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There’s quite a few Achievements/Cards to unlock in Fieldrunners 2, so we’re going to teach you what missions provide the quickest and/or easiest way to unlock each and every one of them. As a point of note, unless otherwise specified, it’s worth doing the ones that require you to defeat a set number of runners on Casual difficulty. You’ll get through more of them more quickly this way.

Once you earn each of these individual deck cards, you’ll automatically unlock the final card for the deck and then click on the card itself to claim your reward.

Presenting the Achievement/Card 'Super Map'

Curious Gorge: It’s like a weightlifting, protein-packed alpha-map.

In the course of playing Fieldrunners 2 for countless hours, we’ve noticed that one particular survival level has at least 13 different types of Fieldrunners in it and they all appear in very high numbers (relative to their type).

The level? Why, it’d be ‘Curious Gorge’ in Drylands. Over the 60 rounds you’re guaranteed to come across plenty of:

  • Troopers

  • Super Troopers

  • Stubborn Runners

  • Toastmasters

  • Scramblers

  • Dirty Hogs

  • S-17’s

  • Momma Tanks

  • Baby Tanks

  • Jammed Jeeps (which also means more Troopers)

  • Louie Copters

  • Huey Copters

  • Bad Day Blimps

  • Random Chance: Lieutenant Sakai

So, as you can see, it’s fairly simple to tick off each of the relevant Achievements/Trophies by simply replaying this level over and over. And if you’re following our strategy for this map, then you don’t need any super advanced towers or even any items. Heck, you’ll even earn a boatload of coins in the process. Bonus!

For the rest of the total tally related ones, we’ll keep things simple by stating which missions are the best for replaying to unlock them quicker. That’ll leave us with the more troublesome ones to cover in more detail.

[ Grunt Deck ]

The completed deck.


Requirement: Defeat 2,000 Hazmats

Best Level to Replay: Hometown - Mean Streets


Requirement: Defeat 200 Medics

Best Level to Replay: Grasslands - Tangled Express

[ Iron Deck ]


Requirement: Defeat 1,000 Sidehackers

Best Level to Replay: Dryland - Bizarre Bazaar

Heavy Transport

Requirement: Defeat 100 Heavy Transport

Best Level to Replay: Lavaflow - The Frying Pan

Legendary Panzer

Requirement: Defeat one Legendary Panzer

Best Level to Replay: Lavaflow - The Frying Pan

The Legendary Panzer will ONLY appear (at random) on the mission ‘The Frying Pan’.

[ Bird Deck ]


Requirement: Defeat 100 Fokkers

Best Level to Replay: Lavaflow - Flash Fire


Requirement: Defeat 100 Wingnuts

Best Level to Replay: Grasslands - Home on Derange

Night Fokker

Requirement: Defeat one Night Fokker

Best Level to Replay: Dryland - Bizarre Bazarre

Flying Ace

Requirement: Defeat Flying Ace

Best Level to Replay: Grasslands - Home on Derange

Red Baron

Requirement: Defeat one Red Baron

Best Level to Replay: Grasslands - Twist of Fate

[ Whirly Deck ]


Requirement: Defeat one Hindenburg

Best Level to Replay: Dryland - Cardio Canyon

The Hindenburg will ONLY appear (at random) during the mission ‘Cardio Canyon’.


Requirement: Defeat one Zepplin

Best Level to Replay: Dryland - Dryer Straits

[ Fun Deck ]

Minute Man

Requirement: Complete one mission in one minute

Strategy: Start the sudden death map ‘Clonehenge’ on Casual difficulty and get those Spark Towers up by the entrances. It’s also worthwhile using a few long lasting items right at the start of the entrances, as this’ll make things even easier again.

First Class

Requirement: Earn one million points in one mission

Strategy: Simply play a survival level such as ‘Home on Derange’ or ‘Curious Gorge’ as they are fairly easy to pass one million on by the last round.

Curious Gorge is a fantastic level for many Achievements/Cards.

Luxury Suite

Requirement: Earn a whopping five million points in one mission

Strategy: Check out our Endless Mode strategy for the mission ‘The Frying Pan’ and you’ll earn this card with very little effort (but you will need about an hour free to do it).

How to Score Big Points

Efficiency is Key

Requirement: Defeat 10 rounds in a survival mission with no towers. Items will help

Strategy: ‘Dryer Straits’ is a good map for this as there’s only two entrances and both are straight lines. You’ll need a full assortment of items with you (so that’s 3 sets of 6 = 18 items in total), and ideally you’ll want 100% damage items too (so Flame Fountain, Spanish Flu and Santa Strike’s preferably). Smart Mine’s are OK too, but they’re only 90% damage (an we’ve got no towers remember).

You can let enemies leak in this challenge, you simply need to make it to round 11 with no more than 19 leaks. As long as you defeat enough runners to hit round 11, you’ll unlock this card.

No Slow

Requirement: Defeat a survival mission without slow towers

Strategy: ‘Twist of Fate’ on Casual difficulty is a good choice for this once you’ve unlocked the Spark Tower (as, sadly, replaying the tutorial survival mission doesn’t count for this achievement). You can use the early towers to comfortably hold the enemies in the first loop, but feel free to take some items with you as a back-up (but if you use the same setup as in the screenshot above, they won’t be needed).

No need to worry about the need for Slow Towers on Casual difficulty.

Jumbo Combo

Requirement: Defeat 20 units in one combo

Strategy: On the mission ‘Curious Gorge’, around wave 30 you’ll encounter V2 missile trucks (surrounded by loads of regular runners). A quick way to secure this is to pause the game once they’re bunched together and then drop a Smart Mine (or Fire Fountain) down into the middle of them.

Chain Combo

Requirement: Chain 20 combos in a row

Strategy: Head to the level ‘Dry Run’ and if you load up the front couple of rows with upgraded Spark Towers, the enemies will simply pile into them en-masse and you’ll unlock it (and two other Achievements/Cards at the same time).

The Thunder

Requirement: Unleash airstrike 7 times in one mission

Strategy: Will unlock when you’re going for the ‘200 Rounds on Heroic’ card and/or the ‘5 Million Points’ card (due to just how long you’ll be playing that particular map). Check out our Endless Mode strategy for ‘The Frying Pan’ mission:

How to Unleash 7 Airstrikes in one Mission


Requirement: Defeat 10 units at once using one item

Strategy: You’ll unlock this at the same time as the ‘Chain Combo’ card above if you follow our advice on the level ’Curious Gorge.

Might as well spend those hard earned coins on some nice shiny items.

Dr. Strangelove

Requirement: Defeat 10 units at once by blowing up a S-17 Skywhale

Strategy: On the ‘Curious Gorge’ mission, make sure you have an assortment of 100% damage items with you and when you see the S-17 appear from the top of the screen, pause the game when it’s over the top of runners. Now drop an item on the S-17 to guarantee it takes out the fieldrunners below.


Requirement: Defeat 10 units at once by blowing up the V2 truck

Strategy: This will unlock at the same time as ‘Chain Combo’ and ‘Itemized’ if you use the item on a V2 on Curious Gorge.

Link Limbo

Requirement: Defeat 10 units, one after another, using a pair of Link Towers

Strategy: Dead easy, during the first puzzle map ‘Last Limbo’ you’ll force the units through Link Towers as part of the puzzle. Simply complete at least the first 10 to earn this.

Nowhere near as difficult to earn as it first seems.

Spoils of War

Requirement: Earn 10,000 coins

Strategy: This is an accumulative total, so if you’re replaying levels like ‘Curious Gorge’ for the Fieldrunner cards, then this will also boost your coin total that much more quickly. Also, buying those coins as IAP (where applicable), doesn’t count towards this total either. Nice try though.

Never Give Up

Requirement: Survive 150 rounds

Strategy: Check out our Endless Mode strategy for an easy way to unlock this card. You’ll need an hour free of your time to do it mind…

How to Survive 150 Rounds

Never Surrender

Requirement: Survive 200 rounds on Heroic

Strategy: Check out our Endless Mode strategy for an easy way to unlock this card. You’ll need an hour free of your time to do it mind…

How to Survive 200 Rounds on Heroic

[ World Deck ]

Another fully completed deck!

The World Deck cards will unlock as you progress through the game on Heroic (the difficulty at which all of our strategies are for). So simply follow our guide and these will all unlock when you’ve earned all 75 stars.

[ Hardcore Deck ]

Bounty Hunter

Requirement: Defeat every Elite unit from the original maps

Strategy: The odds on which Elite Units appear on a given map are genuinely random (according to the developers), so it’s a case of playing each map (that has an Elite Spawn) over and over until they appear and you defeat them. It’s worth noting that items such as Flame Fountain or Spanish Flu will damage them like a regular unit, so it might be worthwhile taking some of these in. You know… Just in case.

That list again of what levels spawn which Elite Units:

  • Twist of Fate has a random chance to spawn the Red Baron
  • Broken Branch has a random chance to spawn the Flying Ace
  • Home on Derange has a random chance to spawn the Flying Ace
  • Tangled Turnpike has a random chance to spawn the Flying Ace
  • Bizarre Bazaar has a random chance to spawn the Night Fokker
  • Dryer Straits has a random chance to spawn the Zeppelin
  • Cardio Canyon has a random chance to spawn the Hindenburg
  • Curious Gorge has a random chance to spawn Lieutenant Sakai
  • The Frying Pan has a random chance to spawn the Legendary Panzer
  • Ring of Fire has a random chance to spawn the Legendary Tiger
  • End of Doom has a random chance to spawn the Legendary Tiger

Tour of Duty

Requirement: Play once a week, every week, for 6 months

Strategy: Currently only possible on iOS devices as the PC version has only been out since December 2012. And sadly it’s a matter of playing a single level once a week, each week for a total of six months.

Day of Victory

Requirement: Beat every level in 24 Hours

Strategy: You can rush through this on Casual difficulty with ease (especially as our strategies are tailored to the harder Heroic difficulty). Restarts and failing doesn’t matter and the clock starts ticking the minute the game starts on any particular day (compared to starting at midnight on each day).

Day of Triumph

Requirement: Beat every level in 24 Hours. On Heroic. No Restarting. No Failing. No Quitting.

Strategy: This is the daddy of the Achievements to get, without a doubt. Luckily we’ve armed you with the very tools you need in the form of this official strategy guide (all levels on Heroic difficulty), but, sadly, there’s no other shortcuts available.

We do recommend you take time between each of the missions you’re not so good at to read our strategies for them. It’s also worth doing the levels you find hardest first (so if you do mess up, it’s not so much time wasted). And don’t forget you CAN pause the game if you need to refer back to this guide for help. So sit down, knuckle down and get to it soldier!

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