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Eleth Recharger
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A Lady’s Prerogative

Walk south through Mt. Zavhert to the save point that you used prior to the Bladehorn Boar for the A Lady’s Prerogative skit and then head back to the Turtlez to teleport to Zavhert’s west gate.

If you head into town you can turn in the Raw Materials to the Zavhert Inn for a Platinum Bladerang and then re-enter Mt. Zavhert to watch the Fatherly Advice skit at the save point. You can now continue to the Fendel Research Laboratory.

Learn why the Overseer doesn't talk to people and then return to Zavert for some side stuff.

Make your way to the Fendel Research Lab for a scene and then head north for the Sins of the Brother skit. Enter the lab, following the path west, and enter the first door past the elevator to get a Working Gear . Enter the next door, where a puzzle needs to be completed to open the nearby security gate, so push in the block and then talk to the monolith to access a new area in the previous section and take the elevator down.

Grab the Working Gear and then enter the next room and solve the puzzle to open the gate.

Enter the first room for Grape Gel x3 and the second for Panacea Bottle x2 and then follow the path around the area until you reach the next puzzle. To complete the puzzle, push the bottom left block up and then move the other block over and up. You can then talk to the monolith to unlock the gate to reach the next elevator and take it down.

Enter the first room for a Star Anklet , the Eleth Recharger discovery, and the A Fundamental Flaw skit and then enter the second room for an All-Divide . At the first split head right to reach a room with a Platinum Scabbard , which you can equip for the Accessorizing with Asbel skit, and then head back and continue.

Get the Eleth Recharger discovery for a skit (left). When you gain the Platinum Scabbard, equip it for another skit (right).

To complete the puzzle you’ll need to move the bottom left piece out of the way so you have room to push the block up and over and then you can move the other piece back. Don’t forget to talk to the monolith to unlock the gate so you can take the elevator down.

Follow the path to a split and head north to find an Orange Scarf in the room at the end of the path and then backtrack. Take the east path this time to an elevator and head down, continuing to the next room with a puzzle. You’ll need to push the bottom left piece of the puzzle into place first, followed by the top right one, and lastly the bottom right piece to access the monolith.

Head through the gate and go all the way east for Holy Bottle x2 . Take the nearby elevator up to a new area with the Profane Creation discovery, The Island of Dr. Fourier skit, and 525 unit(s) of Eleth in the rooms on each side of the elevator and then head back down to the previous split.

Take a look at that creature inside the Profane Creation and then grab the Eleth next door.

Head north, taking the next right turn, to reach a chest with a Busted Blade and a locked door. You can now backtrack and take the elevator down to the final area for a fight.

Boss: Veres

Veres is a chimera that is weak to Bird, Reptile, Beast, and Dragon attacks… meaning almost any attack with a monster type will inflict heavy damage on it. Go with a party of heavy damage dealers, Hubert on aggressive A-Artes and Malik or Pascal, and Sophie as the healer to maximize your damage output. Like many other bosses, Veres summons allies that can be an annoyance and should be taken down quickly.

The one thing to watch out for is getting cornered against a wall and getting owned, so make sure to quick-step around Veres anytime you notice you’re too close to a wall and you should be fine.

Hubert can aggressively take on Veres, allowing you to easily get 50+ combos (left). Make sure to not get cornered by Veres multi-hit attacks.

After the scene, examine the monolith nearby to open the previous security gate and head back outside and veer right down the hall to a room with the Book of Serendipity and Chocolate-Covered Banana . Return to the lab and make sure to watch thee Irrelevant Nonsense skit before taking the elevator up and exiting the lab.

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