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Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Greg Wright
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 16-12-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 05-06-2020 / 16:25 GMT

Fallout 4 Guide

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A Settlement at Sanctuary


Time to make Sanctuary more livable. Your objective is to "build sheltered beds for Sanctuary settlers". That means they need a roof over their heads, too. If you need building materials, you can hold down the [Touchpad/Back] button to toggle Workshop mode. In this mode, as mentioned earlier, you can examine objects around settlements and break them down for parts, store them, or manipulate them. Any of the ruined houses and trees around here provide plentiful building materials. As for shelter, you can either build one yourself, or use an existing house (perhaps after emptying it of junk). To build a shelter, go into the Structures > Wood/Metal sections and either build the floors, walls, and ceiling yourself, or use prefabs to speed things up. Whatever you choose as a shelter, when you're ready to build beds, go to Furniture > Beds and pick any old bed. Place five of them in an indoor area and you're good to go.

Talk to Sturges at Sanctuary and he'll tell you about what they need to get a settlement up and running (left). First up build five beds so they have somewhere somewhat comfortable to sleep (right).

Talk to Sturges and he'll move you on to the second task; securing a source of clean water. Enter the Workshop menu again and head to the Resources > Water section. A Water Pump is cheap and easy to build so just put one anywhere where there's dirt, or rather, put two down, as you'll need one for each settler. Three per Water Pump, five settlers. Build two Water Pumps.

Once that's done, talk to Sturges again and, surprise surprise, you need to get them some food production. If you looked at the top of the screen or at the other resources at any point while building, you probably guessed this. Another simple building assignment, this doesn't even require you to expend any crafting resources. To get food, you need to plant crops. Where do you get the seeds for this? From crops that are growing around. Behind the yellow house where the settlers are dwelling (the same one that has the Workshop in it) you can find some Melons and Gourds. Pick them and plant them; each crop generates 0.5 Food, and you'll need to bring your Food total up to five, one for each settler, just like Water. If you don't have enough resources, just go traveling for a bit and the crops will produce some food, which you can use to plant more crops.

You know the drill now; return to Sturges and tell him about your latest accomplishment and he - being the tutorial quest giving helpless NPC that he is - will ask you to build them some defenses, so they can keep their newfound prosperity to themselves. If you can manage it, go into the Defense > Turrets category and set up two Machinegun Turrets in your settlement, which should be enough defense to appease Sturges. The only rare component required for these is Circuitry, but if you've been somewhat diligent you should have a few to spare.

Make sure the settlers have food and water (left), then, once there are resources worth defending, build some defense (right).

Return to Sturges one more time and he'll thank you for making them a home. You can continue to embellish your first settlement, if you wish; nothing says you can build yourself a home here; if you find your old one too depressing. You can even add some power, if you want to get real busy with building.

Objective Reward
For building a settlement in Sanctuary 175 XP
Trophy icon


Complete "Sanctuary".


Before you go running off, there's one more thing you can do here. Talk to Mama Murphy and she should ask you to build her a chair. This is simple enough, just open the Workshop menu, go to the "Special" section, where the only option should be Mama Murphy's Chair. It doesn't require much in the way of resources, and earns you a nice XP payday when you build it. After Mama Murphy sits in it, talk to her again and give her some Mentats. This is worth even more XP, and more cryptic visions from Mama Murphy, namely, she'll tell you that when you "meet the fat man and the angry woman" to tell them to "Remember the Quarry and Lilly June on the Rocks". Uh... sure.

Objective Reward
For building Mama Murphy's chair 90 XP
For hearing a Mentat-induced vision 86 XP

Talk to Mama Murphy and she'll ask you to build her a specific chair for her to rest in between hits (left). After she's resting comfortably, furnish her with chems to benefit from her "visions" (right).

Note: By now, if you're following along with this guide and diligently breaking down objects for crafting components you should have hit level five and perhaps gained enough crafting components for the Scavver Trophy/Achievement. If not, you can also go and mess around with the settlement at the Red Rocket Truck Stop, which should help you make progress towards both goals.

Trophy icon

Born Survivor

Reach Level 5.

Trophy icon


Gather 1000 resources used for crafting.


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    16 December 2015
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