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How to Unlock Fishing

Jarrod Garripoli

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising offers a bunch of side content in the game, with a plethora of side quests and some side activities. One such side activity is fishing, allowing you to catch fish at designated spots. This page will detail how to unlock the fishing rod, as well as how to find the fishing spots.

It is possible to find fishing spots before unlocking the fishing rod, as the first spot is located in the Great Forest, in the underground caverns. When you find it, it will give you a brief tutorial, then mention that you require a fishing rod in order to do anything. Unfortunately, the fishing rod isn’t something you just magically get out of the blue, as it has to be unlocked first.

How to Unlock the Fishing Rod

(1 of 2) Felipe can be found on Second Street

Felipe can be found on Second Street (left), You can craft a Fishing Rod after completing the quest (right)

In order to unlock the fishing rod for purchase, you will need to advance the main story enough until you have completed Main Story 6: Trouble in the Quarry. Upon finishing that, there should be a myriad of Shop Quests available to you in the town. Go to Second Street and look for Felipe, who is the NPC with purplish hair and dark clothes. He will give you a side quest, called Profit Chasing, where you simply need to run around town and speak to some other NPCs. Once you speak to the required NPCs, return to Felipe and you will finish the side quest and also open up a Tool Shop. It will cost 1000 Baqua, as well as 3 Lumber, in order to get the Fishing Rod.

How To Fish in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Fishing is a simple process and doesn’t really require much effort on your part. In order to actually fish, you will need to unlock the fishing rod (mentioned above), then find a fishing spot. The first one you can come upon is in the Great Forest, so head there, and then to the Great Tree Glade signpost. Head to the right, noting you’ll have to defeat the Hollow Plant boss again. Past it, there will be a large rock to destroy, so do that and head down into the caves. On the next screen will be another signpost, then down at the end will be the fishing spot.

(1 of 2) Go to the fish icon to begin fishing

Go to the fish icon to begin fishing (left), All you have to do is press the buttons shown to get a fish (right)

There are other locations for fishing (this will be a work in progress right now), so this page will be updated. Interact with the fishing icon and you can start fishing. All you have to do is press the buttons within the time limit to catch a fish, which will be added to your Resources Bag. That means if the bag is full, then you will need to toss away some resources in order to catch the fish. Despite the game saying that you need to time your button presses, you just need to quickly press them. The button combination is random every time you attempt to fish.


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