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First Published: 30-06-2011 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:45 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 01-04-2020 / 02:23 GMT

Portal 2 Guide

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Chapter 6 - The Fall

Chamber 7

Look to your left as you walk down the walkway and you should see a large walled area leading to a green door. Zoom in and fire off an exit portal over at the wall, now walk down to the end of the metal walkway and look at the wall to your left, you can place an entrance portal here.

Step on through, open the door and you’ll find yourself inside a tall enclosed room. You need a portal on the white wall on the ground floor and the next one needs to be on the wall up and to the left (look for the metal walkway above).

Once you’re on the metal walkway, position yourself so you’re overlooking the floor below and you should notice two patches of usable areas. Place a portal on each and then drop down into the one below you, as you ascend through the second portal, turn to your left and you should notice the light wall on the upper central part of the room.

Quickly place your entrance portal here, so as you descend through the portal below, you’ll be catapulted over to the walkway, walk through the door/fore field and head on through the door to the next part.



If you go to the top floor initially and go inside the office space, look for the hidden door in the left corner of the room. Open it up, then hit the remaining three door buttons to trigger the 'Door Prize' Achievement Trophy. Also, if you walk outside into the shipyard, you’ll also be awarded with the 'Ship Overboard' Achievement/Trophy! Bonus!

You need to position the exit portal higher up above the walkway before dropping back down towards the ground. The extra height is needed so you can whizz straight over the locked gate and over to the elevator that signals the end of this section.


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