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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

How to Defeat the Blizzard Brothers

Jarrod Garripoli

You will face various bosses throughout your journey in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Bosses in this game will have a life bar at the bottom of the screen, some of which will also have a shield gauge. This means that they will take no damage from you until their shield gauge has been depleted. This page will detail the attacks and strategies for the Blizzard Brothers boss.

The Blizzard Brothers are fought at the summit of Snowpeak

Where to Find the Blizzard Brothers

The Blizzard Brothers are the boss you will face up on Snowpeak, with the first bout happening during Main Quest 19: The Humongous Lens. As usual, you will have a signpost right before the boss, so that gives you quick access to it later on for refighting the boss. To get to the Snowpeak area, you will first have to reach the Runebarrows via the Menhir on the Farm in New Nevaeh, then you can use the signpost right there.

After you first defeat the Blizzard Brothers, you won’t be able to refight them right away. You will have to wait until later in the main story before they will respawn, so no, your game is not broken if you don’t see the boss respawn like with the other ones.

How to Defeat the Blizzard Brothers

As the third official boss of the game, the Blizzard Brothers aren’t too bad, outside of one of their attacks. Despite having two heads, they only have a single health bar and hitting either one will deplete it. It only appears each of the two heads only has a single attack, as the boss can summon normal enemies to join in the fight and bother you. The enemies will come when you see either head do a sound shockwave, so keep your eyes peeled on either side of the screen for the enemies to come. These enemies seem to be pretty much any of the ones encountered in Snowpeak.

(1 of 3) The projectiles shot by the left head will track you, so keep moving.

Moving onto the actual moves the Brothers do, the one on the left will shoot a bunch of spiked ice projectiles at you. These will track your initial position, so as long as you keep moving, you should be able to easily dodge them. If you are on the far side of the screen when this attack is initiated, then you can slowly move to the other side and not get hit. When you see the head on the right swell up, then it’s about to do its skill. It will breathe some cold air towards the ground, covering it in ice. That means you cannot land at all, or else you will take damage.

This move is quite dangerous because of that, as you will need to stay in the air until it dissipates. Since you only get a single air dash with CJ, that means staying in the air via that is not possible, as the attack sticks around longer than that. What you can do, though, is initiate a Link Attack on the boss while the ground is covered, as that should give you more than enough time to wait things out without having to take damage. It’s important that you try to reserve your Link Attacks for just this occasion, as you don’t want to get caught in the above attack.

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