– Frederics Lost Treasure & The Secret Proposal –

Items Checklist
**Beloved Handkerchief**
Titles Checklist
Asbel: Son of a Hero

Head to Lhant and go plant your seeds at Cheria’s House before you head head inside to start a sidequest with Frederic. You can now head to the upstairs room in Lhant Manor to talk to Asbel’s mother to begin another sidequest.

Speak to Fredrick at Cheria’s and Lady Kerri in Lhant Manor to begin a set of sidequests.

Head to the Item Shop in Barona and check the star for a scene to gain the Beloved Handkerchief and then head to Barona Castle, heading down the east corridor to talk to the smiley-faced man for an informative scene to get the Trade Permit and Asbel’s Son of a Hero title.

You can now turn in the Beloved Handkerchief in to Barona’s Inn Request for a scene and the Charbroiler item. You can also turn the Trade Permit in to Oul Raye’s Inn Request.

– Tremors at Wallbridge & Strange Folk –

Items Checklist
**Wallbridge Evidence**
Titles Checklist
Sophie: Heavenly Emmissary

Head to Duke Dalen’s Manor in Gralesyde to talk to him for a scene that begins a sidequest and then check the second floor of the Inn to meet Joe, starting a long sidequest and get Sophie’s Heavenly Emmissary title.

Speak with Duke Dalen and don’t forget to meet Fiery Joe at the Inn…I insist!

You can now need to head to the Wallbridge Ruins, but due to the position of the blocks on the west side you’ll want to enter from the Gralesyde Highroad.

Follow these direction to get to the projection machine you visited earlier:

  • Descend
  • East
  • North
  • Ascend
  • West
  • Descend
  • North
  • West
  • South
  • Ascend (when leaving, use the northern green block)
  • East
  • East
  • North
  • North
  • West
  • Descend
  • North

Approach the monster for a fight to gain the **Wallbridge Evidence** item and then exit by using the above directions in reverse (West is East, South is North, etc). You can now turn the Wallbridge Evidence in to Gralesyde's Inn Requests for a scene with Dalen and the **Forktorquer** item.

– Hide-and-Seek –

Items Checklist
Feather Badge
Skits Checklist
War Games
Titles Checklist
Cheria: Hide and Seek Honcho

Head to the central tower of Wallbridge to talk to the smiley-faced maid to start a game of hide-and-seek with some children and then head up to the roof to buy a Croquette from the Turtlez. Exit the central tower and head north, through the tower, to the far northeast tower and check behind the pillar for Child #1 .

Exit the tower, cross the bridge, and enter the northwest tower to talk to a guard and loan him some money. Exit and head south to another tower and climb down two floors, checking behind the crates on the left for Child #2 . Head through the north door to talk to the guard multiple times until he moves, revealing Child #3 , and then enter the room and check behind the discovery for Child #4 .

You’ll need to make the guard moveby talking to him to find the 3rd and 4th child.

Return back to the previous tower, climb up two floors, exit south to another tower and then climb up to the roof to find another guard who wants some Croquettes. Luckily, you bought those Croquettes early and can hand them over, allowing you to hug the south wall to find Child #5 near the crates at the end of the path. Return to the tower, climb down two floors, and exit to the ground level to find Child #6 hiding behind the Turtlez transport.

Enter the southeast tower in this courtyard, climb downstairs, and exit south to talk to the guard and hand over three Life Bottles to make him move, getting the Feather Badge , and allowing you to find Child #7 just a few steps further. Enter the tower to the south to talk to the guard for a scene and then check under the bed for Child #8 .

Give the Life Bottles to the guard for the Feather Badge and then head inside for a scene.

Once you have found all the children you’ll automatically return to the central tower for a scene and gain a Feather Badge , Cheria’s Hide and Seek Honcho title, and the War Games skit.

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