There's an awful lot of little details packed into the world map (including a nice visual Easter Egg by the Lavaflow cliffs…) Be sure to take your time and soak up all that colour.

Once you begin the game proper, you’ll be presented with the world map which is split into four distinct areas: Hometown, Grasslands, Drylands and Lavaflow. But there’s loads more to this screen that just showing you what levels you’ve beaten with a certain number of stars, so let’s take a closer look shall we?

Across the top of the screen we’ve got your current in-game coin total earned so far (top-left), the combined score of all your completed maps (centre) and the current number of stars earned - out of a maximum of 75 (top-right).

The centre of the screen consists of the game world itself, and it’s here where you can zoom in and around and admire the colourful artwork , the rippling waves, the pretty fireworks or simply to pick and start a new level.

Bit of a data lover? Then step right this way for a field day…

Finally at the bottom of the map; we’ve got a larger number of icons we can pick from. The arrow in the bottom-left takes you back to the title screen, the filing cabinet (aka: the fieldguide) beside it - once clicked on - will whisk you to a screen where you can see all of the units, towers and items you’ve earned (with a description and image of each one once they’ve been unlocked).

Bobbing up and down further across on the right side of the screen is a glowing badge, that once clicked on, will take you to a new screen where you can check out all the cards/achievements you’ve earned to date (check out our cards and achievements sections of our guide for more details on this), your best scores to date for each map and finally a tab for the best scores in the world (on that platform). These scores can be broken down into each area (via the arrows at the bottom of the screen), should you want to drill down to a specific score on a particular map.

The Subatomic Studios logo - and the scrolling ticker at the bottom - in the far right-hand corner of the screen is a live data feed of news from the developers. Why not take a quick peek in to see if there’s anything there that might interest you?


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