There’s a whopping three Achievements/Trophies that you can earn in this test chamber.

Missable Achievement/Trophy Alert!

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Final Transmission

Find the hidden signal in one of the Rat Man's dens


The first requires that you pick up the radio that’s in the middle of the trash. Take it back to the start and then fire a portal on the first slanted wall panel (on the right) and place an exit portal on the top corner of the wall to the left. Whilst holding the radio, use the jump plate to soar through the portals and into the hidden room. Hold the radio steady for a few seconds for the ‘Final Transmission’ Achievement/Trophy!

Missable Achievement/Trophy Alert!

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Use an Aerial Faith Plate to launch a turret


The second one for this chamber requires you to pick up the turret from the junk that’s sent over the jump plates (so make sure it doesn’t land in the acid). Once you have it, take it back to the jump plate at the start and drop it on it manually, the ‘Pturretdactyl’ Achievement/Trophy will now be yours.

As soon as you enter the room, walk to your left and look into the top-right corner for the two angled walls. Place a portal on each of these before returning to the launch pad.

Walk onto the launch pad and you’ll be automatically carried towards both of your portals, with you ending up on the upper platform near the exit door.

Hit the red button and you’ll unleash a trail of waste materials from the chute near the start of the chamber.

These will hit the same launch pads you did and they’ll eventually fly past you. A Companion Cube will now be placed in the chute, so once again hit the red button and the Cube will find its way over towards you.

As the Cube is hurtling through the air, move to your right and line yourself up with your left-most portal, putting you in the perfect place to catch the Cube.

Missable Achievement/Trophy Alert!

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Drop Box

Drop your co-op partner in goo while they are gesturing by removing the bridge under them


The third and final one for this level can be earned by placing a portal over the red switch at the end and then a portal on the slanted wall panel (the right-hand one). The Cube will fly straight onto the button, triggering it and awarding you with the ‘Drop Box’ Achievement/Trophy.

Once you have the Cube in your possession, set it down and create a portal above the large red button in the left-corner of the map (follow the yellow dots if need be) and place a second portal on the wall to your immediate right.

Take your Companion Cube and drop it through these portals and it’ll fall onto the button, opening up the exit for you.

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