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Author(s): Paul Williams
Editor(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 31-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:29 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-08-2019 / 21:23 GMT

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Chapter 23: The Crossing

Diary Pages 2
Instruments 0
Morality Points 1
Achievements/Trophies 0

From the start of the mission, move forward until you exit the tunnel.

Loot the body for some ammo and Filters and then walk down the stairs behind it. Drop down into the trench below. Turn right and keep an eye out for a hole in a concrete pipe on the left – inside is a corpse we can loot for some Medkits . Proceed forward and a watchman will drop down in front of you and attack. Kill him and continue forward until you go beneath a suspended log and a mist appears. Two more watchmen will attack at this point.

Continue forward a little further and your screen will turn a little funny. All of the watchmen in the area will appear as coloured holograms, allowing you to see all of them. Kill the watchmen that come to attack you at ground level. After killing 3-4 of them, they will all run away. Head over to the far end of the area and continue through the overturned train car to the far side.

As you approach the first group of watchmen, your screen will go all funny. Fear not - it will temporarily let you see all the enemies about!

Work your way up the slope here and keep an eye out for a lootable corpses on the right with ammo and a Custom Weapon . When you reach the top, go down the stairs opposite and follow the platform to the left at the bottom. Drop down to the ice above the water and follow it around the corner to the right.

As you round the corner, there is a lockbox containing ammo on the edge of the ice to the left. If you hug the right hand wall, you can find a skeleton conveniently stocked with a new Gas Mask and Filters. Continue along the wall, ignoring the shrimp that appear off to the left. If you are quick enough, by following the wall you will be able to make it across the ice and around the corner to the right to safety before they can attack.

At the top of the ramp here is a second set of stairs. Ignore these for now and check out the platform underneath the bridge to the right. At the base of the furthest pillar from your location is a corpse with Filters, ammo and a Custom Weapon . On the ground next to him is a Diary Note [Note 1/2] .

After coming up from the ice flow, look beneath the overhang to the right for a Diary Note.

Unfortunately, by traipsing over to this side of the area, you will have triggered a group of 5 watchmen to attack. Fend them off and loot the rest of the area. Return to the stairs I told you to ignore earlier and climb to the top.

Enter the building here through the broken door on the right. Move around the large debris pile in the centre of the room and loot the corpse on the opposite side of the room for Filters and ammo . Look in the niche to the left of the stairs for another copse with Filters and ammo . Note, one time when I looted this corpse a group of 4 watchmen appeared behind me and attacked. Having repeated the level 4 more times since then, that has not happened since. As such I may have missed a trigger or something on my subsequent playthroughs – either way prepare for a fight even if one does not eventuate!

When you are ready, climb up the stairs and enter the door on the left. Interact with the door at the back of the room. We’re in a stairwell! Look beneath the stairs here for some Filters and a Custom Weapon . Climb the stairs and follow the hallway here until you find a door leading back outside.

Note: Do not exit through the door just yet! Look out the door and you will see a Demon perched on a platform just outside the door. If you purchased the Helsing like I told you to earlier. Shoot him with this and it should kill the demon instantly and give you the achievement/trophy ‘Van Helsing’.


Exit the building and work your way to the right. Continue through the derelict train car here until a scene plays.

You will emerge from the water upon a piece of ice. Note that this area is similar to the marshlands earlier. The water contains many, many shrimp and if you get close enough to an edge, there is a good chance that one will pop out to attack you. As such it is kind of difficult to give you a blow by blow in terms of enemy encounters as they appear to be slightly random. One thing that is certain however that is there is a Demon patrolling the area and he will swoop in and pick you up and dump you somewhere else unless you can damage him, take him out or move quickly to avoid him entirely.

As you move across the ice, you will notice that sections of it will crack and give way. Stepping on these sections will see you fall through the ice and take some damage before climbing out again. The solid ground often takes you close to the edge of the ice shelf too which encourages shrimp to appear in a number of places to come and attack you. Deal with them as they appear.

From where we begin this section, we want to move forward and around the first concrete pillar to the right. Make your way over to the beached ship in the distance. On this, near the bow you will find a lootable corpse with ammo, Medkits and Filters and on the ground to his left is a Diary Note [Note 2/2] .

When you spot the boat in the middle of the ice flows, look on board for a Diary Note.

From the back of the boat you will find trains sitting in the water off to the left providing us with a bridge with which to reach the other side of the river. Upon reaching the back of the second submerged train jump down to the ice below.

Follow the wall to the right to find a corpse that we can loot in the corner here with a Custom Weapon , some Filters and ammo . Kill the shrimp that appears as you inspect him. Continue along the ice to the left and keep hugging the wall on the right until you find a dirt ramp leading away from the water.

Climb the ladder at the top of the slope and enter the door at the top of the ladder to end the chapter.

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