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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

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Where to Find a Niveous Crystal

Jarrod Garripoli

There are a number of Resources to be found in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Some of these Resources are dropped from monsters. This page will detail the location of the Niveous Crystal resource.

Name Location
Niveous Crystal Snowpeak
  • Occasionally found on the Snowpeak, these crystals are formed from condensed frozen air and are freezing to the touch.

(1 of 2) It's difficult to see the blue/purple drop with the background on Snowpeak

It's difficult to see the blue/purple drop with the background on Snowpeak (left), When you do see it, the item will be a Niveous Crystal (right)

Each main dungeon area of the game has a specific resource associated with it that only drops in that specific dungeon. These resources are a rare drop from any enemy in that dungeon, which means you will have to keep killing enemies and hopefully get lucky to have it drop. The Niveous Crystal is one such resource, with it being a rare drop from any of the monsters on Snowpeak. You will be visiting this often enough, that you should be able to get a few of these just running through the dungeon and killing monsters.

You’ll know the rare resource dropped whenever you see a blue sparkly coming out of a defeated enemy. At first, there isn’t really much you can do to increase the chances of getting the rare item to drop, other than just praying to the RNG gods. However, as you unlock the facilities, one of them will be the Accessories Shop, headed by Squash. He will allow you to craft accessories that do a number of things, such as increase your stats or let you get more resources. Of particular note, especially for the rare resources dropped from enemies, is the Rarity Pendant. As the name suggests, equipping this will allow you to increase the chance a rare item drops from an enemy.

You can receive a few from the Trading Post as a reward for collecting enough Stamps

Note that this only seems to count when it’s equipped to the character delivering the killing blow. Also, they do stack, so you can equip two Rarity Pendants, if you happen to find/craft them. You might also find one or two of these pendants inside of chests while exploring, so it’s a good idea to open all of the chests you find. Note that you cannot trade for these at the Trading Post normally, but you do get a few once you reach 110 Stamps and redeem that reward. This is one-time only, though, so the rest will have to come through enemy drops.

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