Waves 1 - 10

This map isn’t too difficult to do without any items, buy your towers will need to be placed properly and upgraded appropriately, otherwise enemies will slip through the cracks (and here at GamerGuides.com, we don’t tolerate Fieldrunners making it to the exit).

– Drop a Gatling Gun Tower in the single square (that’s in the middle of the split path), the one south-west of that then a third one by the runners entrance.

– Once the top two have each been upgraded to level three, add a new Gun Tower to block off the gap by the entrance, then drop another Gun Tower by the far-right vertical wooden bridge.

– A Gun Tower needs to go in the little cubby (just past the second split path that’s in the middle of the map), upgrade this to level two.

– Make sure that the top patch, then the double-sized wooden bridge paths are blocked off with Gun Towers. This’ll force these runners to approach the towers by the entrance for a second helping of pain.

Waves 11 - 20

Time to bust out that old, Fieldrunner-hating Spark Tower…

– Make sure that you save up for a Spark Tower and by round 14 you should have enough to set one down in the corner by the junction that leads up to the north-eastern corner of the pathway (see screenshot above).

– It’s wise to place a second Spark Tower across the other side of the pathway, so it’s covering the northern path and the pathway below simultaneously.

Waves 21 - 30

Strategically placed Slow Towers will make all the difference.

– Set down a Slow Tower to the left of the most recent Spark Tower.

– Make sure your second Spark Tower is upgraded to level three.

– Two squares south of the first Spark Tower, place a Slow Tower (this’ll catch helicopters and runners on the double bridge).

Waves 31 - 40

It’s always wise to use runner-neutral towers on a map with multiple runner varieties. This ensures they’ll all take guaranteed damage at the same rate.

– Swap out the Gun Turret that’s sitting on the first split path with a Hive Tower. Its range will allow it to hit ALL enemies that appear (so be sure to capitalise on this and boost it to level three).

– At the bottom of the second split path (in the middle of the map), swap out this Gun Tower for a Slow Tower (to pick off the helicopters).

– Drop a Tesla Tower in the second split along with a Spark Tower beside the nearby Slow Tower to its right.

Waves 41 - 50

Your maze is pretty much done, just need to tweak various parts of it to guarantee those three stars.

– Opposite the vertical wooden bridge (in the south-west corner of the map), place two Gun Towers opposite the underpass exit, forcing runners up to the Slow/Tesla Tower nearby.

– At the top of these two Gun Towers, place a Spark Tower to make the most of the Slow Tower here.

– On round 50, it’s worth using your Airstrike when all three Mamma Tanks are out and about to speed this round up substantially.

Waves 51 - 60

By this point it’s pretty much plain sailing to the three stars. Just a few more choice towers to seal the deal.

– Place a Spark tower to the left of the northern-most Slow Tower and max it out.

– Drop and upgrade a Spark Tower just down from the Gun Towers covering the entrance.

– Finally, you can also set down a Plasma Tower on the right side of the map to damage any bridge runners or helicopters (but it certainly isn’t essential).

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