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Red Dead Redemption
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Author(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 23-07-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-08-2019 / 18:44 GMT

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Abraham Reyes

An Appointed Time

This is the final mission in Mexico before you head up to the great North and the last third of the game. Once again warp or ride to Reyes’ marker on your map and after an unexpected cut-scene you’ll be in a duel with the dastardly Captain Zubieta!

This is just like any other duel previously fought, so draw your weapon at the last moment possible and plant a few well-deserved bullets in Zubieta’s skull. Once his corpse hits the ground, loot it for some money and moonshine and then go free Reyes.

He’ll ask you to free his troops from the prison, so make your way to the yellow dot on the map. You need to be extra careful here though, as the usual red dots indicating enemies will not appear! So move slow and low, ensuring you assess all potential targets before opening fire.

Once you reach the prison, use your Dead Eye on the guards that exit and then enter the building and shoot each lock on the cell doors until they spark (indicating it’s been opened successfully). Join back up with Reyes and follow him to the palace where you used to meet De Santa for new missions.

As you make your way up though, watch out for the road strewn with barricades and troops (along with an annoying Gatling gunner right at the top near the entrance). Use plenty of cover and snipe the head off the Gatling gunner first before killing anyone else!

This’ll buy you some more time to kill the regular troops before the machine gun is manned again. Repeat this pattern of killing the gunner and pressing upwards until you reach the main gate. Once inside, work your way up the stairs to the left and flank the guards holed up down below to your right.

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Once you pop up behind them, switch to a rifle and then use Dead Eye to target them all up before letting rip with a fury of shots. You’ll be advised of reinforcements arriving at the palace, so head back outside and man the Gatling gun yourself.

Get that bad-boy all fired up and take out everyone who tries to come up that hill. They’ll try and use cover, but they’ll ultimately try and get closer to you, giving you the chance you need to kill them all. Head back to the palace and enter the main doors to see Bill running away with the president!

Chase after their armoured carriage on your horse and focus on killing the Gatling gunner first, then the surrounding cavalry before slotting a bullet into the heads of both the carriage driver and his colleague riding shotgun.

Once the cut-scene is over you may as well kill Bill Williamson yourself, otherwise Reyes will rob you of the satisfaction and will kill both of them for you. With Bill Killed, you now need to head up out of Mexico towards Blackwater at the North of the map.

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    23 July 2012
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