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(Found in: MacFarlane’s Ranch, Thieves’ Landing, Armadillo, Chuparosa, Blackwater, Casa Madrugada and Blackwater Hotel - Requires the Gentleman’s Attire Outfit ).

Note: If you purchase the ‘Elegant Suit’ from the tailor in ‘Thieves Landing’ and wear it while playing Poker, you’ll find that you can cheat!

Straight up poker, so for those of you already acquainted with the - lengthy - rules you’ll enjoy yourself immensely. There’s way too much to cover in a small guide like this, so press select/back to look at the help menu when playing a game for the rules.

Ultimately, your aim is to have the winning hand of all the players at the table. You can alter your bets mid game or ‘fold’ if you don’t fancy your chances. If you link up your GamerTag to the Rockstar Social Club - from the main menu - you’ll unlock the Gentleman’s Attire Outfit, giving you access to an exclusive high-stakes poker game in the Blackwater Hotel!

Blackjack (aka: 21)

(Found in: Rathskeller, Chuparosa, Blackwater and Thieves’ Landing )

Simple enough game to play (in comparison to something like poker), you only need to have a hand that beats the dealers (your only opponent). As long as your cards either total up to 21 or are closer to 21 than the dealers, you’ll double your bet.

There’s no guaranteed shortcuts to winning at this, so it’s a matter of simply playing it to gain experience. It’s quite a relaxing game to play, so give it a try at the very least.


(Found in: M acFarlane’s Ranch, Rathskeller Fork and Las Hermanas)

This can be a difficult game to get the hang of, you essentially must aim and throw a horseshoe at the pole in the sandpit opposite you. By using the right stick to control the power of your throw (by moving the stick backwards then forwards), you’ll gain power.

The problem is that if you release it too late (as your arm swings upwards), you may throw it too high, thus it not going far enough. Release it too low and it’ll overshoot the sandbox. So the trick is trying to get it slap bang in the middle of the power meter.

It’s truly a case of practice makes perfect as there’s no sure-fire way of getting a ‘Ringer’ (the centre) on every single attempt.

Liars Dice

(Found in: Escalera, Thieves’ Landing and Casa Madrugada)

Probably even more complex than Poker, Liars Dice has you trying to guess how many of each dice face there’s left on a table. Are there three fours? Two ones? Five sixes? You can call someone’s bid as a bluff and can then either raise their bid or challenge them to the bluff.

Everyone will then reveal their dice and whoever loses will throw away a dice. The person with their dice left at the end is the winner. You can change your predictions mid-way through by using the right-stick to change from one anywhere up to the sixth side of the dice. Use the left stick to choose how many faces of that particular number you reckon are on the table this turn.

Five Finger Fillet

(Found in: Thieves’ Landing, Escalera, Armadillo, Torquemada and Manzanita )

The object of this game is to stab the gaps between your fingers quicker than your opponent can (whose time is indicated by a stopwatch on the screen). The button displayed must be pushed as fast as possible and you only have five tries (fingers) to get it right!

There’s four guys in each area to beat and the last guy will remain there if you beat him. This is very handy as the button sequence will always remain the same for this guy! Meaning if you write it down and then press it rapidly in sequence (whilst betting the full $100 a go), you’ll rack up a ton of money in next to no time!

Arm Wrestling

(Found in: El Matadero, Agave Wiejo, Pacific Union Railroad Camp and Planview)

The trick to arm wrestling successfully is to watch your opponents face to see when they are tired. This is the time to launch your assault on him, and the strength of your push is determined by the green bar in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

You need to rapidly press A/X to push your opponents arm down, and then hold A/X to let your strength rebuild back up again. When you have your opponents arm low and your strength is at maximum, a special ‘slam’ move is available by pressing Y/Triangle.

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