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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Shane Williams
First Published: 03-01-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 22-01-2020 / 10:07 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 22-01-2020 / 16:29 GMT

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Guide

6 hrs ago · Guide Information · Version History

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Chapter 1


Note: This guide will be written with the Jedi Knight difficulty in mind.

Junkyard Segment

Upon watching the beginning cutscene you’ll meet your friend Prauf. After the cutscene has ended you’ll be given control of Cal where you’ll need to follow Prauf to the top of the Junkyard to secure some cables.

Note: The main focus of the Junkyard segment of the Prologue is to give you a feel of the movement controls within the game.

Tip: Do not look for any collectibles in the Prologue as there isn’t any.

You’ll eventually come across a short scene that overlooks the Shipbreaking Yard, here you’ll split off from Prauf due to the path he used collapsing, slide down to the right and follow the path around until you see a hanging rope, jump onto it and hop over to the opposite side.

Slide down to the right of where Prauf is,and then go left to use the rope to get across,keep following the path and climb up to the right.

Continue along and hold [L2]/[LT] to climb up the wall to the right then use the red sections of the wall to get up higher, keep following the path and hop up onto another red wall and head left to drop down, use the wall to climb down further and use the rope to reach the bottom wall. Go left and drop off to slide down to the area below where you’ll find another rope, use it to climb up to the area above.

Interact with the lever to be pulled up and then go left to climb up to Prauf,after the cutscene has ended you'll find yourself sliding down the ship,where you'll need to quickly use the force to slow down Prauf and save him.

Follow the path around and hop onto the red ledge, move left and interact with the lever to be pulled up, now jump across to the left and use another lever to be pulled closer to the wall which will allow you to climb up and enter a cutscene with Prauf. After the cutscene has ended due to an intrusion you’ll now find yourself sliding down the ship, dodge any objects along the way and eventually you’ll be left dangling off the edge by some wires, here you’ll need to press [R1]/[RB] to slow down time by using the force to save Prauf.

Train Segment

Note: The main focus of the Train segment of the Prologue is to give you a feel for the combat controls within the game.

After a short cutscene Cal will fall asleep on the train where you’ll experience a dream, simply follow the path forward until you cant anymore and then turn around to find yourself in a different location, contine forward again and you’ll wake up from the dream due to a memory, now you’ll be inspected by members of the Empire.

Proceed forward in the train until you cant anymore and then turn around,to find yourself in a different surrounding and head back.

Due to the Empire discovering that you’re a Jedi you’ll be thrown off the side, but luckily a train rushes by just in time for you to land on it. Here you’ll face your first Stormtrooper. Press the right stick in to lock-on and then use the [SQUARE]/[X] button to attack with your Saber and kill the two enemies ahead, now head through the door and get ready to press L1 or LB to deflect any incoming bullets back at the Stormtroopers to kill them.

Press Square or X to attack the Stormtroopers,and then use LB or L1 to deflect any incoming bullets back.

Continue onwards and use the saber to destroy the pipes that are blocking your path to another Stormtrooper, kill the enemy and interact with the control panel to open the door, now follow the path around and climb into the carriage to the left where you’ll face some slightly more difficult Stormtroopers. In order to take them out you’ll need to wait for them to go in for an attack and then parry with the [L1]/[LB] button to then give you a chance to take them out.

Interact with the control panel to open the door,and follow the path around to climb into the next carriagetake out the Stormtroopers by parrying their attacks,then use the force to slow down the fan and climb up to the top.

Once you’ve dealt with all the enemies in the area press R1 or RB to slow down the fan ahead and climb up onto the top of the train, take out the enemies and continue forwards until you can drop down, use the ledge and move over to the right of the train where you’ll be able to climb back up ontop. Here you’ll face four Stormtroopers, to take them out you’ll need to constantly be dodging and spliting them up so they cant all attack you at once.

Use the cargo on the train for cover from the ship and then run forward when its reloading.

Keep making your way to the front of the train where you’ll encounter a ship, in order to get past this you’ll need to use the objects ahead to avoid the bullets and then run forward whilst it’s reloading. Once you’ve made it into the carriage, the ship will blow a hole in the train, hop on to the pannels ahead and climb down, wait for the train to fall apart some more and then go back up.

Climb up further and go right, wait for the pole to swing you outside and then use the panels to reach the top, wait until you’ve been saved by an unknown ally and proceed up to the right, continue following the path forward and take out any enemies along the way and eventually the train will be blown up causing you to slide down into your first boss fight.

Boss: The Second Sister

Tip: When The Second Sister glows red make sure you dodge out of the way as you wont be able to counter this attack.

Your first encounter with The Second Sister is technically a part of the tutorial so you won’t be able to defeat her yet as you aren’t powerful enough. You can still deal some damage to her by standing back and waiting for her to attack you and then quickly dodging out of the way, giving you a few seconds to get a couple of hits in.

When The Second Sister glows red quickly move out of the way as you cannot counter this attack,also watch out for when she uses the force to push Cal down to the ground,and for the final section of this short fight you'll need to keep pressing the Square/X button to block her attack.

If you go in for one too many attacks, the Second Sister will use the Force to push you down to the floor, quickly dodge away before she manages to hit you. After you’ve dealt enough damage you’ll be prompted to repeatedly press the [SQUARE]/[X] button, keep doing this until a ship arrives to help you escape.

Meeting Cere and Greez

Onboard the ship you’ll meet two new allies in Cere and Greez, this friendly duo will be with you throughout your adventure in the Galaxy. Once you’ve awoken from your nap head over to the main section of the ship and interact with the Guitar to trigger a cutscene, after the cutscene you’ll find yourself on Bogano.

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