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Where to Find a Topaz

Jarrod Garripoli

There are a number of Resources to be found in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Some of these Resources are obtained from various sources in the environment. This page will detail the location of the Topaz resource.

Name Location
Topaz The Quarry

The Topaz is one of the gemstone resources, which you can usually find in chests throughout the game’s world. However, there are some spots where you can find the gemstones naturally, and the Topaz is definitely one of those. In order to find the spot where you can get one naturally, you will need the ability to break Red Elementum Pillars (it will probably be the last one you get). Once you have that, head to the Fishing Spot signpost at the Quarry and head right one screen.

(1 of 2) The location of the Topaz in the Quarry on the map

The location of the Topaz in the Quarry on the map (left), It will be at the dead end on the right after the forced battle (right)

On this screen, there will be two exits on the right side, one in the bottom right and another one above it. Get on the small platforms that lead to the upper section, but look towards the right to find some more platforms. This should bring you to the Fire Elementum Pillar, so equip the Fire Rune and smash the barrier. Head on over to the right side here, defeat the enemies that appear, and you should find the Topaz at the end on the right.

How to Trade for Topaz

Once you have leveled the Trading Post on Second Street enough, you will also be able to trade for Topaz. However, it will require a Lithic Crystal and a Lapis Lazuli, both of which are not common items. The Lithic Crystal is a rare drop from enemies in the Quarry, while Lapis Lazuli is another of the gemstones. You can get some from chests, but there are more nodes with Lapis Lazuli than with the other gemstones. There are two rooms on Snowpeak, in the first section, that will have a Lapis Lazuli.


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