Player 1: Your first task is to set a portal on the lower wall panel to your left and then on the angled wall panel in the corner. Press the red plunger and the repulsion gel will coat the left-hand vertical wall panel leading upwards (to be absolutely certain you've covered enough of the wall panel, press the plunger twice). Now look directly up at the ceiling and you should spot a second angled wall panel pointing towards the right-hand vertical panels. Get your exit portal up here and once again press the red button twice to fully coat this wall in gel.

Player 1: Get yourself up onto the platform where player 2 was and ask your colleague to place a portal on the floor below you and on the slanted wall panel nearby. Jump down and bounce into each side of the gel-covered wall panels (make sure you're lined up properly, otherwise you'll bounce away from the wall and have to start again)!

Part 2

Player 1: Walk down the light bridge, through the force field and when you reach the other side, look for the floor panel just up ahead of where the light bridge finishes (directly under the repulsion gel dispenser). Set a portal here and then look up directly above you for two slanted wall panels, place a portal on either of the slanted panels and ask player 2 to press the red button. This'll coat the first side of the walls. Now place the portal on the other wall panel and ask player 2 to once again press the button so the next side is fully covered in gel as well. Like before you need to bounce up the walls – Samus Aran style – until you reach the top. Turn around and peer back down at the floor panel - under the gel dispenser - and get a portal back down here.

Peer over the edge of the platform and if you look straight ahead, there's a slanted wall panel behind a metal fence, this is where you want your second portal to go. Now ask player 2 to press the red button to release a fresh batch of repulsion gel. This'll coat the long wall panel just out of view in front of you. Once the wall s sufficiently coated, look directly above for a further two slanted wall panels. You want your portal on the right-hand wall panel.

Player 2: Leave your portal by the light bridge there and set the exit portal on the other slanted wall panel near player 1. This'll create a wall adjacent to the gel-covered wall, creating the perfect track for getting up to the exit. Press the red gel release button again and the gel will now coat the vertical light bridge allowing you to bounce your way up between the walls to the top and right to the exit with your friend.


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