off it to reach the bottom.

Section 02: The Catacombs

When you regain control enter the nearby tunnel and follow the wooden ramps down until you reach even ground. Make your way to the far end of the room and look around the corner. Kill the two nosalises hanging out here. You can find a backpack on the ground next to a corpse in the corner with some ammo and a Custom Weapon next to it. Go past where you killed the nosalises and when you reach the next corner leading right. Hold back for a minute and watch the horde of nosalises run past. If you let them pass without attacking, you will receive a Morality Point.

Once they have stopped, move forward and through the wooden support structure. On the other side you will find yourself at a fork. Go to the right and follow the path. After a short distance your flashlight/night vision goggles will malfunction once again, so pull out your lighter to continue. Follow the path until you reach the stone arches. On the ground in front of them are an Incendiary Grenade and some ammo.

Go through the arches and use the lighter to light the torches in the room here for a Morality Point and for some illumination. There are three corpses scattered around this area that we can loot. The one near the entrance has a Medkit , the corpse in the centre of the room has ammo and +5 Military Grade Rounds and the corpse near the arches opposite where we entered has a Custom Weapon .

When you are ready to go, head through the arches opposite where we came in. As you move into the next room, look for a hole in the stone wall to the right, inside you will find a lockbox with ammo and a corpse with Filters and ammo to loot. Continue through the room and out the next set of arches. At this point a nosalis will attack you. Fend it off.

Our Night vision goggles/flashlight will now work again, so feel free to activate them before heading down the tunnel to the right. You can enter the hole in the stone wall ahead to find a corpse and a backpack to loot for ammo . Continue along the wooden platform past the waterfall on the right.

Proceed to the far end of the next room to find a door. As you approach it, you will be attacked from behind by 4 nosalises. Use the whole room and cut big laps around it as you back away from them as they attack. Once you have killed them all approach the door and interact with the wheel on the right side to open it. Go on through.

When you arrive at the platform overlooking the large cavern below, turn left and interact with the handle above the lift here to ride it down to the next platform. After reaching the far side, go down the nearby ramp and continue down the stairs to the left.

At the bottom of the stairs, stop for a moment and look ahead, on the roof you will notice two nosalises hanging here. These aren’t your standard nosalises; they will keep their distance and shoot sonic waves in your direction. If you are in range they will disorient you for a brief second as well as causing a little damage. Fortunately they are more fragile than the regular nosalises and should fall fairly quickly when targeted.

There are two of these sonic nosalises on the roof and another 4 regular nosalises that will attack you at ground level. Feel free to back up the stairs a little to funnel their approach.

Once they are all dead, go back down the stairs and look behind them for a lockbox containing some ammo and a Claymore Mine . Continue straight ahead into the main room. Locate the light source on the right of the room and you will find a couple of lootable bodies that you can grab a Medkit, ammo and a Custom Weapon from. Look for the wooden ramp at the back of the area. Before climbing it, look into the ruins near its base for another corpse holding onto a Custom Weapon . Climb the ramp and loot the corpse at the top for some more ammo. Drop down to the area below when you are ready to continue.

There are 6 nosalises in this area and unfortunately you will need to kill them all. The good news is they are all distracted so if you can use a silenced weapon, you should be able to knock off one or two of them before the others learn of your presence. When they do attack however, the room itself is quite large, so use the ruins and other obstacles to draw the remaining enemies around the area whilst shooting at them.

Pull the lever on the left (left) and defend yourself from watchmen until it arrives.

After you have killed them all, head to the back of the room where you will find a wooden lift. Interact with the lever on the left hand side. Unfortunately, like summoning a raft or a boat earlier, summoning this lift will cause several waves of enemies to attack you. As the lift descends you will have to fight off three waves of 3 nosalises. Once the lift arrives, interact with it for a scene.

Once you get off the lift, turn to the left and loot the pair of corpses here for a Custom Weapon and ammo . Head across the bridge and a scene will play.

Cross the bridge... And fight the Rhino!

Section 03: Boss - The Rhino

When you regain control, you will be facing off against the rhino – a large mutated and heavily armoured version of a nosalis. This guy loves to charge at you from across the room and if it hits will cause significant damage. It also has some pretty pesky melee attacks if you stay too close to it. The trick to beating it is to focus on its two weak spots – its face and its spine.

A good tactic is to lean out from behind one of the stone pillars and pop it in the head, when it charges, the Rhino will hit the pillar and stop moving and be stunned temporarily. Quickly sprint behind it and shoot it in the back once or twice and repeat. After it takes enough damage, it will break through a wall and run off. You know what to do – after it!

After going through the hole, loot the body and the lockbox to the left for Filters, Medkits and ammo and grab the Custom Weapon from the rock to the right of the entrance to the next tunnel if you want it. Continue through the next opening and drop down into the large area here.

Here we will encounter the rhino for a second time. This area is slightly bigger than the first room we fought it in, but there are more obstacles around to use as cover. Additionally, periodically during this fight, regular nosalises will show up as well. Sometimes they will attack the Rhino and other times they will attack you. As it is rather unpredictable, keep an eye out for them and take them down as soon as possible before re-focusing on the Rhino.

Although the environs are slightly different, the tactic for taking out the big guy remains essentially unchanged – hit him in the spine and face and keep your distance. Use his charge attack against him by luring him into obstacles to temporarily stun him. Keep it up until he falls.

Once he has taken enough damage a scene will play to complete the chapter.

Note: for killing the Rhino, you will earn the Achievement/trophy ‘Big Momma’.


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