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Where to Find the Golem Plate

Jarrod Garripoli

There are a number of Resources to be found in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Some of these Resources are dropped from monsters. This page will detail the location of the Golem Plate resource.

This four-legged Rune Golem is what drops the Golem Plate

Name Enemy Location
Golem Plate Rune Golem (Four-Legged) Runebarrows Depths

How to Find the Golem Plate in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

There is only a single enemy in the game that drops the Golem Plate, which you won’t have access to until quite late in the game. You are looking for the four-legged Rune Golem, and while you might encounter some during the main story, they don’t drop the item. Once you have access to the Runebarrows Depths, then you will be able to get this precious resource.

(1 of 3) Take this exit by the Lava Reservoir signpost

In order to get to the Depths, you will need to go to Lava Reservoir signpost in the Lava Ruins, then head right to find an exit that leads deeper into the area. This will place you right in front of the Menhir that will teleport you to the Runebarrows - Depths. Once there, continue right until you reach the final room, which is where you’ll find not only the four-legged Rune Golem, but also a bipedal Rune Golem.

Trading for the Golem Plate

You are also able to trade for the Golem Plate at Hogan’s Trading Post, which is located on Second Street. In order to trade for it, you will need 3 Golem Rubbles and 3 Gold Ores. The Golem Rubbles come from the bipedal Rune Golems, while the Gold Ore can be found from the mining nodes in the later areas, like the Runebarrows and Lava Ruins. In fact, you can stock up on Gold Ore in the area with the Fallen Chamber signpost, as well as the cave to the right of it (heading into the screen).


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