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Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Greg Wright
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 16-12-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-11-2019 / 11:18 GMT

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Far Harbor

Living on the Edge - Hull Breach

Important Items in This Area
Tannery Key
Power Tools


First, however, let’s continue exploring the north, as there’s still some power tools to recover nearby. Start out by following the highway near (south of) Dalton Farm to the west, then south-west, cross a bridge, then continue west until you spot some houses to the right (north) of the road. The houses are the ruins of an Oceanarium, as marked on your map, and are now a stronghold for Trappers. There aren’t too many of them, and the only bit of loot to be found is an Ammo Box in the eastern-most end of the eastern-most building. Not a terribly interesting place, but hey, it’s progress towards the "New England Vacationer" trophy/achievement.

Return to the highway and continue following it west, north-west until the road forks. To the north-west you’ll find a collapsed bridge with half a van at the edge… only it’s not REALLY a van, it’s the mobile home of a massive Hermit Crab! These monstrosities are analogous to the Mirelurk Queen from the main game, capable of taking plenty of abuse and dropping quite a few items when they die. Fortunately they’re not quite as dangerous, offensively.

Eagles Cove Tannery

Kill the Hermit Crab and follow the highway south-east until you spot the Eagle’s Cove Tannery to the right (west) of the road. You’ll know you’re there when you start seeing fencing and a Pulowski Preservation Chamber. The tannery grounds consists of several buildings, including some shabby wooden structures closer to the road that aren’t terribly interesting save for a First Aid Box in one of them. There are plenty of Feral Ghouls lying prone around the area, however, so stay frosty.

A larger brick building is the main point of interest, but before you head inside (via a blue door on its northern edge, explore the warehouse south of it where you can find another entrance [Master]. There are also some stairs leading to an office, wherein you can find a Caps Stash and a Safe [Expert]. If you follow a walkway to the north you can also find a loft where two Wooden Crates await, guarded by a Ghoul playing possum. Explore the warehouse, then exit and head west to the shore to find a boat, guarded by a Trapper… or perhaps the Ghouls that killed said Trapper. Once the baddies are dead, whatever they might be, search the southern end of the boat to find an Explosives Crate then return back east and enter the main brick building. For the sake of consistency, let’s assume everybody goes into the unlocked door.

There are plenty of Ghouls inside the tannery, both actively pacing around and lying on the ground waiting for prey. Open a door to the north [Advanced] and neutralize a Ghoul in the office beyond, then grab a gun off the top of a safe, snatch some Pre-War Money from inside the safe, then loot a nearby Safe [Expert]. Leave the office, then continue east, then north into a more open part of the tannery, where more Ghouls lurk. Kill them, then note you have two ways to go; up some stairs, or down a ramp. If you go up the stairs and follow a walkway beyond it’ll terminate at some consoles, where you can loot a Toolbox and grab some junk. Once that’s done, head down the ramp below.

In the basement you’ll find - you guess it - more Ghouls. These are led by a Glowing one. Put them out of your misery, then loot the Glowing One for a "Tannery Key" , which opens the locked door [Master] leading back to the warehouse. To the south, in the center aisle you’ll find the "Power Tools" you came here for, which are cleverly disguised as a Duffle Bag. Near them sits a Steamer Trunk full of goodies. Not bad. Grab the Power Tools, then leave the tannery.

When you exit you’ll be accosted by a man named Machete Mike, who has more than a passing interest in those Power Tools. So much of an interest, in fact, that he’s willing to offer up 2,000 Caps for them… and he’ll raise his price to 2,750 Caps if you pass a moderate speech check, although it seems to pain him to make such an offer. You can still complete the quest "Hull Breach" if you sell the tools, as well as "Living on the Edge", but you’ll forfeit other rewards and support from The Mariner later on if you sell off the Power Tools. It also might seem like a good idea to just reject Machete Mike and kill him… but this also affects questlines later, so you’re better off just turning him down and leaving.

Objective Reward
For selling the Power Tools to Machete Mike 390 XP, 2,000 - 2,750 Caps
Objective Reward
For giving the Power Tools to The Mariner 390 XP, 450 Caps, Automatic Combat Shotgun

Return to Far Harbor and talk to The Mariner, who will reward you if you hand over the tools… or get pissy if you sold them (but you didn’t sell them, right?). "Hull Breach" will now end if you didn’t sell the tools, and shortly afterwards Teddy - the good doctor of Far Harbor - will show up and disparage his fellow townsfolk before he tells you of a way to earn their respect. Ever see the movie Jaws? Yeah, kind of like that, but you eat the sea monster afterwards. This should complete the quest "Living on the Edge" and begin "Rite of Passage" .

Objective Reward
For helping the citizens of Far Harbor 520 XP

Before you go, there’s one more bit of business to take care of… If you helped out poor Andre Michaud when you were first in Far Harbor, he should be fully recovered now, and hanging around the doctor’s office. Talk to him and he’ll complain about the island being evil, before he expresses his intention to punish an inanimate object. Pass a moderate speech check to try to talk some sense into him, after which it’s time to head back out onto the island!

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