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Suggested Perks By Level

Nathan Garvin

Perks by Level (Level 60 Build)

So, you know what perks are good and what SPECIAL attributes to start out with, but what do you pick when? This order is less essential in Fallout 4 than it was in previous games, due to the lack of a level cap. If you pass on something early, you can always just level up again and get it later. Still, some of you might want some structure, so here are some suggestions of what perks to pick by level. Note that sometimes it’s wise to save perk-picks a few levels and invest them into something else later.

Level Perk
2 Idiot Savant (Rank 1)
3 Critical Banker (Rank 1)
4 Rifleman (Rank 1)
5 Locksmith (Rank 1)
6 Better Criticals (Rank 1)
7 Locksmith (Rank 2)
8 Action Boy/Girl (Rank 1)
9 Rifleman (Rank 2)
10 Hacker (Rank 1)
Level Perk
11 Idiot Savant (Rank 2)
12 Gun Nut (Rank 1)
13 Gun Nut (Rank 2)
14 Grim Reaper’s Sprint (Rank 1)
15 Better Criticals (Rank 2)
16 Hacker (Rank 2)
17 Critical Banker (Rank 2)
18 Action Boy/Girl (Rank 2)
19 Grim Reaper’s Sprint (Rank 2)
20 Rifleman (Rank 3)
Level Perk
21 Locksmith (Rank 3)
22 Sneak (Rank 1)
23 Sneak (Rank 2)
24 Sneak (Rank 3)
25 Gun Nut (Rank 3)
26 Sneak (Rank 4)
27 Hacker (Rank 3)
28 Intelligence Training (Intelligence 6)
29 *Science! (Rank 1)*
30 *Science! (Rank 2)*
Level Perk
31 Rifleman (Rank 4)
32 *Science! (Rank 3)*
33 *Armorer (Rank 1)*
34 *Armorer (Rank 2)*
35 *Armorer (Rank 3)*
36 Perception Training (Perception 9)
37 Perception Training (Perception 10)
38 Concentrated Fire (Rank 1)
39 Gun Nut (Rank 4)
40 Better Criticals (Rank 3)
Level Perk
41 *Science! (Rank 4)*
42 *Armorer (Rank 4)*
43 Critical Banker (Rank 3)
44 Concentrated Fire (Rank 2)
45 *Ninja (Rank 1)*
46 Rifleman (Rank 5)
47 Grim Reaper’s Sprint (Rank 3)
48 *Ninja (Rank 2)*
49 *Ninja (Rank 3)*
50 Concentrated Fire (Rank 3)
Level Perk
51 Four Leaf Clover (Rank 1)
52 Four Leaf Clover (Rank 2)
53 *Four Leaf Clover (Rank 3)*
54 *Four Leaf Clover (Rank 4)*
55 Life Giver/Lone Wanderer/Bloody Mess
56 Life Giver/Lone Wanderer/Bloody Mess
57 Life Giver/Lone Wanderer/Bloody Mess
58 Life Giver/Lone Wanderer/Bloody Mess
59 Life Giver/Lone Wanderer/Bloody Mess
60 Life Giver/Lone Wanderer/Bloody Mess

Suggested Perks, Level 60 and Beyond

The suggested build above will get you over level fifty, which everybody who follows this guide, scours the Commonwealth, and starts out early with Idiot Savant should easily attain with no grinding. By and large the best perks have been picked but to flesh out the build until level sixty - and beyond - consider grabbing Bloody Mess, Lone Wanderer and Life Giver. The latter two will require a perk spent in Charisma Training and Endurance Training, respectively.

If you want to advance even further, however, what perks do you pick? Well, if you like settlement building, consider boosting Charisma to rank six and buying two ranks of Local Leader and two ranks in Cap Collector. As far as pure power-gaming goes, Gun-Fu might come in handy in some situations. After that, simply leveling Endurance (for massive amounts of Health) and Agility (for Action Points) are your best bet.


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