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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

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An Armorer With an Eye for Fashion

Jarrod Garripoli

This page explains how to complete the “An Armorer With an Eye for Fashion” shop quest in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

(1 of 2) Frida will be on Outlander Lane

Frida will be on Outlander Lane (left), Completing this quest will unlock the Armorer (right)

Difficulty Given By Objective Reward
1-star Frida (Outlander Lane) Find Paint in The Great Forest Stamp, EXP: 500, Herbs, 500 Baqua

You will receive the shop quest, An Armorer With an Eye for Fashion, from Frida in Outlander Lane during Main Quest 6, after opening the Weapon Shop. Frida has permission to open an armor shop, but thinks it could do with a makeover. So, she asks you go and find some paint for her and the only place she hasn’t checked is the Great Forest.

How to Complete “An Armorer With an Eye for Fashion”

As you already know, the Paint you need is in the Great Forest, so start off by going there and fast travelling to the Forest Cave signpost. Right to your left will be a hole in the ground and unless you’ve done some exploring earlier, there will also be a large rock blocking your way. Use Garoo to break the block, then follow the path to the right and down, where you should see a fork. The left path will be blocked for now, so continue to the right.

(1 of 4) Go down the hole right next to the Forest Cave signpost

The next area will have a signpost, so you can save, then you will be forced to do battle with a Giant Wolf. This creature will either do a dashing attack, or jump into the air and pounce towards the ground. The dash attack comes out pretty quick, so you will have to be ready to jump over it or use CJ’s dash to go through it, or else you will be taking some good damage. In fact, other than using Garoo for Link Attacks, it’s probably better to stick to CJ for her more agile movement. Note that if you upgraded Garoo’s sword at the Weapon Shop, then you can actually use his unique skill to block attacks.

Once you have defeated the wolf, you will find a chest just past it, which contains the Paint needed for this quest. Loot it and bring it back to Frida to finish.


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