Note: This page will list the 22 Ponchos that you’re able to collect throughout the galaxy in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

Planet I - Bogano

Poncho NameLocation
Bogano DawnIn order to find this Poncho you'll want to use the Zip line down into the Great Divide and you'll find a Chest in a small alley that contains the Bogano Dawn Poncho.
OffshoreThe Chest that contains this Poncho can be found on top of the Abandoned Rooftop by a row of bones. (Requires Force Pull)
SumiHead down into Oggdo Bogdo's lair and you'll find a Chest that contains the Sumi Poncho. (Requires the Scomp Link)

Planet II - Dathomir

HomesteadThis Poncho can be found in a Chest that's located on the edge of the cliff in the Nightmare Ruins.
SavannahThis Poncho can be found sitting in a Chest that's located in the outskirts of the Swamp of Sacrifice.
VagabondThis Poncho can be found in a Chest that's located in a cave under the Nightbrother Village.

Planet III - Zeffo

Hyper ShellThe Hyper Shell Poncho can be found in the back left corner of the Crash Site.
WayfarerDrop down below of the first Meditation Point in the Ice Caves to find the Chest that contains this Poncho.
BravoHead over to the left side of the Derelict Hanger to find a Chest that contains the Bravo Poncho.
OutlanderInside the Tomb of Eilram you'll slide down a muddy path and grab hold of a rope, now swing over to the left and you'll find a small platform that has a Chest that contains the Outlander Poncho.
FjordThis Poncho can easily be found by swimming under the water in the Crash Site. (Requires Underwater Breather)
SerapeUse the Spire of Miktrull lift and take a right to find a Chest contains the Serape Poncho in the corner.
StarfighterThis Poncho can be found in a Chest that's located in the final room of the Venetor Wreckage.

Planet IV - Kashyyyk

CommandoHead to the Albino Wyyyschokk's lair to find a Chest hidden at the back of the room that contains the Commando Poncho.
RainforestWalk down the ramp of the Cargo Pad and you'll find a Chest in the back right corner that contains the Rainforest Poncho.
ShyyyoUse the Lung Plants in the Origin Lake to hop over the first Meditation Point and then open the Chest to obtain the Shyyyo Poncho.
The GuardianClimb out of the water in Kyyyalstaad and climb up to the right to find a Chest that contains the The Guardian Poncho.
RoverHead over to the Origin Tree to find a Chest sitting in a small room under a tree.
ReconOnce you've taken out the enemies in the Deserted Village look over to your right and slide down, hop across the small gap to land on the platform that has a Chest that contains the Recon Poncho.
Free KashyyykWalk along the tree in Gnarled Heights and you'll find a Chest to you left that contains the Free Kashyyyk Poncho.

Planet V - Ilum

ComaneroOnce you've completed the story within Ilum, climb up at the large wall to find a Chest on the right that contains the Comanero Poncho.

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