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Metro Last Light
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Author(s): Paul Williams
Editor(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 31-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:29 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 26-05-2019 / 16:19 GMT

Metro Last Light Guide

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Chapter 20: Quarantine

Diary Pages 2
Instruments 1
Morality Points 5
Achievements/Trophies 1

You will be treated to a fairly lengthy introductory sequence. Afterwards Artyom will probably be in a much better mood! Exit the room.

Note that during this mission, similar to the Sparta/Bolshoi/Venice missions earlier on, there are several conversations going on as you proceed through the area. Stopping and listening to them will often reward you with a Morality Point as well as backfilling some of the story and letting you know what is going on elsewhere in the Metro. Additionally, you can give a bullet to a man who asks for help to earn a Morality Point .

Follow the set path through the Quarantine zone until you reach a dead end. A doctor and a soldier will start taking and open a door to the left. Follow them.

After a short conversation, the next door will open. As you go through, turn right and look on the desk in the corner behind the computer to find a Diary Note [Note 1/2] . Go through the open door and join the crowd. Work your way through the people here and into the door on the far side. Climb the stairs and enter the door at the top.

After a short conversation (left), go through the next door and look on a desk to the right for a Diary Note.

Note: At this point, there is an optional achievement/trophy for finding and picking up 4 secret stashes of military grade rounds. I have listed them all in the walkthrough for you.

As you go through the door, climb down the slope a little until the door behind you closes. Return up top and at the end of the walkway and inspect the hole in the wall for +10 Military Grade Rounds [1/4] . Climb down to ground level and head over to the yellow biohazard sign. Look to the left of this to see a broken window. Look inside for +10 Military Grade Rounds [2/4] . Follow the walkway to the left and turn left when possible to find another broken window with +10 Military Grade Rounds [3/4] behind it. Follow the path past the first flaming barrel and look in the next window to the right for another +10 Military Grade Rounds [4/4] . For picking up all four stashes, you’ll earn a Morality Point .

Note: If you find all 4 stashes, you will unlock the Achievement/trophy ‘Forgotten’.


Continue along the set path until you bump into an old friend. Follow him through the next room until he opens a door and goes through. Rather than following, turn around and look for Diary Note [Note 2/2] on a desk on the far side of the room. Once you have that go through the door.

After reuniting with your friend, there is a Diary Note along the back wall to the right (right).

As soon as you enter, look to the left. There is a Guitar [Instrument 1/1] propped up against the wall here. Use the ammo and weapon shops here if you need to upgrade/purchase new weapons or refill your ammo.

Gun Shop Wares:

Weapon Price
Kalash 2012 115 MGR
Helsing 165 MGR
Ashot 35 MGR

Note: This is one of the only places I could find to purchase the Helsing weapon. It is required for a specific achievement/trophy ‘Van Helsing’ in a couple of levels time, so if you are going for picking up as many as possible on your way through the game you best pick it up now!

When you are ready, follow your friend out the nearby door and down the stairs until the screen fades out to complete the chapter.

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