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Author(s): Paul Williams
Editor(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 31-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:29 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 23-10-2019 / 16:40 GMT

Metro Last Light Guide

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Chapter 17: Nightfall

Diary Pages 1
Instruments 0
Morality Points 0
Achievements/Trophies 1

Note: During this mission and the previous one you can earn an achievement/trophy by finding and entering a number of ammo caches hidden around the swamp. Fortunately, they are all covered in the walkthrough, so if you follow it, you will unlock it as you go!

Note: T here is also an achievement/trophy 'Diver' awarded for falling in the swamp 10 times. You can do this in this level or the previous one and the number of times you jump in is cumulative, so if you haven’t got it yet, why not finish it off now!


Section 01: The Swamp

As soon as the raft stops moving, open the lockbox directly in front of you for some Filters and grab another Filter from the corpse to the left. Continue forward and work your way to the house on the left hand side. There are some fallen cement slabs here that will give you access to the second floor bathroom.

Enter the door to the left and turn right. Disable the trap on the floor here and grab the Night Vision Goggles from the cabinet in the back left corner of the room. There is some ammo on the desk to the right of this. Return back down the hallway until you reach the edge. Turn to the right and you should be able to make out some support sticking out over the ledge. Hug the right hand wall and walk around the end of it. You should be able to make it around and into an adjacent hallway.

Disable the tripwire here and open the door behind it. On the floor inside you will find Diary Note [Note 1/1]. There is some ammo, +30 Military Grade Rounds, Throwing Knives and a Claymore Mine on the desk. There is also a switch on the wall that you can use to turn on some spotlights on the roof.

After getting off the raft, make your way into the building in front and on the second floor you'll find a Diary Note (right).

Drop down the hole in the floor in the back right corner and loot the lockbox for some Filters and ammo . Look in the room to the left further along the hallway to find some ammo and a lootable corpse with some Filters . Leave the house via the hole in the wall.

Go to the broken wall to the right of the cement slabs we used to access the house and look over to the left. See the fallen section of highway? We want to get over there. Use your night vision goggles to work your way over there. Directly beneath it you will find a small fire with a Filter lying next to it.

From the fire, pull out your diary to look for your objective. We need to work our way directly away from the fire towards that direction, using solid ground of course. Keep the overpass to the right as you work your way across the area, avoid the shrimp that charges you as you go.

When you reach the ruined car on the left, examine the corpse here for some Filters and ammo and look on the ground to its left for an Incendiary Grenade . Look further ahead to spot a truck. Run over to this and look in the back for some Filters, Claymore Mines and Incendiary Grenades . Exit the truck and continue towards your mission objective.

Kill the five watchmen in the area and move towards the large building on the opposite side of the water. As you approach the pool, the large shrimp we encountered at the end of the previous chapter will show up and attack. Run away from the shrimp to draw it away from the water. Once it is on the other side of the area, quickly run back past it, make your way across the water (using the red flags to help you out) and enter the building there.

Climb the escalator and use the makeshift bridge (right) to leave the area. make sure you finish exploring first though!

As you enter turn to the right and climb the escalators at the far end of the room. At the top, enter the door on the left to find a lockbox with some ammo . Exit and turn right, walk over to the room on the opposite side of the top of the escalators. Next to the bar here you will see an open door and to the left of this a tripwire . Disable the trap and another in the door frame behind it.

Enter the room the traps were protecting. There is a Filter on the couch, ammo on the crate next to it to the right and the lockbox to its left and a Custom Weapon on the table opposite. Exit and check out the open door to the left of the bar. Loot the body in here for a Filter . Return to the main room and look along the left hand wall opposite the bar to find a hole in the wall leading outside. Loot the lockbox in front of this before heading out.

Instead of crossing the makeshift bridge here, look down to the left. See the truck below? Drop down and enter the back of it to find the final equipment cache.

Note: For finding all of the ammo caches in the swamp you will unlock the Achievement/trophy ‘Equipped’.


Exit the truck and go beneath the bridge, follow the wall of the building along until you reach the entrance to the building again. Climb to the second floor and this time take the bridge across. Run to the far end of the platform towards your friends and attempt to step on the log leading to their location for a scene.

Section 02: Boss - The Giant Shrimp

It’s that giant shrimp again! This time we need to kill it. Fortunately you have allies across the water that are able to fire at it with their weapons whilst you dodge its attacks and keep your distance. Unfortunately, you will also encounter regular shrimps and spitters at this point in time as well which makes things a little tricker. The good news is your allies have a turret and are quite accurate with it. This means you don’t really need to worry about the smaller enemies unless they get right up in your grill. To defeat the big shrimp you just need to kite him around the platform, dodging his attacks and unloading when you get the chance. Just keep it up until the big one goes down!

You will need to fight off the giant shrimp before proceeding. Keep moving and stay out of its range!

After defeating the shrimp, your friends will put the log back in place allowing you to cross to their location. Climb the stairs and enter the church to complete the mission.

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