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Fallout 4
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Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Greg Wright
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 16-12-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 12-11-2019 / 09:26 GMT

Fallout 4 Guide

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Trophies/Achievements (Non-Quest Related)


Description: Ally with 3 Settlements

How to Obtain: You’ll need to ally with three established settlements to get this trophy, which is done by completing a side-quest (sometimes a radiant quest) for each one. Preston Garvey will assign these, but if you just stumble across such a settlement, you’ll be asked to complete the same task anyways.


Description: Reach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement

How to Obtain: Okay, this is one of the roughest trophies in the list, mostly because the goal - nor the means to obain it - are ever explained in-game. Settlements are very glitchy, where resources will sometimes stop counting, and Happiness can sometimes randomly fluctuate. If you’re lucky, you may just glitch your way into this trophy, but failing that, you’ll have to work for it. Before trying, however, you might want to make a hard save and perhaps save up a few levels worth of perks and plenty of Caps. You’ll need to spend some money and invest in perks you otherwise might not choose to pick. In any one of your settlements, you can see the happiness bar on the upper right when you are in workshop mode. Gaining maximum happiness is a time-consuming process though… not hard, just time consuming. First of all, let’s get a couple of prerequisites out of the way:

  1. You will want to amass about 9,000 Caps before doing this.

  2. You will want to get Cap Collector (the Charisma Perk) up to level 2 (for building Clinics).

  3. You will want to get one rank in Medic (for building Clinics).

  4. You will want to get the Charisma Perk "Local Leader" up to level 2 (again, for building shops/Clinics).

With those steps out of the way, you will want to pick a small settlement to do this at (Outpost Zimonja, which is located quite a ways east of Sanctuary, works well). You can really use any small location, just don’t use Sanctuary.

Once you get to the location, clear it out and make it your settlement. Now, assign someone from Sanctuary to provision the location (which helps immensely with building objects by drawing from your main salvage stock). Next, you’ll want to get exactly six settlers here. You can either do this by building a radio beacon and waiting or by sending Settlers to this location from somewhere else. If you are feeling lazy, build a radio beacon and go do something else, then come back and send everyone away to another settlement but leave six people here.

With our six villagers you now want to plant six Mutfruit Plants, then assign a settler to work them. This provides you with six food, enough to keep all the settlers happy. Next, make sure you have six water as well (two Water Pumps will do the trick fine). After that, build seven beds as well (one for yourself, plus one for every settler) and a chair somewhere you like in the settlement is a great idea as well. With that done, build turrets until you have 12+ defense, although more won’t hurt (building several Heavy Turrets will work fine).

Lastly, you want to make your small settlement into a "Large Settlement". This doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of settlers you have, instead it is how big your settlement itself is… or rather, how much stuff you’ve built on the grounds of said settlement. The more you build, the bigger your settlement is, so get to building. What you build doesn’t matter; a wall of boxes, more turrets… just build until the "Size" bar on the top right of the screen turns yellow, which indicates you now have a large settlement.

Now, the last step in the set-up process: building Clinics. Clinics are the level 3 version of the first-aid shop, and you will want to build five of them. This is where the caps and perks from earlier come into play. Build five Clinics wherever you wish and assign the remaining settlers to them (one for each one). You now have a settlement that is ready for perpetual happiness.

With all of that done, all that is left to do is… wait. And this is the reason why this trophy just sucks. This will literally take you several hours, but do not leave the settlement. Wait around in workshop mode (so you can see the happiness number), and then sleep for three days (72 hours). Then simply wait in your chair or wherever with the workshop mode up and wait for the happiness number to go up. Once it does, repeat the process. Sleep 72 hours, wait some more. Needless to say, this is going to take quite awhile. You are looking at 15-30 minutes of waiting per increase, if not more. The good news is that, at the start, your Happiness will jump in spurts. For example, at first you may go from 60 Happiness to 68 Happiness. Not bad, right? The bad news is that the closer you get to 100, the smaller the amount it goes up. We’re talking 96 to 97. The last few percentage points are just… a pain. Get in some reading or bust out a hand-held or your phone as you wait, because this will take a few hours. Endure the torture though and this trophy will eventually be yours!


Description: Complete 10 Side Quests

How to Obtain: 10 Side Quests is, frankly, a very easy thing to do. Especially for a silver trophy. These quests are covered throughout the guide, but between Diamond City and Goodneighbor alone you can easily find and complete 10 Side Quests. You get a number of them from people around the world as well so keep exploring and doing quests and this will come easily in time. If the quest has a name and isn’t part of the main questline, it’ll count towards this. This includes many of the settlement quests you’ll have to complete for the "Community Organizer" trophy.


Description: Complete 50 Misc. Objectives

How to Obtain: Miscellaneous Objectives can be found throughout the game. By far the best place to pick them up is in Diamond City and Goodneighbor, as well as from just generally listening to idle chatter (from guards and residents). You can also talk to people and ask for work, which leads to a number of miscellaneous objectives in itself. You can check how many miscellaneous objectives you’ve completed in your Pip-Boy, by checking the "Quests" section under "Data". Settlement defense quests also count towards this, so the more settlements you claim, the earlier you claim them, the faster you’ll get this trophy.


Description: Gather 1000 Resources Used For Crafting

How to Obtain: This one is extremely easy. After obtaining Sanctuary as a Settlement, spend some time in your workshop mode and scrap the trees, destroyed buildings, and other various piles of junk in town and this trophy will pop for you fairly quickly. You can really do this at any settlement and as long as you spend some time with settlements you’ll find this trophy easy to acquire.


Description: Pick 50 Locks

How to Obtain: If you invested into the lock-picking skill (which again, is highly recommended to as soon as you can), you will start working on this right away. Finding 50 locks will take awhile of course, but as you keep investing in the lock-picking skill you can open more and more of them and soon 50 locks will fall to your skills. It should also be noted that after some time has passed, previously-explored locations will be repopulated with loot, traps, enemies… and previously locked containers will once again be locked.


Description: Hack 50 Terminals

How to Obtain: This is the terminal-equivalent of the trophy above. Again, it is highly recommended you invest in the hacking skill as soon as you can and keep leveling up in it as the game allows to open more and more terminals. Terminals aren’t quite as plentiful as locks (which are everywhere), so this trophy will take a bit longer than the one above, but keep at it and soon you will have hacked enough terminals to earn this trophy.


Description: Create 50 Weapon Mods

How to Obtain: This trophy requires either the "Blacksmith", "Gun Nut" or "Science" perks. You don’t absolutely need these perks, as you can take mods off weapons you find on enemies, but you’ll likely be able to craft mods sooner than you can find them. Keep your weapons upgraded over the course of the game and this trophy will come in time. If you’re impatient, however, and diligent about picking up resources as you explore (you’ll need Oil, Steel, Gears and Adhesive, in particular) you can just save the game and craft a bunch of mods for cheap weapons (Pipe Pistols) and, once you get the trophy, just reload. Easy-peasy.


Description: Craft 100 Items

How to Obtain: This trophy should come naturally throughout the game. You can get this easily by collecting meat off of animals and drugs from, well, wherever. With those items, visit Cooking Stations and Chemistry Stations to craft meals and enhanced drugs respectively. Do this 100 times, and this trophy is yours. Very easy.


Description: Recruit 5 Separate Companions

How to Obtain: There are way more than five Separate Companions throughout the game, so getting this trophy is rather easy. Recruit Dogmeat and Codsworth early in the game, and then agree to join Preston and the Minutemen shortly after that for three right there. Rounding that out are two companions you’ll get in the main story missions: Piper Wright and Nick Valentine. With that alone you should get this trophy, but there are many more companions to be had besides those five, especially if you do the faction quests. Curie in Vault 81, MacCready and Hancock in Goodneighbor and Cait in the Combat Zone are all easy companions to recruit.


Description: Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion

How to Obtain: This is pretty self-explanatory, but you need to get a companion up to the maximum relationship level. Of the companions, Piper is probably the easiest to influence, as she likes it when you lock-pick things, something you will be doing quite frequently. Be nice to her when conversation time comes up, equip Charisma gear if you want to romance her and you will be set. Dont’ forget to quicksave before you do speech checks and you’ll be golden.


Description: Build 100 Workshop Items

How to Obtain: An extremely easy trophy. You can save before-hand to refund your items if you wish, but all it takes is scrapping a bunch of wood in Sanctuary and building 100 Wooden Crates. Extremely easy. Or just play with some settlements until you get his naturally. Whatever works for you.


Description: Play a Holotape Game

How to Obtain: Fallout 4 has a number of Holotape Games in it, but the first one you will likely find is within Vault 111, on a Recreation Terminal in a mess room. Just give it a play to get this trophy. Probably the first trophy you’ll get in the game.


Description: Kill 5 Giant Creatures

How to Obtain: This trophy requires us to kill five "giant creatures". There are more than five such beasts throughout the game, which is good because when the game says kill five creatures it means you need to kill them. Not your companion or any other allies. Still, here is a quick list of some giant creatures you can find that are guaranteed to be waiting for you.

  • Swan at "Swan's Pond", east of Diamond City.
  • Mirelurk Queen, dwells in the Massachusetts State House, just north of Swan's Pond.
  • Mirelurk Queen, guaranteed to be at the "Murkwater Construction Site", in the southeast portion of the map.
  • Mirelurk Queen, during the **"Taking Independence"** quest (make sure you kill it).
  • Mirelurk Queen on Spectacle Island: go to the southern boat on the island and turn on the circuit breaker to spawn her.
  • Super Mutant Behemoth. Later in the game (after "The First Step at least) a Super Mutant Behemoth will regularly spawn in Lexington, south of the Super-Duper Mart. A Raider in Power Armor with a Fat Man will likely turn his attention (and firepower) on the beast, so you'll need to be quick if you want to kill it. It will respawn like most other enemies, however.
  • Super Mutant Behemoth, south of Walden Pond in a self-built lair.
  • Super Mutant Behemoth, lurking out in the swamps between Hyde Park and Gunners Plaza, in the southern portion of the map.
  • Super Mutant Behemoth, found during the "Show No Mercy" quest for the Brotherhood of Steel. Get it before your allies do!
  • Super Mutant Behemoth, during the quest "Ad Victoriam" quest for the Brotherhood of Steel. Unless you're quick and willing to expend some critical hits, you may not get this one.
Between that group of enemies, you should be able to kill five by yourself. Mirelurk Queens have been known to show up around water on the east side of the map as well.

Description: Discover 100 Locations

How to Obtain: If you love exploring, this trophy is for you. Thankfully there are way more than 100 locations throughout the game, so this one is honestly pretty easy to obtain. There is a ton of locations around Diamond City and the island it is located on, so start there if you feel you are missing any, then continue to the south and north as needed.


Description: Read 20 Magazines

How to Obtain: If there’s one thing that some effort has been taken to point out in this guide (aside from bobbleheads), it is skill magazines. You will very likely get this naturally as you explore and clear locations, but following the guide will also quickly net you 20 magazines as you make your way through it. Much more than 20, of course.


Description: Placed A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing

How to Obtain: Oh, this is evil! This is best done by saving a few level ups (likely two, to be precise) and then saving your game. Once you have those level ups, you can invest them into the pick pcoketing skill and at rank two you gain the ability to place a live grenade into someone’s inventory. There is a percentage chance of doing this of course, but with your save in place you will soon get away with doing this and blowing some unfortunate soul up and earning this trophy. And no saying "It was just a prank, bro!"


Description: Kill 300 People

How to Obtain: This trophy will come naturally in time as you play through the game, provided you don’t just completely rush the story missions. Just kill plenty of Raiders and Gunners and you’ll be gold.


Description: Kill 300 Creatures

How to Obtain: Like the Masshole trophy, this one too will come in time (again, as long as you don’t completely rush the game and call it quits afterwards). In particular, this one will come as you explore the map and deal with the wildlife you end up finding. You can expect to get this naturally if you are an explorer.


Description: Get a Homerun

How to Obtain: This is a rather unique trophy that you can obtain anytime after you reach Diamond City. To obtain it though, you’ll have to be inside Diamond City. As you undoubtedly know, Diamond City is the old Fenway Park, a baseball stadium, and miraculously it still has all four bases in place. What you need to do is run around all four bases in order to get the trophy. Home plate is where you should start, and is located to the right of Piper’s House with a "I" on it. From there, run right diagonally, following the catwalks to second base (with a "II" on it) and continuing around the bases, making a diamond shape to third base and back to home.


Description: Get a Touchdown

How to Obtain: Chances are extremely high that you’ll get this trophy naturally, as you get it for being blown up with a Mini Nuke. Boomer, at outpost Zimonja, a Power Armor-clad Raider in Lexington and a Gunner on the roof at Gunner Plaza will all indulge you in this endeavor. Bam, instant touchdown! You can also get this by blowing yourself up with a Fat Man.


Description: Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

How to Obtain: This trophy is obtained by collecting Bobbleheads, of which there are 20 in the game, so you should get it halfway-through going for the "…They’re Action Figures" trophy. Refer to the guide’s Bobblehead Section to help yourself out in finding every one of these.


Description: Collect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

How to Obtain: As just mentioned in the trophy above, you want to check out the guide’s Bobblehead Section to locate and collect every single one in the game. Much, much easier than trying to find all of these on your own!


Description: Reach Level 5

How to Obtain: This trophy is level based and is pretty much guaranteed as long as you don’t start the game and then quit!


Description: Reach Level 10

How to Obtain: Another level that will undoubtedly come as you strive to beat the game proper. This one will definitely come in time as long as you keep playing.


Description: Reach Level 25

How to Obtain: The third level trophy! You will still likely get this trophy as you play through the game’s main missions, but it may require a bit of exploration as well to make sure.


Description: Reach Level 50

How to Obtain: The final level trophy, this one will require extensive exploration. Thankfully, if you are following the guide, you will undoubtedly get this trophy, as there’s a lot more than 50 levels worth of content in this game. It is worth noting, if you didn’t already know, that Fallout 4 has no level cap and because of that you have no fear of not reaching this level. Keep playing and finishing quests and exploring locations you have yet to uncover and this trophy will come in time. Also note that the game doesn’t end once you complete the main story missions, so you have nothing to worry about there either.

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