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Fallout 4 + Far Harbor DLC
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Greg Wright
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 16-12-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 08-07-2020 / 11:54 GMT

Important Items in This Area
Grognak the Barbarian
Hot Rodder
Taboo Tattoos
U.S. Covert Operations Manual
Wasteland Survival Guide
Wasteland Survival Guide

You're now done in Sanctuary, and your next quest destination is Tenpines Bluff, where some settlers need your assistance. This naturally gives you the excuse (as if you need one) to explore everything between Sanctuary and Tenpines Bluff, which is along the northern end of the map a bit to the east of Sanctuary. You've been chasing down quest-markers long enough, however; it's time to cut loose for a bit and get to exploring, first south of Sanctuary, then east to Concord, after which the attention of this walkthrough will turn to exploring from Sanctuary east to Tenpines Bluff, and from there, to the completion of the first quest for the Minutemen, which will take a while to complete...

Kill the Bloatflies outside of the Ranger Cabin (left) then head inside to find a copy of the Wasteland Survival Guide (right).

Ranger Cabin

First stop in this little exploration tour is south of Sanctuary. Make your way through the marshes (beware the odd Bloodbug Hatchlings you may find here!) and make your way to a house map marker to find the Ranger Cabin. Outside of this little shack you'll find several Bloatflies. Once dispatched, search the interior of the house for a Wasteland Survival Guide (+5% damage reduction against melee attacks, nice) and the "Runaway's Holotape" in a suitcase.

Kill some Raiders who have set up camp under an electrical tower (left). Be careful at you loot, however, as stepping on a Frag Mine will ruin your day (right).

If you want to get into some trouble, leave the house and look to the north-west and you should spot an electrical tower on a hill. Under this landmark you'll find several Raiders, who carry typical Raider gear, and a few containers with the odd loot can be found at their camp. If you continue north-west from here you can find a shabby tent with a First Aid Box inside, in front of which is a random encounter (which will then become static, unlike most random encounters, which periodically respawn with variation).

Be wary of Feral Ghouls lurking around the Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup (left). Pick a lock [Expert] or find a key to open a trailer door, which will allow you to loot a Steamer Trunk (right).

Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup

Return to the Ranger Cabin and head south and slightly east to find the Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup, just past a small stream. This area is occupied by a handful of Feral Ghouls, who shouldn't be too much trouble to kill; just keep an eye out for them, as they're crafty enough to hide under objects. Using VATS to sniff them out should give you the upper hand, or you can hack a Terminal [Novice] to free a Protectron, which might occupy some of the Ghouls. Once they're dead, get to looting, as there are various containers with goodies in them stashed around. In the southern (and smaller) of the two warehouses you can find the " Wicked Business " holotape. In the red-striped truck bed between the two warehouses you can find a dead Settler and a Safe [Novice]. In a small shack between the red truck bed and the larger warehouse you can find a copy of Grognak the Barbarian and the Wicked Shipping Trailer Key on a desk, along with the Wicked Shipping Terminal. Finally, if you can get past the locked door leading to the trailer of another truck [Expert] (which is opened by the Wicked Shipping Key) you can find a generous Steamer Trunk full of goodies.

Blake will ask you to recover his daughter's locket from some Raiders (left), while Lucy will pay you to harvest Melons (right).

Abernathy Farm

The next stop on this exploration tour is the Abernathy Farm to the north-east, where you'll find the Abernathy family: Blake, Connie and Lucy. Blake will, if you're friendly, ask you to retrieve his dead daughter's locket, starting the quest "Returning the Favor" . This can be done on the way to Tenpines Bluff, so it's a good quest to pick up now. Connie will offer to sell you stuff, and Lucy will offer you three Caps to pick Melons for them - or five, if you pass a Speech check. Five Caps per Melon? To pick their own fruit? Easy money, there.

A mob of Feral Ghouls lurks around the Gorski Cabin (left). In a cellar you'll find a another issue of the Wasteland Survival Guide (right).

Gorski Cabin

Venture back into the wasteland and head and make your way south-east to find the Gorski Cabin, along the way stopping under an electrical tower to find some Ammo Boxes. There's nothing new at the Gorski Cabin, just Feral Ghouls, but their numbers are greater than before. Expect to encounter a half dozen of them. Still, nothing a Double-Barrel Shotgun can't handle. When they've all been put out of their misery, loot the house for its meager pickings, then find a Root Cellar in the floor of the house.

Inside the cellar you can find a Weapons Workbench and various goodies. Down the path further in behind the door is Gorski himself; a much stronger ghoul variant. The room he is in is highly irradiated as well, so kill him quickly. If you can, equip something to combat the RADS if you enter the room. Inside the room is a [Novice] Terminal you can unlock (with some text), a Bottlecap Mine, and a copy of the Wasteland Survival Guide which "Permanently adds Diamond City to the Map".

You can locate a Fat Man on some cars, a very powerful weapon, indeed (left). Be sure to pick up a copy of Hot Rodder from a desk, which will give you more customization options for your Power Armor (right).

Robotics Disposal Ground

Keep going north through Concord and, in the hills north of Concord you may come across a small Raider camp. Kill the handful of Raiders and their dog, then continue north to find a fenced-off junkyard; the Robotics Disposal Ground. Find a concrete building on the grounds and from there head west to find a dormant Sentry Bot. South of the Sentry Bot you can find some Flamer Fuel and north of it sits a trunk with a Fusion Core inside. Nice. If you continue west onto some stacked red cars you'll find an even better treat; a Fat Man. Once that's yours, head into the concrete building and loot a First Aid Box, grab two Military Grade Circuit Boards, a Stimpak and a Hot Rodder magazine. Hack the Terminal in this building and pick the entry "Play Tape" to get the options "Information" and "Activate Sentry Bot". Eject the tape instead and head over to the robot, then boot it by using your Pip-Boy, after which you'll get several commands. You can either pick the option to "Deactivate Sentry Bot", "Engage Defense Protocol" or "Initiate Self Destruct". If you choose to destroy the robot, you can then loot it for two Fusion Cores, along with other (potentially uncommon) loot. If you elect to "Engage Defense Protocol" you can send it to one of four areas of interest... but for now, it's probably better off to just leave the robot be.

USAF Satellite Station Olivia

From the Robotics Disposal Ground head south-east to find the USAF Satellite Station Olivia installation, which is now the home of some Raiders. Life isn't easy for anybody in the wasteland, however, and they'll likely be attacked by Mole Rats and/or Bloatflies when you stumble upon the scene. Pick off your foes then loot the tower to find an Ammo Box. Once done, enter a building and take a door leading into the subterranean portion of the complex.

Head down some stairs and disarm a Laser Tripwire in a doorway, then head through the doorway to find a small, L-shaped room with a Guard Terminal [Advanced] in it. Be wary in here, as at the foot of the "L" are some windows looking into a room with numerous Raiders. If you're sneaky and have a rank in Hacking, hack the Guard Terminal and enter the intel room to the east, where you'll find a great deal of treasure. This treasure includes a Mini Nuke (ammo for that Fat Man you just found), a U.S. Covert Operations Manual , a Trunk full of weapons and ammo, a Duffle Bag and a Safe [Novice].

After looting the intel room, return to the "L" room and continue (sneakily, if possible) to the north. You'll find two passages, one to the east and one to the west, both of which lead to the same, Raider-filled central room. Engage them from a distance, from within the hallways. They've handily got the numbers game won, so it's safer to stay in cover and let them come to you. Most of the Raiders are common fodder, almost a waste of ammo, but there's one named Ack-Ack who wields a Minigun - pay her special attention when she shows up, and be mindful of the other Raiders, who aren't afraid to try and use the Minigun when she falls.

Ack-Ack leads the Raiders in the USAF Satellite Station Olivia, and comes armed with a Minigun (left). Grab the U.S Covert Operations Manual from inside the locked room (right).

When the Raiders are all dead, loot a bathroom to the west to find a First Aid Box, find a Tool Case and a Chem Box [Novice] on an elevated metal walkway in the central room, then search a machine on the eastern end of the ground floor to pry loose a Fusion Core. Once done, continue through a doorway to the north and make your way to the northern end of this room to find a locked door to the east [Novice]. Loot the Toolbox in front of the door to find the Locket that belonged to Blake Abernathy's daughter, then unlock the door.

Beyond you'll find a group of Radroaches, which may be led by a Legendary Radroach. If you want to take these bugs out in style, shoot the red tank on the floor to ignite the oil in the room, then, if any survive, they'll at least be significantly weakened. Once they're gone, explore the rest of the room to find a First Aid Box behind some barrels and an Instrument Case on a table which contains the Intel Room Key. If you weren't able to hack the Guard Terminal earlier... well, now you can get the loot inside the intel room anyway. Also be sure to grab the Army Helmet on the floor nearby, as it's a very protective helmet. Still not enough loot for you? You can find some Rad-X and some 10mm Rounds by some radioactive barrels in the south-eastern corner of the room and a Wooden Crate [Novice] in the south-western corner.

Pry a Fusion Core from a machine in the room the Raiders more heavily occupied (left) then search a Tool Box to recover the Locket belonging to Blake's daughter (right).

Note : Legendary creatures are somewhat stronger, random variants of normal beasties that will pop up from time to time. They're well worth killing, too, as each one will drop a piece of equipment with a legendary prefix, adding a special property to the gear that normal items don't have. Legendary gear can otherwise be modified exactly like mundane versions of the same gear, so there's no downsides whatsoever to getting a legendary drop.

Return west to the previous room and backtrack south, going through a doorway to the east to reach another small room. Here you can grab an Overdue Book off a cabinet (these things will be worth something later, so they're worth hanging on to), then pick up another Army Helmet on a Teddy Bear in the southern corner of the room, near which is also an Ammo Box. All that loot in hand, leave the USAF Satellite Station Olivia, a rich location, now thoroughly plundered.

Now is a fine time to return to Abernathy Farms and give Blake back his daughter's Locket. Blake is suitably pleased, and rewards you well for the act of kindness. He also suggests that his wife Connie may offer a discount when trading with you, and most importantly, you can now use the Workshop here to build or dismantle objects as you see fit. You can also loot their house freely now - since you're a family friend, taking their stuff won't be viewed as stealing. Nice.

Objective Reward
For returning Blake's daughter's Locket 345 XP 99 Caps

Thicket Excavations

South and slightly west of the USAF Satellite Station Olivia you can find Thicket Excavations, which isn't nearly as interesting as the previous area, but it's still worth exploring. Make your way to the southern end of this area to find a man named Sully Mathis. Put on some Charisma-boosting gear if you're looking to pass some speech checks, then talk to him. He'll outright offer you a job, paying 50 Caps and rising in increments of 25 for every Speech check you pass, but if you fail, he'll drop back down to 50. His job is simple: you'll need to dive into the flooded quarry, look for bubbles, and fix the leaky pipes under the water. This, of course, means you're going to catch some RADS unless you have two ranks of Aquaman, which is unlikely at this point in the game. You can pass another speech check to pry into his motivations, but he's not terribly forthcoming with information even if you succeed, but it's still worth some XP. Agreeing to help him starts the quest "Pull the Plug" .

Before you go spelunking, however, grab the Sledgehammer near the yellow water pump Sully hangs around near. Once it's yours head into a trailer south of the quarry to find an issue of Taboo Tattoos on a desk. In another trailer to the north-east you can find a Stimpak, a Caps Stash, a Chem Box [Novice] a Tool Case [Novice] and the Thicket Excavations Terminal, which you can use to eject the holotape " Sully's Journal ". It seems Sully isn't such a stand-up guy after all, and something might be moving around in the quarry...

Grab and issue of Taboo Tattoos from a desk (left) then haggle with Sully over your spelunking fee (right).

Oh well, no excuse not to jump in radioactive water for a bandit who is under-paying you so you can drain some water which might unleash some beasties, but... Popping some Rad-X wouldn't be the worst idea anybody's ever had. Dive into the water and look for bubbles: there are three of them, one north of a ramp leading into the water, one near a pipe in the south-eastern corner of the quarry and the third is in the north-eastern corner of the quarry. Just follow the pipes down on the first two to find a yellow valve you need to close. For the third one, you won't find a pipe leading you down, but the valve you need to find isn't too deep.

Once all three have been closed, return to Sully, who will let you do the honors and start up the pump. After you do, however, a pair of Softshell Mirelurks will appear and attack. The best way to deal with them at this point in the game? Get close with a shotgun and VATS for the face. When they're dead, talk to Sully again for your well-earned reward.

Objective Reward
For helping Sully drain the quarry 230 XP 50, 75, 100 or 125 Caps

Note: If you return here after some time has passed, you'll find that the quarry has been drained, and is now occupied by a horde of Raiders. A long-range weapon will help wonders here - just descend into the quarry, looting containers as you go. There are plenty of Ammo Boxes to loot and a Steamer Trunk at the bottom of the quarry.

Just a few more things to get in before heading onto Tenpines. Start out by returning to the USAF Satellite Station Olivia and head north-east to the edge of the map to find a shack. A nearby Scavenger will contest ownership of the shack's contents with you, and if you get too close he'll attack. Kill him and loot the shack to find some alcohol and a wooden crate containing some chems; nothing worth dying over, but hey, he volunteered. South-east of USAF Satellite Station Olivia you can also find some Raiders on the road. Nothing amazing loot-wise, though.

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