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How to Defeat the Mantor Wyrm

Jarrod Garripoli

You will face various bosses throughout your journey in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Bosses in this game will have a life bar at the bottom of the screen, some of which will also have a shield gauge. This means that they will take no damage from you until their shield gauge has been depleted. This page will detail the attacks and strategies for the Mantor Wyrm boss.

You will fight the Mantor Wyrm in the Lava Ruins

Where to Find the Mantor Wyrm

The Mantor Wyrm will be located in the Lava Ruins, at the end of the dungeon. You will first fight the Mantor Wyrm during Main Quest 23: The Guardian Peacekeeper. As with the other bosses, there will be a signpost right before the boss, making it easier to refight it should you happen to have trouble. Remember that you can’t just teleport to the Lava Ruins from town, as you have to go to the Runebarrows first (via the Menhir in the farm area), then fast travel from there.

Note that after first defeating this boss during the main story, it will be some time before you’ll be able to refight it to get item drops. Just continue with the main story after the fact, and the opportunity will arise that allows you to respawn the boss.

How to Defeat the Mantor Wyrm

Depending on how you are with these kinds of games, the Mantor Wyrm can put up a challenging fight. The reason for this is that its main body will be in lava and the boss tends to move around a lot, so you don’t have a lot of opportunities to get clean hits on it. The arena also isn’t the largest and the boss can definitely make it feel smaller, thanks to one of its attacks. So, the Mantor Wyrm will be coming out of the lava on the right side, while the ground you will be using as the arena on the left side. Its body will flail around and you might be able to get some hits on it while it’s doing its attacks.

(1 of 3) The boss will lunge at you, but you can stay on the left to avoid it

Thankfully, the boss doesn’t have a shield, so any attacks you do will be directly to its health. At around half health or so, the boss will enter a second phase, where it doesn’t gain any new attacks, but will have slightly altered ones. One such attack that is altered is when it snaps itself across the arena. During the first phase, you can stand all the way to the left and avoid this, but during the second phase, the attack will reach across the entire arena. That means you will need to jump and either airdash with CJ, or float with Isha, whenever you see this attack coming.

The Mantor Wyrm can also dive into the lava, which will cause fireballs to rain down from the sky. They will have a red line indicating where they land, however, the fireballs will leave behind some fire on the ground, meaning you won’t be able to stand on those spots. There will be two waves of the fireballs, although the fire from the first one will dissipate before the second comes down; this attack is unchanged and will remain the same through both phases. The last attack coming from the Mantor Wyrm is when it will stand straight up in the lava, and you see its stomach/throat swell up.

This will indicate that the boss is about to shoot a giant boulder at you. While you can dodge it easily, the best thing to do during this attack is switch to Garoo and send it back at the boss. Doing so will cause it to be stunned for a short duration, allowing you to get a lot of damage on the boss. During the second phase of the fight, the boulder it spits will travel faster, so you have a smaller window in which to send it back.

(1 of 2) The boss can send a boulder at you

The boss can send a boulder at you (left), Use Garoo to send it back and stun the boss for a few seconds (right)

How to Defeat the Mantor Wyrm on Hard Difficulty

The Mantor Wyrm might become the hardest boss in the game on Hard difficulty, since things are slightly changed up with some of its attacks. The fireball raining down attack will remain the same, while the boulder being tossed at you seems to travel faster during the first phase. A big change, though, is that the lunging attack will extend the entire arena from the beginning, so you won’t have any safe space to stand to avoid it.

Thankfully, you can still stun the boss with the boulder during the first phase, but things heat up during the second phase. This is because you can no longer stun the boss at all during the second phase. You can still knock the boulder back at the boss and it will deal some good damage, but it won’t fall to the ground, meaning you won’t get the opportunity for free attacks. Link Attacks will become a huge help during this fight on Hard difficulty.


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