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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Force Essences

Shane Williams

Planet I - Bogano

  • Force Essence 1 - Located in Bogdo Sinkholes

Head into Bogdo Sinkholes to find the first Force Essence.

You’ll be able to locate the first Force Essence in Bogdo Sinkholes to the right of where the second Meditation Point is. In order to reach this you’ll need to use Force Slow on the fan below and quickly sprint across.

  • Force Essence 2 - Located in Abandoned Workshop

You’ll be able to find the second Force Essence in the Abandoned Workshop.

Once you’ve obtained Force Push and the Scomp Link you’ll be able to enter the Abandoned Workshop and retrieve the second Force Essence.

Planet II - Dathomir

  • Force Essence 3 - Located in Witches Horn

You’ll be able to locate the third Force Essence in Witch’s Horn.

Once you’ve defeated Gorgara, continue climbing up the wall and collect the third Force Essence on the right.

Planet III - Zeffo

  • Force Essence 4 - Located in the Venetor Wreckage

Use the wire to launch yourself up to collect a Force Essence.

Once you’ve gained the Jedi Leap ability you’ll be able to enter the Venetor Wreckage. Simply make your way up and use the wire in the center to swing yourself up to collect the fourth Force Essence.

  • Force Essence 5 - Located at the very end of the Broken Wing

Travel through the Broken Wing to find the ninth Force Essence at the end of the path.

Once you’ve obtained the Overcharge Ability for BD-1 you’ll be able to head down the Broken Wing path in the Crash Site. Once you reach the end of the path you’ll be able to obtain the fifth Force Essence.

  • Force Essence 6 - Located in the Tomb of Miktrull

You’ll be able to find the tenth Force Essence to the right of the large open room in the Tomb of Miktrull.

Once you’ve made it into the large open room in the Tomb of Miktrull, Force Push the wall open to reveal a path. Now pickup a Lantern with the Force Pull ability and throw it through the hole above, open the gate and then pick up the lantern once more to burn away the branches and then climb up to collect the sixth Force Essence.

  • Force Essence 7 - Located in the Tomb of Eilram

You’ll be able to locate the eleventh Force Essence underneath the floor in the Tomb of Eilram.

You’ll be able to obtain the seventh Force Essence by using the Vents in the Tomb of Eilram to blow the sphere onto the platform which will bring up the floor, revealing the eleventh Force Essence underneath.

  • Force Essence 8 - Located in the the Tomb of Eilram

The final Force Essence is locked behind a wall in the Tomb of Eilram.

Once you’ve obtained the Force Push Ability, head over to where you fought the first Tomb Guardian and push the Skungus into the wall causing it to explode, making the eighth Force Essence accessible.

Planet IV - Kashyyyk

  • Force Essence 9 - Located in Forest Trench

You’ll be able to find the fourth Force Essence to the right of the Forest Trench.

Once you’ve obtained the Powered Zip line Upgrade for BD-1 you’ll want to head back to the Forest Trench and get BD-1 to lift you up to the ninth Force Essence.

  • Force Essence 10 - Located in the same area as the Albino Wyyyschokk

You’ll be able to find the fifth Force Essence on the ledge behind the Albino Wyyyschokk.

Once you’ve fought the Albino Wyyyschokk in the Imperial Refinery you’ll be able to collect the tenth Force Essence from the ledge.

  • Force Essence 11 - Located in the Imperial Refinery behind two fans

The Sixth Force Essence can be found hidden in a small room in the Imperial Refinery.

You’ll be able to obtain the eleventh Force Essence from a body behind two fans in the Imperial Refinery. (In the same location as the Bounty Hunter Mantis Paint Job)

Planet V - Ilum

  • Force Essence 12 - Located at the very back of the right path

You’ll be able to find the seventh Force Essence along the right path.

Once you’ve landed in Ilum you’ll want to take the right path and Wall Run to the very back to obtain the final Force Essence.

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