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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Shane Williams
First Published: 03-01-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-08-2020 / 12:39 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 15-08-2020 / 07:27 GMT

Sphere Puzzle

You'll find yourself facing the Sphere Puzzle on Zeffo in Chapter 2 once you've obtained the Force Push Ability and viewed the cutscene with Eno Cordova. Open up the large door to gain access to the large open room from the begining and take out the Tomb Guardian before solving the Sphere Puzzle.

Push the ball into center and place it into the hole to the left then head through the now open door ahead and then climb around to the right to push another ball down into the room. Take the second ball and push down to the right and let the wind blow it up onto the raised platform on the left, now position the ball into the hole to cause the wall to open up, head down and use the Force Push to break into the room with the swinging ball. Climb up and Force Push the ball into the wall to open up the path as well as making the ball fall to the ground.

Take the ball from the center of the area and place onto the platform on the leftthen head up the recently opened path and climb up to find a second ball, use the Force Push to land it in the roomnow send it down the small path to be blown onto the raised area on the right side of the room, place it into the circleand then head through another opened door to find the third ball that you'll need push into a wall to make it fall downfinally push the third ball down the same path as the second and wait for it to circle around and push it onto the final circle.

Push the third ball into the room and do the same thing with it as the second, now climb up to the left and wait for the ball to fly towards you and then Force Push it onto the hole before it drops back down, now you'll be able to climb up and reach the lift. Before entering the lift, take the path out of the puzzle room that you used to come in and you should find yourself in a large open room with loads of vents, open the center vent and push the ball into the hole which will open up the ground, head below to find another Force Essence.

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