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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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Ilum - Explore the Jedi Temple

Shane Williams

Solving the Crystal Puzzle & Locating a Force Essence

Once you’ve exited the ship, follow the path over to the right and Wall Run across the platform at the back to obtain a Force Essence. Return back to the Mantis and take the other path, push through the storm and slide through the gap, now climb up the middle section of the wall and then head into a small room.

Take the right path at the start to find a Force Essence.

Use Force Pull to open up the door and lock in place, proceed into the next area and drop down. Here you’ll need to Force Pull the moving platform that’s currently on the other side over to you and then open up the door behind you by pulling on the rope to release the sunlight and connect it, now pull the large crystal in front of the light which will burn down the Ice Wall.

(1 of 3) Open the right side door to release sunlight and attach it to keep open

Now swing over to the opposite side and lock the crystal in again and then push back, head back up and open up another door to release more sunlight which will burn down the ice wall at the back. Proceed down the now open door and use the Meditation Point, drop down into the water and keep to the left to find a Chest that contains the Tibanna BD-1 Skin.

Exploring the Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves.

Make your way out of the water and you’ll find yourself in the Crystal Caves, here you’ll want to follow the path around until you reach the next Meditation Point and then continue a little further until you see a Wall Run section on the left. Use the Ropes and Wall to get around the hidden path and you’ll be greeted by a Life Essence at the end. Drop back down and go left to find a Chest in the open room which contains the Power and Control II Lightsaber Sleeve, now head further up and Force Push the block of ice down and then climb up the wall on the left.

(1 of 4) Follow this Wall Run path around to find

Drop down and ignore the middle section of water and dive into the outer section to find a Chest that holds the Power and Control Lightsaber Switch, now swim down the middle part and you’ll pop out on the other side. Climb up and then slide through the gap to enter a cutscene. After the cutscene has concluded, interact with the workbench and pick any color for your Lightsaber that you desire.

(1 of 2) Pick any colour for your Lightsaber

Pick any colour for your Lightsaber (left), and then you'll get the Split Saber ability. (right)

After you’ve repaired your Lightsaber you’ll also gain the Split Saber Ability which can be activated by pressing [L1 and Square/LB and X]. Make your way back out by using the Lightsaber to cut through the ice that is blocking your path and take out the Stormtroopers that are guarding the area.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

For A More Civilized Age

Craft a lightsaber of your own

Trophy icon

(1 of 2) Wall Run to left to find the Duraplast Lightsaber Material

Wall Run to left to find the Duraplast Lightsaber Material (left), and then go further underground to find a Life Essence. (right)

Once the Stormtroopers have been cleared, get BD-1 to open the door and take out all the Security Droids inside and then open up the door on the right. Take the path on the left and Wall Run around to find a Chest that contains the Duraplast Lightsaber Material, open the door and then proceed back into the Ice Caves. Head over to the Meditation Point in the center of the cave and then follow the path left and slide through the tight gap, now proceed to the bottom and Force Push the block of ice down before collecting the Life Essence.

Make your way back out of the Jedi Temple and then climb to the top of the large wall again to find a Chest on the right which contains the Companero Poncho. Continue making your way back to the Mantis and take out the two AT-AT’s that are waiting.

Climb up the large wall at the beginning to find a Chest that contains the Companero Poncho.


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