Player 1: Place a portal on either of the walls to your side, then fire a portal onto the wall right beside the red plunger that’s beside the permanent light bridge. Ask player 2 to join you on the light bridge and get yourself ready for the next part.

Player 1: Turn to your right and make sure you fire a portal at the end of the light bridge where the wall is, then get your second portal on the 2-piece wall panel that’s located opposite the funnel that drops the weighted ball.

Player 2 : Once the light bridge has been positioned so it’s directly under the funnel, stand underneath this funnel and once player 1 hits the red plunger, catch the ball as it drops down. Now join player 1 and head back onto the permanent light bridge.

Player 1 : Remove the portal from under the funnel, and set it so it takes you back to the entrance to the test chamber.

Player 2: Pass the weighted ball to player 1, then place a portal on the wall ahead of you then set a second portal on the overhanging wall panels nearer the ceiling. This will create a light bridge that’ll take you right across the water, towards the exit.

Player 1 : Carry the weight across the light bridge, drop down towards the circular resting place for the weight and drop it in to open the panels to the second part of this chamber.

Part 2

Player 1: Upon entering the second part of the test chamber, look up and to your left, you’ll see a light bridge hitting the wall. Get your first portal up here, then place a second portal on the wall panel on the left-side of the room (facing the exit). Try and get it so the light bridge creates a mini ‘step’ up to the exit.

Player 2 : Fire your first portal on the right-hand wall where the light bridge nears the exit area, and then place a second portal on the far right-hand side of the ceiling. This will create a vertical light bridge barrier, that’ll travel down into the water.

Player 1: Stand on the Arial Faith Plate and the vertical barrier should stop you from landing on the other side of the room. It should just be a simple matter of jumping up to the exit. But if you find your light bridge is too low down, you can adjust its height slightly to raise yourself up. Now you just need to make sure player 2 follows you into the exit.

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