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Where to Find Gold Ore

Vincent Lau

There are a number of Resources to be found in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Some of these Resources can be obtained from the environment. This page will detail the location of the Gold Ore resource.

Name Location
Gold Ore The Quarry, Lava Ruins

Gold Ore is a very rare material required for various quests and upgrades. It can be acquired by striking golden ore deposits in the Quarry and Lava Ruins.

Gold Ore Locations in the Quarry

(1 of 3) When you have the Lightning Rune, head for this area.

You can obtain Gold Ore once you have the Lightning Rune and Isha’s hovering ability. From the Mouth, keep traveling east while staying along the north path. You’ll need the Lightning Rune to destroy a Green Elementum Pillar near the start.

In the easternmost area, there are 3 Gold Ore nodes at the north-west corner. You will need CJ’s double-jump and Isha’s hovering ability to deactivate the gates and reach that corner. If you cannot reach the red lever, you may need to upgrade CJ and/or Isha’s abilities.

There’s also a single Gold Ore node beyond the Red Elementum Pillar, in the area before Golem’s Keep.

Gold Ore Locations in the Lava Ruins

(1 of 3) Gold Ore farming locations.

Later in the game, you can discover Gold Ore in the Lava Ruins. There are a few nodes scattered around, but if you want to farm them, fast travel to the Charred Crossing signpost and enter the nearby tunnel. Inside, there are 3 Gold Ore nodes. Then in the next area, there are 2 more nodes and a signpost nearby, so you can leave the dungeon and re-enter to respawn the nodes.

Exchange via Trading Post

You can trade one Silver Ore together with one Hardwood Lumber, Durable Stone or High-Purity Ore (plus 400 baqua) for one Gold Ore.


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