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Author(s): Paul Williams
Editor(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 31-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:29 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 26-05-2019 / 16:19 GMT

Metro Last Light Guide

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Chapter 26: The Dead City

Diary Pages 2
Instruments 1
Morality Points 3
Achievements/Trophies 1

Walk forward and out of the tunnel. As you leave, look behind the van to the right to find an open doorway. Climb the stairs in here and enter the door to the right. Disarm the trap in the room ahead and loot the lockbox on the table for some ammo, Medkits and Filters . Return outside and follow the paved section around to the right. There are two entrances here. The one leading down has a lockbox containing Filters, ammo and Medkits if you need them and the door on the right allows us to progress.

Climb the stairs in here and enter the hall on the right. Interact with the door at the end. Behind the circular table in the centre, on the desk at the back of the room is Diary Note [Note 1/2] . Grab the Filter from the table in the next room and continue out the hole in the wall. You will notice a little more colour in this area. This is the first of several Visions in the level [1/7] .

Note: F inding and observing all 7 of these visions will unlock an achievement/trophy ‘Back to the Past’.

After entering the first building, you'll find the Diary Note on a table (right).

When you are good to go, proceed to the centre of the area to drop down a hole into a tunnel.

As you enter the main section of tunnel, look across to the left to spy an opening. Enter this and climb the stairs at the end. Disarm the trap here and explore the room for a lockbox containing ammo, Medkits and Filters . Return to the main tunnel. Follow it to the very far end, past the ramp up to the right (we’ll return here in a moment) and through the door at the back. Explore this area for a Custom Weapon , a Gas Mask and a lockbox containing ammo, Medkits and Filters . Return to the main room and climb the ramp up to exit the tunnel.

When you reach the top of the ramp, do a 180 degree turn. Look behind the hole in the ground. There is an open doorway to the left. Go on over and enter this. Climb to the top of the stairs and explore the apartment to the right for another Dead City Vision [2/7] . Afterwards interact with the Piano [Instrument 1/1] . There is also +20 Military Grade Rounds sitting on top of the piano.

Note: For finding and using all of the instruments in the game, you will earn the Achievement/Trophy ‘Musician’.


Return outside and continue past the hole in the ground, through the undercover archway and drop down into the next area. Move slightly to the right and another Vision [3/7] will occur. Once it dissipates, quickly kill the watchman that attacks you. Look for a small set of stairs along the wall to the right and interact with the door at the bottom. Inside you will find a lockbox containing ammo and +15 Military Grade Rounds . Return outside.

From the top of the stairs, run in a straight line directly across to an open door on the other side of the area. Climb the stairs and explore the apartment to the right for another Vision [4/7] . After the vision finishes, check out the bathtub for a Custom Weapon . There is also a Filter on the drawer in the main room. Return outside.

As you exit, three watchers will appear on the opposite side of the area (near the stairs leading down to the room we visited before) and will attack if they spot you. As such, if you want to avoid a fight, turn left as you exit and continue along the wall until you see stairs in the distance. Enter the door here and climb the stairs until you can go no further, enter the open doorway here.

Check out the room on the right to find a Filter on a table and then head over into the left hand room for another Vision [5/7] . Afterwards, climb out the left hand window and drop down onto the truck below.

From the front of the truck, enter the open door to the left. Continue through the broken building to the right and when you hit the wall at the end, turn left and climb the stairs. Disable the trap at the top. The room on the left has a lockbox with ammo and Medkits . Return to where we entered and as we exit back outside, ignore the watchmen as they will not attack you. Move along the path a short way to the left to find another truck. Hop in the back of this and open the lockbox for some ammo . As you go to leave the truck, more watchmen will show up. Let them run off before you exit.

Drop out of the truck and run straight for the building directly in front of you. Find the ladder here and climb it to the top for a scene. You will earn a Morality Point for reaching the top of the ladder without killing any watchmen in the previous area.

Once you are on the roof, note the small structure with the sloped roof ahead. This is the door down to the next area. Also note to the right of this, a Demon sitting in a nest. Shoot at the Demon a few times to have it take flight and quickly run over to the nest and loot it for Diary Note [Note 2/2] , a custom weapon and some Filters . Quickly run over and enter the building before the demon attacks.

Scare the demon away and then look in its nest for a Diary Note (right).

Climb down the stairs in here and explore the open door on the right when you see it. Inside you will see another Vision [6/7] . Return to the stairs and descend to the bottom, drop down to the area below when they end and then drop down again into the hole here to end up in a tunnel. If you left the demon on the roof alone and did not kill it, you will earn a Morality Point at this point.

After leaving the door, turn to the left and walk forward until a scene plays. This is your final Vision [7/7] . If you have seen all of the visions you will be rewarded with a Morality Point and an achievement/trophy.

Note: For viewing all of the visions, you will unlock the Achievement/trophy ‘Back to the Past’.


After the scene, you will be facing the ticket gates. Look to the right of the ticket gates to spot an open doorway. Enter this and loot the lockbox in here for Filters and +90 Military Grade Rounds . Exit the room and proceed through the ticket gates.

At this point your flashlight/night vision goggles will malfunction. As such pull out your lighter and make your way forwards. Run to the end of the tunnel, ignoring the nosalis as you go. Drop down the hole at the end. Once you are down, turn right and run towards the light until the mission is complete.

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