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Metro Last Light
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Author(s): Paul Williams
Editor(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 31-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 12-07-2020 / 22:46 GMT

Diary Pages 2
Instruments 0
Morality Points 5
Achievements/Trophies 1

Section 01: Refugees

At the start of the mission, you will be on the ground facing your vehicle. Turn around and duck under the wooden barrier here. Follow the track to the end to find a lootable body with ammo and a Custom Weapon . For finding this guy, you will receive a Morality Point . Return back to the vehicle and hop on in.

Ride the vehicle along the track a short distance and knock down the barrier at the end. After the scene pop out of the vehicle and explore the small area. Listen to all of the conversations for a Morality Point . On the train cars here you will find an ammo shop and a weapon shop.

From the beginning, follow the tunnel until you reach the refugee area (right).

Use this opportunity to restock ammo and apply any upgrades that you desire.

Gun Shop wares:

Weapon Price
Kalash 75 MGR
Shambler 70 MGR
Lolife 85 MGR
Revolver 45 MGR
When you are good to go, get back into the vehicle and continue onwards. As soon as you go through the gate, look in a small alcove to the left for a body containing **Filters** and **ammo** . Continue along the track a little while further until you hear a woman screaming. Get out of the vehicle and make your way up the tunnel until you find an open door on the right hand side.

Go through the tunnel until you reach the derelict train car. Follow it to the right. When you reach the second car you will see two enemies. Once will stand looking out the door close to you whilst another attacks a woman at the far end of the car. Take out the closest guy and then sneak up and punch out the other. Dealing with these two will cause another guy to spawn in the tunnel behind you. Quickly return to the first train car and stand on the far side of the door. Take out the enemy when he enters. Knocking out these three enemies will give you a Morality Point . Loot their bodies for some Military Grade Rounds and some ammo. Return to your vehicle.

After the refugees, enter the first side-tunnel on the right and save the girl for a morality point.

Section 02: Junction 1

Continue onwards until you see the tunnel opening up in front. There is a fire on the right side of this area and a number of enemies hanging out in this larger room. Follow the track along the left hand wall. Move forward until you see the enemy in front of you. He will set a pile of debris on fire before walking off. As he does sneak up behind him and punch him out.

Walk over to the wall separating the two tracks and look down the next tunnel. Walk over and turn off the lantern on the back of the railcar here. Walk up and knock out the guy sitting on the front of the vehicle. Look back to the main room and hug the left hand wall. Work your way up until you are just outside the range of the first closest fire’s light.

Look near the stone pillars in the centre of the room. There is a guard here. Wait for him to walk away from your position and then quickly sneak up the wall behind the flatbed railcar here. Climb the ramp and stand behind the seated enemy here. Look past him. Wait for the patrolling guard to walk back to the right and when he is far enough away knock out the seated enemy. Drop down and knock out the patroller. Now quickly run back over to the railcar on the right hand track.

Taking out all of the enemies in here will in turn cause another couple of soldiers to move from their set locations further down the tunnel. One of these fellows will come past the railcar here to investigate. Take him out as he walks past. Now continue along the tunnel past the rail car and head towards the blue light. In the alcove to the right of this is one final guard. Sneak up and take him out. Interact with the man on the ground here to free him.

Work your way through the first junction area (left) and free the refugee in the tunnel behind it (right).

Check out the room on the opposite side of the tunnel from where you rescued the man. Inside you will find a lockbox with ammo , a cabinet on the wall with some Medkits and some more ammo next to the head of the bed. Return to the previous area and loot all the bodies if you have not done so yet. Go back to the vehicle and drive it through the now cleared tunnel. As you go past the blue light in the tunnel, stick your gas mask on and hop out.

Section 03: Bandit Camp

Go a short distance up the tunnel until you hear voices. Keep an eye out for an open doorway on the right. Enter this to find a bathroom. Turn the light off inside there is a Gas Mask on the wall and some ammo on the ground opposite the light. Go to the back of the bathroom and you will find Diary Note [Note 1/2] and Filters on the ground in the right stall. By now you will have heard the guards talking about going to have a look. Return to the main room and look out the door to the tunnel. Wait for the guard to walk past and sneak out and take him down.

Continue down the tunnel and keep an eye out for a tunnel on the right containing a Diary Page (right).

Keep going up the tunnel and hug the left hand wall. You will find a set of stairs here. Climb these and quickly duck into the open room to the left, keep moving until you are back in shadow on the left. Knock out the guy in the chair and the sleeping guy in the bed next to the fire. Continue down the train car here and knock out the second guy in bed. Pop out the open door next to him and punch out the guard here with his back to you. Go back into the train car and keep going to the very end and hide in the shadows beside the door.

When it is safe to do so, continue through the door and knock out the smoking guy and continue a little further and take out his friend in the shadows. Backtrack through the train car until you reach the stairs back to the main tunnel. At the base of the stairs, look directly to the left to see an opening on the far side of the tracks. Sneak over and climb into this.

Go up to the first door and look around the corner to the left to see a pair of guards. Wait for one to patrol off and sneak up and take out the remaining guy. Douse the flames and follow the patrolling guard down the hallway. Knock out the guy in the second alcove to the left as you go past and turn off the light. When the patroller stops at the end near the fire barrel, wait for him to move on through the next door and take out the enemy that stays. Follow him into the next room and round the corner to the left. Finally punch him out. Return to the previous room and knock out the guy in the chair here.

Next to the last guy we knocked out is a pair of lockboxes, one with ammo and one with Medkits . Loot them and then pull the lever on the wall to open the door blocking the tracks in the main tunnel. Return to your vehicle and drive on through. Drive until you see the small alcove on the left with green mushrooms. Dismount and grab the Filters from the cabinet on the wall here. Continue up the tunnel on foot and you will soon hear voices.

Clear oiut the bandit camp and pull the lever (right) to proceed.

Run up and duck into the open door on the iron fence on the right. Loot the corpse in here for some ammo and look back out at the tunnel. Wait for the first guy to walk past and sneak up and take him down. Return to the side area behind the iron bars and repeat for the second guard. Return to the car and drive it up to the track changing lever on the right. Pull the switch to aim the tracks towards the fire lit entrance.

Before entering this though, run down the left hand tunnel until you reach a dead end. Look on the floor to the left of the flatbed here for +10 Military Grade Rounds and an Incendiary Grenade . Head around to the right hand side for another +5 Military Grade Rounds and ammo. Check out the small room up the stairs to the right of the flatbed for a Morality Point and another Incendiary Grenade . Loot the body under the boards at the back for +10 Military Grade Rounds . Kill the watchman that appears and return to your vehicle.

Section 04: Rescue

Drive it down the right hand path at the interstation. Keep an eye out for an open door on the right lit up by torches.

Note: There is an achievement/trophy to be earned in here by entering and saving the hostages within without being detected.

Head on over to open the door. Walk up to the crates in front and you’ll see two guards in the tunnel ahead. One will walk off and the other will stand facing you in the light. Look for a side tunnel to the left. Creep through this and pop out behind the guard at the light at the other side. Punch him out and turn off the light. Head up to the next corner and look round to the left. Wait for one of the guards to patrol back to you and knock him out as he rounds the corner.

Return to the corner and use a throwing knife to take out the blinking light on the roof. Sneak up and knock out the enemy at the end of the hallway. Go to the far end and locate the open door on the left. Head inside.

There are two doors here - one to the left and another straight ahead. Enter the door to the left first. There are three guys in here and all of them are preoccupied with something so will not be alerted if you are stealthy. Take out the guy in the chair first, then the dude on the wall to the left and finally the guy in the back right hand corner. Return to the previous room and sneak over to the other doorway. Punch out the guy sitting in the chair. Turn the light off and look in the adjacent room here. On a desk at the back of the room is Diary Note [Note 2/2].

Interact with the door to the right of this and crouch and run up and take out the guy with a punch following the scene.

The fire-lined track indicates the entrance to the bandit basre (left). inside you will find a Diary page (right) and hostages to rescue.

For dealing with these bandits, you will be granted a Morality Point .

Note: For rescuing the children and women from the bandits without being detected, you will earn the Achievement/trophy ‘Commando’.

Trophy icon


Rescue the Women and Children on the BANDITS level without raising alarm.


Return to the vehicle and drive it through the wooden barricade further along the tracks here. This will unfortunately destroy the vehicle. As such, get out and continue on foot.

Section 05: The Escape

When you reach the wooden supports, look to the left to find a train car. Enter the open door here and turn left at the dead end you will find some Filters . Turn around and follow the train car all the way to the front. Upon exiting run to the far end of the room in front of the water and interact with the glowing pole here to ring a bell. This will summon a boat which will take about 1-2 minutes to arrive.

Pull the rope (left) and defend yourself until the raft arrives.

Unfortunately it will also summon a large group of nosalises to attack you. Note that they will not attack you until you activate the boat as such, cruise around the room and loot all the corpses for Medkits and ammo before ringing the bell. Once you have activated it, you will need to keep moving. Use the stairs and upper platform to create a loop around the room that you can move around whilst fighting off the nosalises that appear.

When the boat shows up run over to it for a scene. Afterwards, you will be cruising away from the area but the nosalises will be chasing. Shoot at them as you go and prevent them from jumping onto the boat.

After a short period of time, the mission will be complete.

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