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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

How to Defeat the Sorcerer

Jarrod Garripoli

You will face various bosses throughout your journey in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Bosses in this game will have a life bar at the bottom of the screen, some of which will also have a shield gauge. This means that they will take no damage from you until their shield gauge has been depleted. This page will detail the attacks and strategies for the Sorcerer boss.

The final boss of the game

Where to Find the Sorcerer

The Sorcerer is the final boss of the game and is fought after Hurstwine. There are two forms of the Sorcerer, which will be fought back-to-back, so make sure you have enough healing for both forms (and the preceding fight).

How to Defeat the Sorcerer (First Form)

The first form of the Sorcerer is a familiar face to the heroes, with the ability to utilize all four elements. He will be floating around the arena and just cast the spells at you in a random order. Fire will have him shooting big energy balls at you, which can inflict Burn and will also leave behind a little flame on the ground for a very short duration. Lightning involves the Sorcerer just calling down lightning bolts, which will be marked, so you can easily avoid these.

(1 of 3) The fireballs can inflict Burn on you

Ice might be one of the harder ones to deal with, since the Sorcerer will launch them horizontally across the screen. These will come in sets of three and are marked, similar to the lightning strikes. If you time it well, you can easily dash through them with CJ, but you might not realize they’re coming right away. For the Earth attack, it’s not really an attack at all, as the boss will summon an earth wall and place it right in front of him. This essentially gives him a shield, so you either have to break it or get behind him to damage the boss directly.

Once you deplete his health, the Sorcerer will transform into his second form.

How to Defeat the Sorcerer (Second Form)

This is the final boss of the game and although he’s a little more difficult than the previous form, the Sorcerer is still fairly easy. To start off, like with the first two bosses of the game, the Sorcerer’s final form is protected by a shield. You can attack him to deplete the shield, but it’s best to wait, as the boss will bring his shield down voluntarily after a few attacks. Throughout the battle, the boss will summon these humanoid-like figures that move slowly and will likely be defeated in a few hits. It’s in your best interest to get rid of as many as possible, since the Sorcerer can actually absorb these at some point and gain a small amount of health back.

Also, if you see the fodder kneel down, then they will sacrifice themselves to unleash one or two attacks. The first is some ice shot across the screen, similar to the ones in the first form, with the other being rock spikes shooting out of the ground. Both of these will be marked with red lines, but they do kind of come out quick, and with everything else going on, it can be tough to manage. As for the actual Sorcerer, he only has a few attacks of his own. If you see red lines coming from the sky, then dark balls of energy will fall down and upon hitting the ground, they will leave behind some flames that linger for a little bit.

(1 of 4) The fodder will sacrifice themselves to send out attacks

Be careful with these flames, though, as you might get juggled by them should you touch them. The other attack is bigger energy balls that are shot at your position. There will probably be around 4-6 of these, so as long as you move, you should be fine. Whenever you see the Sorcerer float down into full view, avoid getting too close, as he will unleash a shockwave around him before exposing his weak spot, which will be at the top of the body. You only have a few moments to attack the weak spot, before he retreats upwards a bit and it goes back to being shielded. During this chance, it’s a great opportunity to use Link Attacks, as this slows down time some and you will get a lot of damage.

That’s about how the final battle will go, so keep on following the above and you will eventually down the Sorcerer. Once you have, you can sit back and enjoy the ending.

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