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Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Greg Wright
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 16-12-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 02-05-2019 / 11:39 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-10-2019 / 22:35 GMT

Fallout 4 Guide

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Far Harbor

Where You Belong

Important Items in This Area
Islander's Almanac
Acadia Storage Key
Faraday's Program

The Beginning of a Bigger Mystery?

Head inside Acadia and forward to meet the leader of this Synth community: DiMA. DiMA will welcome you if you are friendly and, if you have Nick with you, will start talking to him as well. Apparently the two have some history together that Nick is unaware of, which leads to some good questions you can ask DiMA.

Ultimately that will have to wait as you explain you are here looking for Kasumi. DiMA advises she is here and then makes you think about your own origins. You can also choose to inform him of The Brotherhood, The Railroad and the status of the Institute, all dialog choices that change depending on your status in the main game (naturally). Finally, end by talking about Acadia itself. Once you are done talking, you will get the quest " Acadian Ideals" , which much like "Living on the Edge" is a side-mission designed around helping out the Synths in Acadia.

Note: If you informed the Railroad about Far Harbor, you can get the Miscellaneous Quest to "Tell the Railroad about the Synth Refuge". Doing so will have Boxer schedule a trip up north to check out Acadia when she can.

Okay, let’s go talk to Kasumi now. Make your way out of DiMA’s place and down into the guts of Acadia (first door on the right from the entrance to Acadia). There’s a lot of people to talk to on the 2nd floor down, but the BIG thing to get down here is just on the counter on the left as you walk in (where it begins to turn): an "Islander’s Almanac" . This particular issue gives you the following perk "You receive 10% less damage from Radiation based attacks." This should also be the fifth and final copy of Islander’s Alamanc you can find, if you’ve been following the guide.


You could talk to everyone here at this time, but for now let’s continue to the bottom of the area (go back to the stairs and down another level) and go find Kasumi in the back. Don’t worry, you’ll get to starting up side-quests here soon, enough.

Kasumi is working on a machine (surprise!) but you can talk to her and tell her why you’re here. Yep, she left of her own accord, believing she is a synth which gives you two moderate speech options if you wish. Pass one and she’ll move the subject from being about her leaving to the secrets of the island, telling you she thinks DiMA is up to no good and wants you to help her look into that. Well… this probably needs to be looked into. This gives you several new objectives:

  • Uncover DiMA's Secrets
  • (OPTIONAL): Hack Faraday's Terminal
  • (OPTIONAL): Gain Access to the Storage Room
  • (OPTIONAL): Talk to DiMA
Well... quite a lot to do. It should be noted right away that the "Hack Terminal" and "Pick Storage Room" can't both be done: once you do one you'll figure out what DiMA is hiding, so do either as you wish. The Storage Room approach will be covered first, followed by the Hacking approach.

Gaining Access to the Storage Room

The Storage Room is on the lower level with Kasumi, so it is nearby. If you head over there you can read Cog’s note to learn he has a key, or you could just pick the [Expert] lock.

Let’s track down the key first, just to cover all options. Head upstairs to the second level to find Cog, who will chat you up a bit. Get down to business concerning the key and pass an easy speech check to find out that he lost it while helping move supplies up in the telescope room. If you want to find the key, head upstairs and make your way to the southern end of DiMA’s room, where on the left you can find stairs to an upper level. Follow it around to a table where you can find the "Acadia Storage Key" . Don’t pick up the key if you want to pick the lock though.

Either way, you’ll be in the storage room. There’s a few goodies to find in here like Ammo Boxes and RadAway in the back (yay!) but you’ll find a point to sit and wait in here as well, which lets you eavesdrop on DiMA, Farraday and Chaser. Here you learn what they are really worried about. This will also happen to put a copy of "Faraday’s Program" near his computer up on the first floor.

Hacking Faradays Terminal

Alternatively you can choose to hack Farraday’s computer. Like Kasumi tried to warn you, this is a [Master] locked computer so it is quite rough, but if you can do it you learn everything from Farraday’s journal entry. You can also choose to download "Faraday’s Program" from his computer.

Talking to DiMA

The final optional thing you can do before reporting back to Kasumi is to go talk to DiMA directly. Go ahead and do so to hear about his concerns for yourself (which doesn’t seem to even bother him that much). You can ask him questions as you wish to fill in information and he will come up with a plan, asking YOU to go retrieve his memory back-ups but also asks you to please not start a war with the Children of Atom as he is very much hoping everyone will stay peaceful. Good luck with that, eh?

Go and report in to Kasumi now and tell her what you learned. She will agree that getting back his earliest memories should be a priority, asking you to go retrieve them as well while she stays here. You can ask about pay here if you wish (which should net you 500 Caps from her), but in the end this will end your current mission and start the next story mission, titled "Best Left Forgotten". If you want to get on with the main mission, skip to the "Best Left Forgotten" section, but if you want to complete all the side quests for Acadia before hand (and pretty much en-route) to The Nucleus, continue with the next section of the guide, "Acadian Ideals". Don’t worry, there’s not too many side quests this time around. Just three, in fact, and you’ve already explored almost everything. Honest! It’s only one section this time!

Objective Reward
For conspiring with Kasumi 651 XP, 500 Caps

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