Say hi to the talented people that have slaved night and day to bring you Fieldrunners and Fieldrunners 2!

Front Row (Left to Right)

Eric Sutman

Eric Sutman is the Quality Assurance Lead at Subatomic Studios. He enjoys planning test matrices, identifying software defects, and long walks on the beach.

Rick Viscariello

Rick is the Executive Producer who is best known for hitting a softball so hard it was mistaken for a meteor strike in Russia earlier this year.

Jamie Gotch

When not advising people to the usefulness of wards in League of Legends, Jamie acts as the “big boss guy” at Subatomic as the resident CEO. In his previous life, he was an engineer and did all of the kinds of engineery things that engineers like to do, like write code and fix bugs.

Leonardo Montenegro

All around creative guy, Leo heads the creative vision behind Subatomic; jumping from art direction to design, marketing, and the occasional concept art.

Michael Woods

Designer Michael Woods spends his time at Subatomic Studios tweaking the cloning machine variables. He loves the smell of ozone when those fieldrunners clone. “Smells like inevitable victory.”

Middle Row (Left to Right)

Chris Chung

Also known as “The Other Chris”, Quality Assurance detective Chris Chung gains satisfaction from uncovering those distressing, delinquent bugs.

Jennifer Lay

Jenn is a Quality Assurance tester at Subatomic Studios. Her job is to make the pretty game go boom.

Alec Shobin

Alec is the marketing and strategy mastermind behind Subatomic’s game launches. Thanks to his weather controlling abilities, he is a pro at making it rain.

Derrick Barth

Derrick is the resident Technical Artist at Subatomic Studios. He also can’t sum up his job in two sentences and needs to fill up this space. Fill up this space.

Mat MacKenzie

Tech Lead Mat MacKenzie was first observed soon after the Tunguska event in Siberia, which some people believe was a meteor impact, but others insist involved inscrutable alien beings.

Greg Mitrano

Greg is an Engineering Intern at Subatomic. When he isn’t coding at work, he’s coding somewhere else!

Paul Siegel

Paul Siegel is the Lead Engineer and resident Dungeon Master for the Subatomic team. His vast wealth of programming knowledge and experience is superseded only by his ability to make waffles.

Sergei Gourski

When not distracting Subatomic folks, Sergei loves to dance, seeks a girlfriend (for our sake), and occasionally does some work.

Back Row (Left to Right)

Phroilan Gardner

Phroilan is a Senior Artist. He likes to draw, watch people punch other people, and patrol the Internet aggressively correcting the improper usage of “then” and “than”. There’s a big difference. It can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

James DeGruttola

The Frank Lloyd Wright of Suba Labs, James is the concept artist behind the towers you love and the enemies you love to kill.

Jeremy Gumber

Jeremy as the Community Manager/QA Tester solves players’ questions by talking to other testers, programmers, producers, and - sometimes - himself.

Rick Leffler

As Production Coordinator, Rick “Junior” Leffler is all about ensuring that his co-workers needs are met. Now, who needed coffee?

Steven Serafino

Lead Designer Steven was a simple nature boy from the hills of Massachusetts when he answered the call of game development in the big city. Wait, that’s the 1968 film “Serafino.”

Matt “Double T” Mackowski

Is a Software Engineer at Subatomic and a man of few words.

Chris Canfield

Senior Designer Chris Canfield first met the Fieldrunners at a bar in Quincy. Despite his elite coaching, they still show no signs of winning.


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